Taken, Yet Gone

"NIALL!!!!!!!!!" she screams

"Beard! Six feet! Tattoo, right hand! Moon and Star! i hear her yell in to the phone

" I don't know who you are. I don't what you want. If you are looking for ransom... I can tell you. I don't have any money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills- Skills I have acquired over a very long career... Skills that make me a nightmare to people like you. If you let her go now, I will not look for you. I will not purse you. But if you don't... I will look for you...I will find you...and I will kill you" i say to the man that it took her

"Good Luck" then the line went died


15. The Fight


               Niall's P.O.V

 So today me and and Marko's friend Kyle is going to help me remember how to fight again! I am kinda scared because I haven't fought in like 3 years. As me and Kyle get ready the boys came to talk to me.

"Niall, you and Kyle are like going to fight like actually fight?" Louis said

"Yeah this is my training." I said to all of them

" Training for what?" Zayn sounded confused

" Remember how I told you that I use to do karate and use to fight with my brother."

"Yeah" They all said Sync

"Well Kyle is going to change my karate into actually fighting, like killing fighting, so if I run into any of those men who took Liz I know what to do." I told them

"Niall you aren't going to run into any of them!" Harry told me

" How do you know, I might Harry ok!"

"Niall you aren't going to run into them because you aren't going anywhere!" Harry told me again

"Harry I am. I am going to get my training while Paul and Marko do what they have to do. They do what they do and I am going to get my training. If I don't I let down Liz. She is mine and I will do everything to get her back! I am going to train and Paul will tell me where they are! Now I am late, Bye" I said to them getting angrier and angrier by the minute.

As I walk into the training room I see Kyle ready to work. He shows me every move that  he knows. Kyle was a Preventer  and he had a very long career, so he showing me every move he used. I am getting pretty good at these moves. Kyle loves the fact that I used to do karate because it makes it easier to learn these moves. After about 2 hours of just learning the moves, Kyle wants to actually fight.  I felt so bad beating Kyle I started hitting him not as hard.

"Come on Niall, when you look at me think of the men that took Elizabeth!" he yelled at me

After he told me that something sparked inside me and I started beating him with everything I had inside. Paul and Marko came in the room and saw that Kyle was on the ground, bleeding and I was out of breath.

" What happened in here Niall?" Paul asked me while walking over to Kyles side making sure he was ok.

" Kyle was training for our deal." I told Paul still trying to breathe right agian

"Oh ok, Well go get a shower and meet me and Marko in the "lab",Ok" Paul told me while pushing me out of the training room.

I went and got a shower and then went down to the 'Lab". We call Marko's office area the Lab. As I walk in Kyle was all freshened up. Without any blood. I mean if you didn't know me and Kyle where fighting you wouldn't know because there is no blood or even a scars. As me and Kyle where talking about fighting Paul's phone started ringing. Paul  answer it and told me its for me.




"Yeah, Niall I am alone and there aren't no one near. I forgot that my manger gave me a world national phone. Niall I know where I am to !" She said to me. She was scared and happy that she is talking to me. I told Paul its Liz and she went on speaker.

"Liz, baby where are you?" Paul asked her

"I am in some old building that is up the road from a cafe that said Le Bistrot des Dames." She said hope we new where she was. I looked over at Marko and he smiled at me.

"Babe I know where you are!" i said with a smile on my face!

"Ha ha Oh my god really!" she sounded happy yet she was crying

"Yes I am leaving really soon." I told her getting ready

"O- No, no, no please! What do you want from me!" She started crying a screaming!

"Liz wants wrong?" I started getting worried again!

-Dead Silence -

There is someone breathing on the phone then I said"

"I fill find you and I will fight you!"

"If you want to fight, You will have The Fight of you life!" This man said then the phone beep and that was it!

I guess I will have The Fight of my life!



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