Stand Up |Andy Biersack|

Elizabeth ( Lizzie for short) never had just the average life. Constantly fighting with her mother, trying as hard as she could not to fall in her footsteps like her older sister Alexis did. But each day that dream seemed to become more and more impossible. Then, she discovered a band, not just any band though, Black Veil Brides. They were the ones who made everything she wished for happen. She only wished that one day she could meet them...


3. It Gets Better

Leah's PoV. (Omg What? a new point of view!)   I looked over at my friends sleeping figure. I sort of felt betrayed, but at the same time the worst beat friend ever.  How could she not have told me. She made herself suffer alone. For all those years.  How could I not have noticed. I could have had a reason to get her out sooner.  I groaned as my head fell into my hands.  I am the worst best friend ever.  I was going to make it up to her today. She had no idea what a great day today would be.    Lizzie's PoV. ( Leah was short but it was needed.)   I woke up the next morning once again smelling bacon. I got up and went to the bathroom. I gasped at the person in the mirror.  Was this me? Is this what I looked like right now? The girl in the mirror had dark bags under her eyes. Dark hair going every which way.  Half of her face was red and swollen. Her cheekbones and jaw line seemed to pop out even more than usual. Her wrist was blue and swollen, not to mention the dried blood on it.    I was quite a sight. I couldn't help but imagine what Leah thought last night.    I sighed and got to work. Cleaning my wrist with peroxide, which really hurt, and then wrapping it in some ace bandages I found. I then brought a brush to my head. It took about 15 minutes to get it to look presentable. Finally I began to work on my face. How was I going to cover this up? I had covered cuts and bruises on my face before, but those were nothing compared to this.  I got my foundation and put it on my face. The red was still  see-ableI sighed and did the rest of my make up. There was nothing I could do.  My stomach growled and I walked out to the kitchen.  "Morning!" Leah said happily when she saw me. "You look, erm, better. Food?"   "Thanks." I said as I rolled a piece of bacon in the pancake. It was always a habit of mine when I was a child. The kitchen was silent as we ate.    "You ready for Warped? We have to leave in a few hours even though its 6am and it starts at 11. Traffic and all." She told me. I had forgotten that warped was today.    "About that. I don't really think I can go." I said quietly.    "Why the hell do you say that?" She asked looking at me as if I was crazy.    "Look at me, how can I go see and meet my favorite bands live looking like this mess? I'm not going when I look like a beaten and abused fool!" I told her. She was quiet for a few moments.      "We can call your sister. We will make you look like nothing even happened. And if your face doesn't look normal, I'll add some of that black paint bvb always wears. You are going today. I don't care if I have to drag you." She said with a determination in her voice I hadn't heard before. "Now finish eating then get you ass in that shower. I'll call Alexis." I didn't move. "GO!" She almost yelled.    -A Little While Later.-   I had just gotten out of the shower when there was a knock on the door. I quickly got dressed into some pajama shorts and a tank top.    "Hope you're decent Lizzie. We're coming in." I heard my sisters voice say. Her jaw was pretty much on the floor at the sight of me. I was wrapping my wrist once again.   "You don't have to put any makeup on my wrist. I think it might be broken. Or at least sprained. So I'm just going to wrap it." I told them. But Alexis' hand stopped me and unwrapped the bandage I was almost finished wrapping. When she saw exactly what she was hoping not to see she was shocked. 
"You promised me Liz, you said never again." She said her voice breaking like it does when you're trying not to cry. I had promised her. Back on the day she graduated highschool. Back when I still lived with my grandmother. We were upstairs in my bedroom, she was sitting in a pink beanbag as I changed into a bathing suit since we were going swimming. We somehow got onto the topic of tattoos. I told her how I wanted the birds on my back. And she told me about how she wanted a dog paw with the words Dallas underneath. She was getting it over her scars. That dog was her anchor when she wanted to die.  That was the first time I found out about my sisters past with the blade. She made me promise that I would never cut.  Little did she know I already had. Or that I had my fingers crossed behind my back.    My sister was on the verge of tears in Leah's small bathroom.    "How long?" She asked quietly. I was hesitant before I lied.    "11th grade." I said. Shooting a look to Leah, she got my message and nodded. "I was having a hard time with mum. And my dad had just died." I lied. It hurt lying to my sister. But it wasn't as if she hasn't lied to me before.    "Hate to break up this emotional thing going on, seeing as its almost like something I would see in a movie. But we have to get you ready if we want to be on time." Leah said. She obviously noticed the tension. I nodded and so did Alexis.    "Now. Lets make you look sexy." My sister said. I inwardly groaned. I hated when my she acted immature. It was pukey.    Her and Leah got to work on my face. It took a good hour, seeing how they were trying to make it as unnoticeable as possible. Once they had covered my face and it didn't look like I had 2 liters of make up on I convinced then to let me finish. They weren't having it though.    I sighed as Leah put the war paint on. It was simple. Just two lines on my injured cheek. Alexis started on my hair. Twisting it until she decided just to flat iron it, it was already straight but she wanted to do it, so I let her.    "Can we highlight your hair?" Alexis asked. I nodded. I planned on doing it anyway. And this way it saved me from having to do it myself. "Sweet. I'll be back in 10. I'm getting blue. Hope you don't care." She said and left. I shrugged and looked at Leah.    "You can go get ready you know. I can handle myself." I told her. She nodded and left the bathroom. She was acting strange. But I didn't think anything of it, she was probably nervous since we would be at Warped Tour 2013 in a few hours.    Alexis got back sooner than I thought. She had a cap, 2 hooks, and blue hair dye.    "Leah!" She yelled and Leah showed up in the bathroom. She was dressed and ready. Alexis handed her a hook and I put my hair in the cap. They took the strands of hair through the small holes of the cap, bleached them, and then dyed them. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. It was only 8am. I still had two hours to get dressed and stuff.    My hair came out nice. Alexis could have been a hairdresser. She always did my hair when we were younger. She taught me how to cut it myself, and I became good at it. Always cutting my own hair. And sometimes other people's.    "Thanks guys." I told them. They had done a lot for me. Not just the make up and hair. I hugged them both. Then went over to where my bags were, grabbed them, and went back into the bathroom to change.    After I was dressed Leah and I introduced Alexis to our music. She was kind of confused at why we would listen to it, but then I put her onto a lyric website and she understood.    I looked at the clock. It was 9:45.    "Leah we have to go. I have to go to the bank and get into the money my aunt left me. Then we have to drive there. It could take forever." I told her. She nodded and got her bag. "You have the tickets?" I asked her and she held up the 2 lanyards. I smiled. " Alexis. You are the best sister on the planet for getting us these!" I said and she laughed.    "I know I am. Always have been. Now leave and have fun." She told us. So we did. We stopped at the bank, I withdrew $300. Knowing that I'd need gas money. And we'd need to buy food and water. Not to mention merch. We'd split the money after getting the gas.    We drove to the location. We were on the verge of exploding with excitement. We arrived about a half hour early. Leah sighed.

