Stand Up |Andy Biersack|

Elizabeth ( Lizzie for short) never had just the average life. Constantly fighting with her mother, trying as hard as she could not to fall in her footsteps like her older sister Alexis did. But each day that dream seemed to become more and more impossible. Then, she discovered a band, not just any band though, Black Veil Brides. They were the ones who made everything she wished for happen. She only wished that one day she could meet them...


4. Unreal

Lizzie's PoV.    Time seemed for fly by as Leah and I waited for Sammi to call. We'd had such a great time, and we knew it was about to get better. It was 2 o'clock. I decided to call my sister and tell her what was happening. She took a few rings before she answered.    "Hello?" She said.    "Hey Lexi. You'll never guess what happened." I said. I was always awkward talking on the phone. I preferred texting. I wasn't myself when talking on the phone.   I went on and told her everything that had happened with Sammi Doll and Jinxx. How we were going to meet the band and everything. Then I told her about how Leah was kissed on the cheek by kellin. Meeting Ben and Danny. When I was finished she laughed.    "Wow. You've had quite a day. Wish I was there. Sounds fun." She told me. I chuckled.    "You should have bought yourself a ticket." I told her. She sighed.    "I did. Something came up. Hey I gotta go. Talk to you later text me a out how everything goes." She hung up. I stared at my phone. She was acting strange. Everyone was. I pushed the thoughts aside and continued walking around with Leah.    -20 minutes later.-    My phone vibrated in my pocket at the same time Leah's did.    Sammi :) Meet me at the meet and greet spot. No ones here yet, and we won't get mobbed by fans. See you soon :)   Leah and I smiled at each other, and took off toward the tent where Black Veil Brides was having their meet and greet in 30 minutes. We got there in about 5 minutes and saw Sammi standing there talking to a young girl around 9 and another girl around 16. We waited until the two girls walked away then went up to Sammi.    "Oh my god. It's been forever." Leah exclaimed.    "I know. I haven't seen you guy in hours!" Sammi laughed. "So you been having fun?" She asked as we sat on the ground in the tent. Fans were lining up, and we were trying not to get noticed.    "I think Leah is. Kellin Quinn kissed her on the cheek." I teased. Sammi started laughing.    "Wow. A married man. With a daughter. Aren't you bad." We all started laughing.    "You should have seen Liz when we ran into Danny and Ben from Asking Alexandria. I thought she was going to start crying." Leah told Sammi. I rolled my eyes.    "No. My wrist hurt from you dragging my around all day." I said. It wasn't a complete lie. I was really excited, and my wrist did hurt a lot.    "What'd you do to your wrist?" Sammi asked concerned.    "I sprained it in that accident that made my face a mess. It could be broken. I'm not sure. I haven't gotten it checked out." I told her.    "Maybe you should check in with a medic here. Don't want it getting worse." She said. Still concerned. I nodded. Not wanting to worry her.    We talked some more. Joking around about random things. It was about 10 minutes of that when we heard the girls in line start squealing. I laughed. Fangirls were hilarious sometimes. Sammi, Leah and I stood up, dusting ourselves off. Jinxx saw us and walked over. He hugged Sammi. Leah and I once again held back our 'aww'. Once they pulled away Jinxx smiled at us.    "Leah! Lizzie! It's great to see you again. Even though we just saw each other a few hours ago." He laughed. Someone over at the table called his name. "Hey we'll talk later, don't get too bored." He said and ran over to the signing table just as the first fan was walking up.    It felt strange. We were supposed to be one of those fans. Waiting in line for what seemed like forever. Wanting to scream when we made it to the front. Then standing there awkwardly as our favorite people in this world sign the merch we hand them, maybe even hug them or take a picture. But this was different. We were on the other side of the table. Watching the nervous fans walk up. Meet the 5 guys then walk away. It was unreal.    "Lizzie? Wanna go get something to eat? They're gonna be here a while, and it gets really boring. Trust me." Sammi told me. I nodded. She walked up to Jinxx and told him we were leaving. He nodded, pecked her lips, then she was walking back over to us. "So where do you wanna go? We don't have to stay here. We could go to McDonald's or something." Leah's smiled at the mention of McDonalds. I laughed.    "You just had to say McDonald's. Now we don't have a choice, if we don't go she'll pout for the rest of the day. And that is no fun. Trust me." I explained to Sammi. She laughed.    "Okay then. Lets go. I think there's on down the street."   "I can drive. I know where it is."    "Great." She said and we piled into my car. Leah was smiling. Whenever she had the chance to go to McDonald's she would. The ride wasn't that long. Only a few minutes. We chatted about Sammi and Jinxx. Sammi kept blushing every time we said how cute they were.    When we arrived we went inside. Leah got the 10 piece chicken nuggets with fries and a drink. I just got small fries and a coke. I saw Leah look at me when I ordered. Sammi got a salad and iced tea. When we got the food we sat in a booth in a corner.    "Is that all you're eating Lizzie?" Leah asked sweetly. I inwardly groaned knowing what she was going to do.    "Yup." I said. Rolling my eyes    "Maybe you should get something else. You barely eat anything. It worries me." Leah said, catching Sammi's attention.    "I know it's probably not my place to say. But you really should eat something else Liz, you're skinny as it is, and I don't want you getting sick." Sammi said to me. With serious worry in her voice. I sighed and got up. Kicking Leah in the leg, as I walked to the counter and ordered a wrap.    I looked back over at Leah and she had a look on her face that said 'haha I got you to eat something.' I laughed. She could be evil sometimes.    I walked back to the table with my wrap. Leah looked at me as I sat down.    "Sammi and I have decided that we aren't leaving until you finish that. And I mean all of it."    "Why must you be so cruel." I said annoyed.    "It's only cuz we love you." Sammi said. I rolled my eyes, and ate the wrap. I finished just as Leah and Sammi were finishing the fries.    "See it's not that difficult to eat." Leah told me. I smacked her lightly on the arm.    "Shut up." I said laughing.    "Alright." Sammi said walking back from putting the tray away. "Jinxx texted me and said they were finishing up the meet and greet since its 5 and they go on at 6:30. You guys ready to meet BVB?" She asked. Leah and I smiled.    "Of course we are." I said. We all laughed and drove back.    -Skipping Drive And Walk Back.-    "Jinxx!" Sammi yelled. We were just getting back to the meet and greet tent. Jinxx looked over to us and smiled. He waved us over.    "We're headed backstage. Getting ready for the show and everything. You guys can come if you want. We still have to introduce you to the rest of the band." He told us.    "Sounds good." Leah said. Jinxx smiled and grabbed Sammi's hand, who then grabbed Leah's, who grabbed mine ( the uninjured one thankfully) and we took off running towards the backstage. We didn't get stopped by any fans. And we made it there pretty quickly, even though we were all out of breath.    "Woah. What happened to you." A voice I recognized as Ashley said.    "" Jinxx said. He was still out of breath. Ashley chuckled, and handed us each a bottle of water. We finally got our lungs under control and Jinxx properly introduced us.    "Like I tried to say. We ran from the meet and greet tent. These are Sammi's friends Lizzie and Leah." Jinxx explained. We smiled and said hi.    "You realize that you could have walked right?" He asked us. We all looked at Jinxx. He shrugged, we all started laughing.  The rest of the band came into the room we were in. Ashley introduced us.    "Guys meet Leah and Lizzie, Leah and Lizzie meet the guys, Jake, Andy and CC." He said. We all said hello, and then stood there awkwardly.    "Not to interrupt this awkwardness, but shouldn't you all be getting ready for the concert you have in like 45 minutes?" I asked them. They all looked at me, then at the clock.    "Shit." I heard CC say. They all ran into the dressing room.    "We should probably help them." Leah said.   "Probably. But we aren't going to." Sammi said. We laughed, and Sammi touched up the make up on my face. We were laying around on our phones when we hear a yell from where the band was.    