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Elizabeth ( Lizzie for short) never had just the average life. Constantly fighting with her mother, trying as hard as she could not to fall in her footsteps like her older sister Alexis did. But each day that dream seemed to become more and more impossible. Then, she discovered a band, not just any band though, Black Veil Brides. They were the ones who made everything she wished for happen. She only wished that one day she could meet them...


10. Finally

A/n Thanks to readers on quotev for helping give me ideas for this update. Enjoy :D

Lizzie's PoV 

  Everything over the next two weeks went pretty smoothly. The day the band came in to record was amazing.    It was a band called 'Farewell, My Love'. They were recording some songs for a new EP they were releasing in a few months. They were pretty good too, not to mention that the band members themselves were pretty hilarious.    Kelly and I spent a lot of time together, since Leah either had classes or was working.    I had a lot of time on my hands despite working at the music store and hanging out with Kelly. I hadn't heard much from Andy, or anyone in the band. Not even Sammi, which really sucked. So I was just sulking around, which I usually did anyway.    "You know I'm beginning to worry about you." Kelly said out if no where one day when I was sitting at a keyboard.    "Why?" I asked with a bored tone. She gave me a look, and I rolled my eyes. "Okay maybe I'm not as exciting as usual, but there's nothing to do." I complained. Kelly laughed.    "There are a bunch of music, instruments, there is even a studio in the back, and we have wifi around you, all that you can use might I add. Yet you are still bored."She accused. I nodded. "Kids nowadays."    "You are only 4 years older than me." I scoffed.    "Yet so much more mature." She said in a teasing tone.    "Says the girl who does kissy faces towards me every time I talk to my friend Andy." I said emphasizing the word 'friend'. She just shrugged.    "Speaking of him. Why don't you call him. If you're so bored that is."    "He probably has a show to play." I explained.   "They don't go on until 8:30 tonight." She told me. I sent her a questioning look,    "And you know this how?"   "Just because I'm older than you doesn't mean I don't understand social media websites. I have twitter." She said sounding annoyed.    "Whatever you say Kel." She sent me a death glare when I called her Kel. She hated that nickname.    "Just call your Romeo already." She spat.    "He isn't my Romeo!" I exclaimed. "We are just friends. Why do I have to keep telling everyone that?!"    "Because no one is as thick as you and Andy and can see what is going on between you two." She said. I glared at her. "Just call him before I take your phone and call him for you." She threatened.    "There is nothing going on!" I exclaimed before I sighed and tapped his contact calling him. He answered on the second ring.    "Hey Lizzie." He said happily.    "Hey." I said still bored.    "What's wrong. You sound bored."    "That's 'cause I am." I explained. He chuckled.    "Well then do something."    "There's nothing to do though. That's my whole issue in this situation!" I whined. He sighed.    "You could always write." He offered. He had been trying I get my to write something ever since he found out I could. Then Leah sent him something I wrote when we were younger and he got even more pushy.    "You keep saying that." I stated.   "It's something to do isn't it?" He said.    "I guess but what could I write?" I asked.    "You're surrounded my musical things. Write a song or something." I sighed.    "I can't write music."    "I never said music. I just said a song. Just write the lyrics. Put your emotions and boredom into something productive." He told me. I laughed.    "You sound like a therapist giving life long advice."    "Well if that's the case, I'd take the advice." He said. I was quiet. "So are you going to give it a try?"    "I dunno." I said.    "There's nothing else to do." He said and I stayed quiet. "You'll be bored if you don't." I still said nothing. "I won't talk to you until you do." I gasped.    "How is that fair!?" I almost yelled. Now he was quiet. I sighed heavily. "Fine.  But when it sucks and melts your eyes when you read it. You only have yourself to blame." I said to him.    "Understood. Now write. And then text me the final product." He commanded then hung up before I had time to protest.    I sat with my mouth open staring at my phone.     He just hung up on me. Rude.    "You're lucky we don't have flies. Because with your mouth open like that you'd catch some." Kelly said to me from across the store. I snapped my mouth shut, and she laughed. "So what'd lover boy say?" She asked.    "He wants me to write a song and send it to him. If I don't he's not going to talk to me." I said ignoring her 'lover boy' comment. She chuckled.   "Looks like you're going to have to write it then."    "But it's hard." I complained like a child. She rolled her eyes and walked over to me grabbing my hand. She dragged me to a back room and handed me a pen and paper.    "There. Now you have everything you need. Don't come out until you finish." She said leaving the room. I stared at the door.    I can't believe she just did that. 