"I told you we could have waited longer." 
  "Whatever. We can wait." I said getting out of the car and stretching my legs. There was going to be a lot of walking today and I wasn't looking forward to it very much.    We were walking around the gates. Tweeting and posting random photos we took onto Instagram. Leah mostly took selfies where I took pictures of what was happening around us. We saw a few tour busses, and met some other fans who got her early.    "When we get inside we have to go to the bathroom. Your makeup is kind of smudged. And you can see the redness." She told me. I sighed. I knew that would happen.    I was looking at myself through the front facing camera on my iPhone. Leah was right. I sighed and went to put my phone back into my pocket when I ran into someone. Both of us fell to the ground.    "Sorry about that. I wasn't looking where I was going." I said to the person I had ran into. Standing up and offering my hand to help them up. They took it.    "It was my fault. I'm Sammi." They said. I got a better look at her face, and realized just who it was.    "Nice to meet you I'm Lizzie and the girl with her mouth open is my friend Leah." I said to her smiling. She laughed then looked at my face.    "Hey Lizzie? Did you hurt your cheek it's all red. And looks swollen." She said to me. Leah stepped in.    "She got in an accident. We tried covering it with make up but we didn't do a very good job as you can probably see."    "Well come on then. I'll help you out. I mean I do photography, I know how to cover things up with make up." She said grabbing Leah and I's hands, dragging us into a building. "Stay right here. I'll get some stuff to cover it up. But for now wash off what you have on." She told me and left the bathroom. I obeyed and washed off the makeup. My face was really red. But I didn't really care at this point.    "Is she who I think she is?" Leah asked shocked. I nodded.    "Her name is Sammi. She does photography. And she looks a lot like who we think she is. So what do you think?" I said to her. Laughing at the look on her face.    A few minutes later Sammi came back into the room with a chest like box. She gasped at the injury on my face. But didn't comment. Just got to work. We all got to know each other. Making small talk. We quickly became friends. Sammi was one of the most genuine people I had ever met.   She was doing my jawline when someone walked in.    "Hey Sammi you in here?" I heard a man's voice ask.    "In here." She said, not looking away from what she was doing.    "I was wondering where you disappeared to. I thought you had gotten kidna-" the man was cut off when he saw Leah and I.    "I'm perfectly fine. No worries. I bumped into Lizzie and Leah. Lizzie had a red mark on her cheek and I'm helping her cover it." She said. "Liz, Leah, this is Jinxx. He's my husband, and Jinxx this is Lizzie and Leah."    "Nice to meet you." He said to us smiling. Leah was smiling like a lunatic.    "Likewise. Sorry about Leah. She's been freaking out a lot today." I said. I was freaking out like she was, I was just better at hiding it. Jinxx laughed.    "Fans?"   "Yup." I said casually.    "Coming to the show later?" He asked us. I nodded. "You should come backstage. Meet the rest of the band. Any friend of Sammi's is a friend of Black Veil Brides." He told us. I thought Leah was going to explode. At least she looked like she was.    "That would be cool. Thanks Jinxx." I said calmly. But I was freaking out just as much as Leah.    "Great. Just meet Sammi at the merch tent before the show. She'll tell you whatever else I forgot to tell you. I have to go get ready and stuff. See you later." He said to us,  kissing Sammi on the cheek. As soon as he left Leah and I aww'd. Sammi laughed.    "You guys really are the cutest."Leah told Sammi, and she blushed.   "He's the only one for me." She said smiling. "Okay all done. You look perfect." I really did. She did an amazing job. You would never know I was hurt.    "Oh my gosh. Thank you so much!" I gushed.   "It's not a problem. Where's your phone?" She asked. I unlocked it and handed it to her confused. She typed something quickly and gave it back. Holding her hand out for Leah's doing the same thing. "There. Now you have my number and I have yours. I'll text you when and where to meet up. Probably before the meet and greet at 3 Because the guys are on at 6 or 7. I forget. So we can hang out then. See you later." She said smiling. She hugged us both and left.    We left soon after. Wandering around. We saw sleeping with sirens. We made it just in time. Leah hadn't stopped smiling. We went to a Pierce the Veil signing. And then Sleeping With Sirens. Leah got to hug Kellin Quinn and get a picture. She freaked out when he kissed her cheek. I laughed.    We saw Danny and Ben from Asking when we were walking around. We got pictures and hugged. Today had been great, and the best part wasn't even here yet.
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