Justin or Jason?

Jenny she lives in Stratford and goes to school. One day she meets Justin Bieber(famous), he seems to be THE ONE, but when she least expect it, she meets a bad boy named Jason McCann he's Bieber's step brother. Dun dun dun, read to find out what happens!


1. Characters

Justin Bieber, 19, like his normal life, except he lives in Stratford, not dating anyone.


Jason McCann, JB's step brother, 19, in a gang, not anything good in his mind, doesn't have contact with JB at all, lives in Atlanta.


Jenny Mason, 17, blonde, blue eyes, from California, moved to Stratford because her mom got a job there. She has one younger sister and older brother.


Pattie Mallette, Justin's mom, married to Brian McCann (Jason's dad)


Jeremy Bieber, Justin's dad, also has Jazzy and Jaxon, divorced


Maria Butler(Not Ryan Butler's mom), Jenny's mom, her only kid.


others that will disappear: Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers, Christian Beadles, Alfredo Flores, Cody Simpson, Lil Twist(Jason's bestfriend, don't know Justin), Lil Za(same as Twist), Jazzy, Jaxon and Justin's cousin Jenna(not her real name)

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