Taken, Yet Gone

"NIALL!!!!!!!!!" she screams

"Beard! Six feet! Tattoo, right hand! Moon and Star! i hear her yell in to the phone

" I don't know who you are. I don't what you want. If you are looking for ransom... I can tell you. I don't have any money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills- Skills I have acquired over a very long career... Skills that make me a nightmare to people like you. If you let her go now, I will not look for you. I will not purse you. But if you don't... I will look for you...I will find you...and I will kill you" i say to the man that it took her

"Good Luck" then the line went died


1. Party Love

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Michaels and i am a new signer. Now your probably thinking what is a new singer? Well a new singer is someone who just got a record deal. So i will be going on my first tour soon. I can't wait cuz I've dreamed of this my whole life. I only have one friend and that is Demi Lovato. And well we are a party that is just for me. Its now really a party its more of a party for people to get to know me! I am having fun but i don't know anybody. And this party is for people to know me !! I mean Ed Sheeran came up and we talked for a little but i was mostly fangirled. Not a good way to meet people. Haha. But Demi said she wants me to meet someone. As we walk over to the bar i nearly died in my tracks. Right in front of me was one direction. OMG!!! As we walked over i told my self not to fangirl in front of them. We approached them and they all turned around and smiled at me! 

"Ok Liz don't fangirl. Don't fangirl. Don't fangirl." i told myself again

" Hello love whats your name?" Liam said to me

" My name is Elizabeth Michaels"

" Oh, your the girl we are here for." Zayn said

" Yeah I'm so board, no one is coming up to talk to me." I stated

" Haha yeah its so boring here!" Louis said

" Louis!" Liam hit his arm and said " Be nice this here first time. I mean we had to go through this to"

" Oh, i agree 100% that its boring here!" I said

They all laugh and then harry asked me a question

" So love, how long until you go on tour?"

" I leave next week for about 2 months!"

" No way. There's no way you finished your first album already !" Louis said

" I did and I'm working on my 2nd already. I already have 3 songs done." I stated

" Wow, well congrats!" Liam said. He is such a sweat heart

I just realized that there is only 4/5th if one direction right now. Where is the other one/

"Hey where is Niall if you don't mind me asking?"

"We don't mind and he is in the Loo." Zayn said

"Oh Ok" i said with a smile

"Will you be singing tonight ?" Liam asked

" Yeah i should be going on soon."

"Oh ok i hope so-" Liam was interrupted by the announcer 

" And now introducing Elizabeth Michaels to the stage" the announcer said into the microphone

" Ok that is me so bye guys and nice talking to you" I said to the guys and left to go on the stage. I was super excited to sing cuz i knew that one direction will be in the crowed watching me. So here goes nothing. I walked on the stage and sat down on the stool that was there and grab the guitar and then sang into the mic 

" I'm a long gone Waylon song on vinyl,

  I'm a back round sinner at tent revival,

  He believes in me like he believes he Bible,

  He loves me like Jesus does.

  I'm a left foot leanin'  on a souped up Chevy,

  I'm a good ole girl,

  Drinkin'  Whiskey and Rye on the Levee,

  He carries me when my sins make me heavy,

  Loves me like Jesus does.

  All the crazy in my dreams,

  Both my broken wings,

  Every single piece of everything I am,

  He knows the girl I ain't,

  He forgives me when I can't

  That devil, man, now he don't have a chance

  He loves me like Jesus does"

As i sang the last part of my song i felt a pair of eyes on me. I mean everybody is looking at me but someone's eyes feel like they are searching threw my soul. As the lights go off and i can see everybody I look over at Demi and the boys. I see the most Beautiful man i have ever seen in my life. Niall Horan. As I leave the stage and walk over the boys and I am getting butterflies in my stomach cuz I know that Niall is going to over there. I walk right next to Demi and the boys and there months are wide open and i just giggle to myself. Harry speaks first

" OMG Elizabeth that was amazing, I didn't know you could sing like that!"

" Well you didn't know me Harry"

" True" Harry said then laugh at the end

i felt a pair of eyes on me again and looked over at Niall and caught him staring at me. Once he saw me look at him he turned away and then his face turned red. It was super cute.

" Hey Elizabeth i wa-" i cut Harry off 

" No, you don't have to call me Elizabeth. Just call me Liz" i said

" Ok, Liz i wanted to know if you would like to dance with me?" Harry said to me

" Um, sure."

Me and Harry went out in the middle of the dance floor where a lot of other people where slow dancing. In the middle Harry started talking to me

" So, Liz, I wanted to know and I know we only just met but will you go on a date with me?"

" Um, Harry I leave to go on tour next week and I wont be back for another 2 months" I said

" I know but before you go!" I looked him the eyes and I saw hope. 1 Little Date won't hurt will it?

" Sure" i said and me and Harry dance until the song was over. I don't know but i just feel weird. Like not sick weird but more like ' did i do the right thing' weird. I mean before he asked me that all i thought about was Niall and now I'm going on a date with Harry. It's just somethings doesn't feel right. Maybe its just a case of ' Party Love' Demi always says. I just hope she right. 

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