What is it with everyone trying to get me to write?    I sighed and picked up the pen putting the tip to the paper, not writing anything.    Then it hit me. And I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote. Before long the paper was full, and the song was finished.    Okay, maybe that wasn't as hard as I thought...    -time skip-  (FINALLY)   The two weeks are finally over. Leah and were finally boarding our plane. Finally going to visit the guys and Sammi on warped.  It seemed like forever since we saw them.    I texted Andy saying that we were boarding and handed my boarding pass to the lady standing there with a fake smile on her face and getting on the plane. I put my phone on airplane mode before plugging my headphones in and putting on the playlist Kelly had made me for the ride.  The opening notes of 'Roger Rabbit' entered my ears.     Before long we were landing.    Leah and I were almost excited as we were the day we went to warped in our own state. And now we were miles away visiting our friends who just happened to be in a band that performed on warped.    It was crazy how much things had changed.    Sammi had texted Leah and said that she was waiting at arrivals. Leah and I grabbed our luggage from the conveyer belt and practically ran to where Sammi said she was.    When we got there we were engulfed in hugs. Along with a chorus of 'we missed you' and 'glad to see you's.    We laughed as the people hugging us pulled away. It ended up being Jinxx, CC, Sammi, and Jake.    "We missed you guys too." I said as CC took my bag.    "Where's Andy and Ash?" Leah asked suddenly.    "Andy was stopped by some fans, and I think Ashley is flirting with a flight attendant." Jinxx explained.    "Of course he is." I said, and then I was picked up from behind. Letting out a high pitched scream but stopped mid-scream when I saw everyone looking at me. Awkward.    "What's that supposed to mean Glenn?" Ashley asked as he put my back on the ground. I turned around and smacked him.    "Asshole. You don't just sneak up on people." I said putting my hand over my heart dramatically.   "You don't qualify as a person. You're Lizzie." He accused with a smirk.    "Ouch Purdy. That hurt, right in the heart." I told him sarcastically. He laughed and hugged me.    "Missed ya Lizzie." He said. I laughed and hugged him back.    "Missed you too Ash."   "You know, I never knew it was possible to scream that high. It sounded like a horror movie." He laughed.    "Shut up." I mumbled.    "Ashley bothering you Lizzie?" I heard a familiar voice ask. I turned around and smiled.    "Yes actually. He is." I said as I was wrapped in a hug.    "Nice to see you Lizzie." Andy said quietly and pulled away.    "Likewise. Oh and look what I have..." I said pulling his batman shirt from my bag.    "I actually thought you were going to forget." He said grinning.   "How could I? You texted me about it a million times." I laughed.    "Hold onto it for a little while longer for me." He told me. I was confused but nodded and put it back into my bag.    "Okay I hate to ruin this reunion. But we better get out of here. More fans are coming." Jake explained. We nodded and left the airport quickly getting into the tour bus that was parked behind the airport out of sight.    "Why is the whole bus here?" Leah asked as we started driving off.     "Because we can't squeeze all 8 of us into a van. And it's more fun this way." Ashley said. I rolled my eyes.    "Okay I'm taking the girls with me once we get back." Sammi announced. "Then we are having a girls night on the bus. So you guys have to find somewhere else to sleep."    "You do realize this is our bus?" CC asked. Sammi nodded.    "And you're kicking US off of it?" Jake asked. Sammi nodded once again. "Glad that's figured out then." He mumbled.    "You'll be fine. There's enough bunks on the other bands buses. I know for a fact that Asking has a couple. And Sleeping With Sirens does too. I asked around, they're willing to take you in for the night." Sammi said.    "I still don't think it's right that you are kicking us off of our own bus." Ashley said annoyed.    "You don't mind. You know you love us." Sammi stated. Leah and I laughed.    "It looks like we all know who runs the shots around here." I joked. Sammi and Leah laughed while the band pouted.    "Hey you were the ones who wanted us here. Now you have to deal with our wrath." Leah said and we all laughed.    I already knew that the next month was going to be the best of my life.  A/N  There's a chapter for ya. It's shortish, but I'll update again soon I really wanna write the girls night chapter. Because come on, who doesn't want to have a girls night with Sammi Doll on Black Veil Brides Tour bus.  Thanks for reading tell me what you would happen if you spent the night on the Tour Bus with the band in the comments. It'd be interesting if it were me...  -Angie. 
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