Justin or Jason?

Jenny she lives in Stratford and goes to school. One day she meets Justin Bieber(famous), he seems to be THE ONE, but when she least expect it, she meets a bad boy named Jason McCann he's Bieber's step brother. Dun dun dun, read to find out what happens!


2. Characters look/attitude

Jenny, she has blonde hair, that reaches her butt, she has blue eyes, and she's a normal body size. She is a nice girl but she doesn't care that much about homeworks and school.

Justin, looks/is like himself.

Jason, looks like Justin, but he has a bader attitude than Justin. I'm sure most of you all know how Jason is ;) Pattie is Jason's mom too. Justin is his half brother.

Pattie, looks like herself and is the same way, always sweet to everyone. She married Jason's dad.

Jeremy, is himself and looks like himself.

Jazzy and Jaxon too.

Maria(Jenny's Mom), dark brown hair, reaches to her shoulders, she's a little "bigger" than Jenny, but she's not fat. She divorced Jenny's father when she was 2 years and he abused Maria. She's not with anybody, YET.

Ryan, Chaz, Christian, Alfredo, Cody, Cody's sister Alli Simpson will also disappear, Twist(DO NOT KNOW JUSTIN!), Za(DONT KNOW HIM EITHER), Jenna(Justin's cousin) is themselves.

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