Justin or Jason?

Jenny she lives in Stratford and goes to school. One day she meets Justin Bieber(famous), he seems to be THE ONE, but when she least expect it, she meets a bad boy named Jason McCann he's Bieber's step brother. Dun dun dun, read to find out what happens!


5. Wanna ride with me home today?

Jenny's POV

'anything you wanna tell the class Ms. Mason and Mr. Bieber?' Mr. Jansen asked looking at us both. 

I could hear some of my classmates laugh a little but I didn't care.

'Um, no. It was just.. Nothing' I smiled at him.

'What she said' Justin pointed at me.

I chuckled.

I looked back at Justin and saw that he smiled like an idiot, god. Boys are so perverted.

Finally the school bell rang so i hurried up so no one aka Mr. Jansen managed to stop me and Justin. That would've been awkward.

When I walked out i felt a pair of hands grab my wrists. Damn what does Mr. Jansen want?

'Hey, wait up.' I turned around and it was Justin. GOD, HIS EYES! 'Oh, hey' I said blushing. 'Umm.. I wondered if you maybe wanted to ride with me home today? It's ok if you don't want, but you seem like such an amazing person' He blushed, more than me I think, haha.


'Sure' i tried to act cool adding a smile to it. 'So let's go!' he said walking down the corridor out to his car. Wow, a white ferrari. How does a 19 year old afford that? Oh wait, he's famous.

'Nice car!'

'Oh thanks, I have more at home! You should come see them some day' he winked.

I swear I am a tomato when I'm with him.

'I have time today' i smiled at him.

'You really wanna go with me now?'

'Sure, why not? I have nothing better to do'

Justin's POV

YES, she was going home with me. But damn, mom, Brian, and maybe Jason is home, if he's home yet..

'Ok, LEGGO!' i said jumping over to her side opening the door for her.

'Gentleman' i heard her whisper, i guess because she didn't want me to hear it. i just had to smile when i got in.

'What are you smiling at?' she looked over at me, smiling.

'Just you, and how beautiful you are'

She just looked away blushing.

'Hey don't do that, you're beautiful and there's no need of blushing because of it' now i was the one blushing, she probably thinks guys blushing is stupid.

Jenny's POV

OMG, he's so cute when he blush! I just can't stop staring at him, god, I'm so stupid.

'Here we are!' Justin said opening my door.

Shit was I gone that long, in my thoughts?!

'Wow, it's beautiful Justin' 

He started walking inside, there was three people there, I guessed it was his mom, dad, and brother, cuz they looked so much alike!

'Hi sweetie, finally youre home' she kissed Justin's cheek, Justin just blushed.


'Oh, I'm so sorry. Hey, you, I'm Pattie, Justin's mom' she shook my hand smiling. I smiled back.

'I'm Brian, Justin' stepfather.' the older guy shook my hand too.

'So I see you've got a girlfriend Bieber' the guy who seemed to be his brother smirked.

'Shut up, dick' Justin hissed at him.

'Justin, stop! You have a visitor now' his mom said loudly.

'Well my name is Jason he said, I'm Justin's stepbrother, and you're HO-OT!' he kissed my hand, and winked at me.

'Jason act like a human being!' his father said.

'Y'all are just to weird, let's get outta here'

He pulled me up to his room, or something that seemed to be his room cause it was a package outside that said Justin, so he picked it up and walked in. In his room there was a poster of a halfnaked girl, that's normal for boys his age i guess, there was also a drawer with clothes, and a door, and a room in there, probably the bathroom, and, wow, there was a king size bed there, damn, we could have some fun there if you know what i mean ;)

Oh god, the clock was already 7, have I already been here 3 hours?! Yes, we're done at 4 because we start at 10, sometimes 11. 

'Justin, I should get going home. It's late already, I bet my mom is worried.'

'No worries babe, I texted your mom and said you will be staying here for the evening'

'Oh thanks' i smiled at him.

'No worries, its fine' he winked

Suddenly, he leaned forward. Was he going to kiss me?! oh shit, he couldnt do that could he?!

Suddenly, i felt a pair of wet, soft lips on mine, he kissed me so carefully, suddenly i kissed him back. What the hell are you doing Jenn!? You can't kiss him, you barely know him! It slowly turn in to a make out session. Dang, the boy is a good kisser! 

Justin's POV

Wow, she's a good kisser. I wanna do more with her, but I don't wanna push her.. I slowly pushed her to my bed, so she landed on her back in my bed.

'Mm, Justin' she moaned.

'You ok baby?'

'Ya, keep doing it, I wanna go further' did she just say what I think she did?





my internet is sucky, and my fantasy hasn't been on top either.. I hope you guys aren't mad and still wanna read.

-What do you think is gonna happen?

-Is Justin and Jenny gonna go further?

-And if they go further should I write what's happening or no details? It's up to you guys!


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