Stand Up |Andy Biersack|

Elizabeth ( Lizzie for short) never had just the average life. Constantly fighting with her mother, trying as hard as she could not to fall in her footsteps like her older sister Alexis did. But each day that dream seemed to become more and more impossible. Then, she discovered a band, not just any band though, Black Veil Brides. They were the ones who made everything she wished for happen. She only wished that one day she could meet them...


5. We Never Got To Finish

Lizzie's PoV    The concert came and went. Which really sucked. 
The day had been amazing, and as much as I didn't want it to end I knew it had to.    The band preformed their last song and ran backstage. Jinxx went to hug Sammi but she dodged.    "No way. You're all sweaty and gross." She giggled. Ashley went to hug Leah from behind.     "Don't even think about it Purdy." She said. Everyone laughed.    "You guys shower then we can go out or something." Sammi said, pushing the guys away. We laughed. "Now you two come with me so we can get ready." She grabbed out hands and dragged us onto the tour bus that was parked outside.    Oh my gosh, I thought to myself. I'm standing inside of the Black Veil Brides tour bus.    Sammi laid about 10 different outfits on the bunk that I assumed was Jinxx's.    "Pick one." She demanded. I started to protest when Leah smiled and started putting the different outfits in front of her, trying to decide which on she would look best in.    "Oh my god Lizzie this one would be perfect for you." Leah exclaimed, holding up a white shirt  ripped and tied sides with some black skinny jeans that were ripped at the left knee, and other various places.    "She's right. You'll look great in it. Now go change." Sammi told me. Pushing me into the direction of the bathroom and handing me the outfit.    I sighed and put the clothes on. Leah was right when she said this was the kind of thing I usually wore. Skinny jeans and a hoodie were kind of my thing, they had been since 7th grade. I needed something to cover my scars. Sweatshirts were great for that.    The shirt Sammi was letting me wear was short sleeved, almost sleeveless, I was wearing a black tank-top underneath. The jeans were a perfect fit.    I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror. My face was starting to look better. My wrist was still wrapped. But I'd have to redo it before we left.    "Liz, you ready? I wanna see how hot you look!" Sammi exclaimed through the door. I laughed and opened it. "You look amazing!" She gushed. I smiled and saw that she and Leah had changed also. "Want me to redo your makeup? It'll look different in the dark." I nodded and she wiped off the old stuff with a wipe and redid it. This didn't take as long, 1 since it was dark, and 2 because it wasn't as red.    "Thank you Sammi." I said as she finished. "You have no idea how much this means to me." She smiled an pulled me into a hug.    "It's no problem Hun, your one of my best friends, and we've only known each other a day." She laughed. We pulled apart when we heard a camera shutter. Jinxx was standing there with his phone.    "That's going on twitter. Just so you know." He told us. We laughed.    "Next time leave the photography to me." Sammi told him giggling as she saw the photo on twitter. I smiled at the screen. So much had changed in one night.    "Okay, I was sent in here to see if you were ready. And since you are how about we go?" Jinxx offered. We all laughed and left the tour bus. The rest of the band were waiting outside.    "Before we leave, and probably get drunk we should get each others numbers. Never know what could happen." Ashley said. We all knew it was just his was of getting my and Leah's number, but we had to admit that it was a good idea. I have my phone to Ashley and he put his number in it texted himself and passed it to the rest of the guys who did the same, he grabbed Leah's phone and did the same. When my phone finally got back to me I was almost in shock.    I now had all of Black Veil Brides numbers, not to mention Sammi Doll's.    "So where are we going?" Sammi asked as we climbed into a van. CC had decided to drive. The band looked at Leah and I.    "You two are from around here. What is there to do for fun?" Ashley asked. I laughed.    "I wouldn't know any places that have the kind of fun you're looking for Ash." I said teasing him.    "Burn..." Jake laughed.    "I do know a club/bar/restaurant place. It's pretty cool. My sister works there too, so we can pretty much do whatever we want." I told them. They nodded and Leah have CC directions on where to go.    "Oh so you have a sister?" Ashley asked. I smacked the back of his head.    "Don't get any ideas. She's not your type." I joked. Ashley pretended to look hurt. The whole van laughed.    "So tell us more about you two. " Jake said.    "Not that much to tell. We grew up being being best friends and that friendship never ended." I said.    "Oh come on Liz, you know our lives are more interesting than that." Leah said.    "Oh really?" Andy asked.    "Lizzie here got accepted to Ivy League schools with full scholarships after highschool, but she turned them all down to stay in a town she always called purgatory." Leah told them.    "Leah's only friend besides me is a dog." I said.    "Lizzie cried when she got her first tattoo."    "Leah refuses to get a tattoo because she thinks it will hurt, even though she has two that she really wants."    "Lizzie lived with her mom until yesterday."    "Leah eats like a pig."   "Lizzie barely eats anything." I was about to say something else but was interrupted.    "Andy is confused." Andy said in third person. Everyone started laughing again.    "So you're afraid to get a tattoo?" Ashley asked Leah. She shrugged.    "It just seems really painful, and I don't know if I would still want it when I'm 86." She explained.    "Woah. You know your going to live until you're 86?" Jake asked in shock.    "Jake you're an idiot." CC said from the front seat.    "I swear it's all that pizza. It goes to your brain." Jinxx accused.    "You know Leah, we can go and get your tattoo tomorrow." Sammi offered. "I'll come with you." Leah was still nervous.    "You know, I was in bed for 3 days straight because of a sunburn one time. It wasn't even a bad one, but it hurt worse then getting my tattoos." It wasn't a complete lie. I exaggerated my pain a lot. But tattoos weren't that bad.    "Okay okay. I'll do it." She finally said.    "Yay! Leah's joining the tattoo club!" I said. Everyone laughed.    "We're here." CC said from the drivers seat. Everyone looked out the windows of the van. The neon purple sign that said David's was lit up. The 'a' almost burnt out.    "I promise that the place isn't as bad on the inside as it looks on the outside." I told them, and they laughed.     "Whatever you say." Andy said as we got out of van and walked towards the door.    Leah held the door open for all of us. The familiar smells of pizza, alcohol, and perfume filled my nose as we walked in. David's always smelled like this.    I picked this place since I knew it had the girls Ashley was looking for, it had amazing pizza, which Jake would love, and it was a pretty cool place.    "Alexis!" I yelled and she came out of the back room.   "Lizzie? What're you doing here?" She asked me. She then noticed the group behind me. "No fucking way." She muttered under her breath.    "This is my sister Alexis. Lexi for short. Lexi meet Andy, CC, Jinxx, Jake, Ashley, and Sammi. I said.    "You guys are in that band right?" She asked stupidly.    "If you mean bvb then yes." Leah said annoyed. The band laughed.    "Yeah but we just aren't in it we are that band." Jinxx said.    "Weird." Alexis said. She seemed high, but I didn't pay any attention to it. I was used to it.    "Riiight... Anyway. Have Jeff make that pizza he's famous for. I'll talk to you later." I told her pushing her towards the kitchen. The club was kind of busy. No one in here would recognize the band though. "Sorry about her. She has some... issues." I explained. Ashley shrugged.    "She just seemed high to me." He pointed out.   "Issues was Lizzie's nicest way of saying high." Leah explained. Everyone laughed.    Jinxx and Sammi walked over to a booth, they were probably going to make out. Ashley had brought Leah, CC, and Jake to the bar. Which only left Andy and I. He grabbed my hand and brought me over to a table.    "So. What do you wanna do?" He asked me.    "I don't know. It doesn't really matter to me." I told him. He sighed.    "20 questions?" He asked I smiled at his randomness.    "Sure."    "Favorite color?" He asked.    "Um, purple. Favorite sport?"   "Hockey. Religion?"   "Agnostic. Height?"   "6'2''. Favorite band?"    "Don't have a favorite. Although I do love BVB and sleeping with sirens. Bad habits?"   "Um I smoke. If that's a bad habit. Favorite number and why?"    "6. It was my favorite age to be. And my 6th grade was my best school year. Animals?"    "Love them. Play any instruments?"   "Guitar and piano. Family life?"   "They mean the world to me. Siblings?"   "Alexis. And a younger sister I haven't seem since she was a baby. Birthday?"    "December 26th. How old are you.?"   "20. Born November 13th. School life?"    "Hell. Favorite black veil brides song?"    "Lost It All, Coffin, or Knives and Pens. Favorite k-" I started but was cut off.    "Elizabeth Glenn! Where the fuck have you been." I groaned. My mother walked over to where I was sitting with Andy.    "I told you that I wasn't going to do it. So move on mother." I told her harshly. I was wishing she wasn't going to make a scene. Not here. Not in front of people who mean so much to me.   Leah had heard stories of how nasty my mom could be, but she had never witnessed it. Alexis always knew about it, but she wouldn't accept it.    "Since when did you not do what I say?!" She asked me roughly.   "I never have. Don't you remember. Oh wait. Of course you don't. You weren't there. And when you were, you weren't sober, so how could you?" I said. Keeping my voice dangerously low. "Now just get out of here. Don't cause more problems for yourself than you already have."    "You're such an ungrateful daughter. I've done everything for you and all you do is be disrespectful." She said to me. I scoffed.    "Keep telling yourself that." I said about to walk away.    "I gave you life on this planet. All you do to thank me is treat me like I'm trash." My mother said grabbing my wrist the same one as last time. My teeth clenched. Trying not to show how much pain I was in.    "A life I never asked for or wanted. I treated you the same way you treated me. The way that you deserved. Now I suggest you get your filthy hand off of me before I do something that we will both regret." I said. Low enough so only she could hear, the room was quiet. Someone had shut the music off and was watching the encounter. But no one stepped in.    "You're my daughter Lizzie. All I have ever wanted to do is be able to love you and have you love me back. " She said sweetly. I laughed dryly.    "Yeah. And all I've ever wanted to do is this." I said, yanking my wrist away from her grip, walking away, I turned around in the doorway before leaving. 