We got up and went to see what was going on.    "What happened?" Leah asked. Andy was gripping the side of his face. CC and Jake were laughing at him. Ashley had Jinxx in a headlock and it was a total mess in there.    Ashley looked up.    "Andy burned his face with the flat iron, and then Jinxx came over and tried to dump a can of hairspray on my head." Ashley explained. I rolled my eyes. I looked at the other girls and we all nodded at each other.    Sammi went to break up Ashley and Jinxx. Leah went to get Jake and CC out of the room since they were all ready. Which left me with the Andy situation.    "How's your head feeling?" I asked. He groaned. "Want me to finish straightening your hair while you ice your head so the burn doesn't swell?" I asked. He nodded and handed me the iron. I quickly brought it through his hair and was done in about 5 minutes. "See. It's not that hard." I laughed. He smiled.    "Thanks Lizzie." He said as he put some make up on.    "No problem." I said. Trying to ignore the fact that I had just straighten Andy Biersack's hair, and he thanked me for it.    "So you a fan?" He asked as he was applying some hairspray. I nodded.    "Yeah. Your music helped me through some tough times." I told him. He smiled.    "Glad to hear that. Now since you helped me with my hair, I have to make it up to you." He told me. I shook my head.   "Uh, not really. I just straightened it. No big deal." I said.    "No changing my mind. The band is in town for another 3 days. You and your friend should hang out with us." He told me.    "Seriously?" I asked. He laughed.    "Seriously." He said mocking me. I laughed.    "We'll see." I said. Then noticed the time. "But now you have to perform. So get out there." I said as I pushed him out the door and towards the stage.    Leah, Sammi, and the rest of the band laughed at us. He was taller than me by about 5 or 6 inches. So trying to push him was not an easy thing to do. He finally put his hands up in defeat.    "Alright alright. We're going. No need to be so pushy." He joked.    "Shut up." I said. Everyone laughed and the guys left to do whatever they did before performing.    "Oh before I forget," I said to Leah, "Andy wants us to hang out with him and the band since they're here for 3 more days. You up for it?" I asked her. Her eyes went wide.    "Us? Hanging out with black veil brides. Are you serious?" She asked shocked.    "Of course she is!" Sammi said. "Now you going to watch the show with us or stand there with your mouth hanging open like an idiot." We all laughed at how true it was. We got to the stage in time to see the guys before they left. CC went out first. Then Jinxx and Jake followed by Ashley, and finally Andy.   The concert was amazing. The act we were watching it from backstage was even better. After they did Lost it All they stopped and Andy told off a hater. It was pretty funny. He said some other stuff, but what he did next was what shocked me.    "So we had a bit of a crisis getting ready today. I burned myself with a straightener, and Jinxx tried to pour a full bottle of hairspray on Ashley's head. CC and Jake stood their laughing their asses off. Jinxx screamed when Ashley pulled him into a headlock and Sammi and her two friends came to the rescue. So I wanna bring them in stage really quick just so you can see them. Lizzie, Sammi and Leah get out here!" We were all kind of shocked but we came out anyway.  "Lizzie did my hair as I iced my face, Leah did her best to control jake and CC. Which she did and it was pretty impressive. Sammi broke Jinxx and Ashley's little fight up." The crowd cheered, and the band hugged us. We left the stage and they started playing another song.    Today had been crazy. I became friends with Sammi Doll. Meet sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, Danny and Ben from AA, met my favorite band of all time, then did Andy Biersack's hair, not to mention being brought on stage. Plus I got to enjoy it with my best friend. I didn't want it to end. But deep down I knew it had to. And everything would soon go back to normal.    That this high I'm on would come crashing down, and I'll fall back to reality.    But until that time came. I was going to enjoy the rest of this day. Nothing or no one was going to stop me.    At least I thought. 
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