Justin or Jason?

Jenny she lives in Stratford and goes to school. One day she meets Justin Bieber(famous), he seems to be THE ONE, but when she least expect it, she meets a bad boy named Jason McCann he's Bieber's step brother. Dun dun dun, read to find out what happens!


3. First day of school

Jenny's POV

'Sweetie, you gotta get up now! There's 1 hour until you must leave for school.' I heard mom yell from down stairs.

'I'm up!'

Today was first day of school. I couldn't wait to see my friends again. To see my teachers. Note the sarcasm about my teachers.

I got up, went to find some clothes to wear, hopped in the shower, and by 25 mins i was done with it all. 

My make up was as always, just some foundation and mascara, my hair i did in some light curls, and my clothes as normal, a skinny pair of jeans, that barely could fit over my ass, my believe tshirt and a low pair of converse.

'Jenny get down here you're gonna get late for school'

I ran downstairs to kiss my mom goodbye, and ran out the door.

'Thank god i only have 2 minutes to walk to school, and if i run it takes 1' i mumbled to myself. Just as someone walked past me, the hottest guy at school, Josh. Damn it, i've had a crush on him since i saw him the first time two years ago, and now is probably the last time i'll see him..

As i walked up to the entrace at school, everyone gasped, i saw my bestfriend, Ashley so i walked up to her.

'Yo, what's up with all the moaning, or gasping or whatever?'

'Theres a new guy at school today, theres his car, he's probably inside, or of course he is, haha.  The only thing we know is that his names Justin and that he's from here, but he dropped out of school because he had to much work or something' Ashley said, gasping when she saw him.

'Wow' was the only thing I managed to say.


Justin's POV

'Justin wake up, you have to get back at school now, and not drop out!' mom yelled.

'Yeah, yeah, whatever'

'It's no whatever hun, you're going back to school whether you like it or not' she came into my room.

I was just standing in my boxers. 'Ew mom, get out, i'm not dressed!' i hissed at her.

'Oh, Justin, son, i've seen men in their underwear before, dont worry baby' she winked at me.

I got dressed and drove off to school. I forgot my money to buy some food, but whatever, i'll just flirt with whoever that works in the cafeteria.

When i got to school everyone just stood there and gasped like they've never seen a guy before, that looks pretty amazing ;)

'What's up with you, never seen a guy before?' i hissed at some that blocked my car.

They moved and there she was, the most beautiful girl i've ever seen. I never saw her before, or knew she was, but when i just saw her gorgeous smile, and her eyes i knew there was sparks in the air.

I walked up to the entrance where she stood, stopped infront of her, opened my mouth barely so no one could see.

'hey babe' i winked at her, and continued to walk.

Now i just hope she won't hate me, and maybe we'll get in the same class too!


Jenny's POV

'hey babe' i heard him say with his raspy, sexy voice.

Damn it. He knew how to turn me on, let's just hope me and him have the same class or something and that we have to work together so i could see him after school. God, the girls were right, he was hot!

I walked to class, and guess who was there?


So.. my first "official" chapter is done.

What do you think? and who is in her class?

and even though Justin dropped out of school, he's still 19 and she's 17, but he dropped two years, so basically he would go in her class.










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