♥ I See All My Dreams Die ♥ *On Hold*

This is dedicated to my late mare Black Rose. I'll never forget you, Rose. I love you with all of my heart. You were always there for me, despite your horrible past, and for that I love you more than I can express with mere words. ♥ When Ellie starts at her new school, her only friend is her mare, Dream. On the first day, she catches the attention of a young male teacher. Ellie knows it's wrong, but she starts to like the man who is so talented...


3. 2:


 "That's it, Ellie, push her on." I'm in a cross country lesson. We've only stared, so the jumps are quite small. I give Dream a pat as she clears the fence.

 "Okay, onto the brush. Don't look at the ditch." I keep my eyes ahead and focus on riding my beautiful mare. I wince as I hear her drag her back legs through the branches. "That's a good thing, Ellie. It won't hurt her."

 I sit back and pull her to a halt. "That was a good lesson," my instructor, Roisin, says, patting Dream. "Are you riding again, tomorrow?"

 "No. Mam's making me go to school."


 "I don't want to go."

 "Did you get bullied in your last school?" I look down and play with Dream's mane. "It might be different there."

 "Why would it be? I'm sick of people telling me it's going to be different . It's the same kind of people. They're just going to do the same things."

 "Were you shy when you went to your old school?"

 "Yeah, obviously. I was the new girl."

 "Be confident. Talk, smile."

 "Okay, I'll try. Thanks for the lesson, Roisin." I smile at her and ride away. I pat Dream's neck as I trot her away. She snorts and goes into a canter for a few strides. I slow her back down and when the yards in sight, I ask her to walk again. I hold the reins at the buckle and let her stretch out.

 I hop off and lead Dream to her stable. She's only sweating a small bit so I'll groom her and let her out to the field.

 She stays beside me even after I've let her go. She stand there, her chin resting on my shoulder. I stroke her face, silent. My mother calls me from the yard and I tense. Dream's head shoots up at my change in emotion.

 "Easy, girl. I'm sorry," I coo, stroking her neck. She relaxes at my touch and I place a soft kiss onto her muzzle. "I'll be back tomorrow, baby." I walk towards the car where my mother's waiting.

 "Come on. Do you want to go shopping for new clothes?" Thinking back to what Roisin said, I nod, a small smile creeping onto my face. I'll feel more confident in nice clothes.


 "This is nice." She shows me an ankle long skirt with flowers. It looks like a

 "Mam, seriously? These are really pretty." I hold up a pair of denim shorts.

 "They're way too small!"

 "No they're not. At least they'll cover my arse. You should be thankful that I hate knicker shorts. Oh, my god, that's so pretty." I take an off the shoulder top off the rail. It has a horse head on the front.

 "Look, I'll just give you some money to get clothes. Call me when you're done." I smile as she walks away.

 I buy so many things, from shoes to hair clips. I grab some nice smelling shampoo before going to the till. It takes ages to finally get to the checkout. The girl takes her time, getting confused with my change.

 I tap my foot impatiently. It's so boring. Finally she gets it right and hands it to me. I thank her and rush out of the shop. Once I'm outside, I sit on the bench and call my Mam. Seeing and Eason's, I walk in. I pick up the Horse & Rider and flick through it. I take it over to the checkout and buy it with my remaining money. Mam's just pulling up as I leave.

 "What did you get?"

 "I'll show you when we get home." I turn on the radio and sing along.

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