♥ I See All My Dreams Die ♥ *On Hold*

This is dedicated to my late mare Black Rose. I'll never forget you, Rose. I love you with all of my heart. You were always there for me, despite your horrible past, and for that I love you more than I can express with mere words. ♥ When Ellie starts at her new school, her only friend is her mare, Dream. On the first day, she catches the attention of a young male teacher. Ellie knows it's wrong, but she starts to like the man who is so talented...


4. 3:


I stroke Dream, her presence calming me. She lifts her head from the feed bowl and snuffles my face. I smile and kiss her softly. Mam calls me and I pat Dream one last time before walking to the car. Dream whinnies after me and I smile.

 "You got hair on your clothes." I brush it off before climbing into the car. I'm wearing light blue high waist skinny jeans, the off the shoulder top and black ballerina flats. My hair's in a French plait that ends in a high ponytail. I just have a little mascara on.

 "Good luck, honey," Mam smiles at me as I exit the car. I'm too nervous to speak. I grab my bag and walk in, a small smile on my face.

 "Hello," I say to a girl with brown hair and blonde highlights. "I need the classroom 13."

 "Oh, I'm in the same class," she smiles, leading me away. "I'm Frankie."


 "So, where do you live?"

 "Willow Dale. You?"

 "Rivers Dale. There's a lot of places with Dale in the name her- Hey Jack!" Her tone changes suddenly. She runs up to the tall guy. He picks her up and kisses her. I stand there, awkwardly playing with the strap on my bag. "Oh, Jack, this is Ellie. She's new."

 "Hi," he smiles, extending a hand for me to shake. I take it and he pulls me into a hug. I tense, but relax almost immediately and hug him back. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be different from my last school.

 "I'm Alan," the guy with Jack smiled, also pulling me into a hug.

 A few people walk past, their heads down. The Alan steps to the side so that he bangs one of their shoulders. He grabs the boy's jumper, lifting him off his feet.

 "Did you bang into me?" he growls.

 "Sorry," he mumbles, his face turning red.

 "What should I do to you?" He lifts and arm, his hand curling into a fist.

 "Alan. Alan, stop!" I say loudly. His head snaps around to me and I shake my head. He lets go of the boys jumper and drops his arm. The boy shuffles away, his head down once more. Guess I met the popular crowd. Unfortunately, they're just like the people at my own school.


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