"The one thing you did for me was show me what not to be. Your actions motivated me to not become you. When you constantly put me down, saying I'd never graduate highschool I proved you wrong again and graduated at the top of my class. You also said I'd never be able to get away from you. But guess what, you were wrong. Goodbye.. Mary." I said to her and left the building. I didn't know where I was going, but I kept walking.    Soon enough my legs betrayed me and I fell to the ground. I was sitting on a sidewalk in the dark at 11pm. Classy.    I felt a sharp pain in my wrist. I needed to look at it. The street lamp was flickering. But the light wasn't enough.  I sighed and used the flashlight on my phone.  My wrist was bleeding again, it was even more swollen and was a deep blue.  This is just perfect, I thought to myself.    I was ashamed. 
I had made a scene. 
In front of my sister. My best friend. And most important Sammi and the rest of my favorite band. I don't think I could ever face them again.    My phone lit up. I had 3 missed calls and 36 texts.  2 calls from Leah. 1 from Andy.  I had a bunch of texts from Leah, Sammi, Ashley, and Andy. Along with the rest of the band. They all said the same thing. Asking me to come back. Or to call and say I was okay. Or to have one of them come get me. But I didn't reply to any of them.    My phone kept lighting up. They all kept becoming more and more frantic. Andy was calling me for what seemed the 100th time when I finally answered.    "I'm fine you know." I sniffed through the phone.    "You finally answered." He stated.    "Obviously. You're talking to me."    "So where are you?" He asked worried.    "On a sidewalk. In the dark."    "Don't worry. I'm coming to get you. Don't hang up." He told me. I didn't. We didn't talk as he went looking for me. The fact he was on the phone and there for me.    It didn't take him that long to find me. He sat next to me.    "So.." He started.    "So.." I said.   "Leah told us everything. About your mother. And what happened last night." Andy told me quietly, I chuckled.    "No she didn't. Because she doesn't know everything." I said. He stayed quiet.    "You know when you said that my music had helped you through some tough times I had no idea..." He said. His voice faded toward the end.    "I know." I said. He pulled me into an awkward side hug.    "We should get you to a hospital you know." He told me. I frowned. I never liked hospitals. They smelled like death. And old people.   "Do we have to?" I asked like a whinny child.    "Yes now lets go. Sammi is bringing the van with Ashley and Leah. While Jinxx jake and CC went to get your car. They'll meet us at the hospital." I nodded. We waited for Sammi and the others to pick us up then we were off to the hospital.    It turns out my wrist was broken, I needed blood, and I had low iron levels from my anorexia. The doctor also had a long talk with me about self harm.    Telling me I needed to eat. And needed to stop cutting. I just nodded my head, it's not like anything he said would affect me.    After the long talk I was finally able to have visitors. Leah and Sammi were in tears. Hugging me. Saying how glad they were that I was okay. My sister was in a depressive state. Wondering why she hasn't stepped in years before.    Ashley was worried sick. He said I was like his little sister, and if broke his heart to see me like this.    Jake didn't say much. He just hugged me. But his hugs were more comforting than anything anyone could have said.    CC and Jinxx were shocked. They didn't say much except how they were there for me no matter what.    Then there was Andy. He was standing in the background the whole time. Meeting my eyes every so often. Telling me through a look that everything would be alright. I believed him.    Soon enough it was really late and everyone had to leave. Andy lied and said he was my brother, so they let him stay.    "Hey Andy." I said. Looking over to where he was sitting in a chair.    "Yeah?"    "We never finished that game of 20 questions." I told him.    "Well. We'll have to do something about that won't we." He said smiling.    "Yeah. We will."    "You should go to sleep." He told me.    "So should you." I said. He rolled his eyes.    "Please sleep. For me." It was hard to say no to him but I did. "I'll sing you to sleep if I have to." He told me. I didn't say anything. Just laid there not meeting his eyes. He sighed. "You're such a child." He said annoyed but I could tell he was smiling.   He began singing knives and pens. Like in the acoustic version. His voice sounded the same. But there was something different about it. He was singing to me and only me.    Halfway through the song I felt sleep take over me.    Today started amazing an got better. It got worse towards the end, but it somehow fixed itself one last time, and I was so glad it did. 
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