Justin or Jason?

Jenny she lives in Stratford and goes to school. One day she meets Justin Bieber(famous), he seems to be THE ONE, but when she least expect it, she meets a bad boy named Jason McCann he's Bieber's step brother. Dun dun dun, read to find out what happens!



OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THIS THING.. IM SO SORRY :/ 3 MONTHS.. Well.. I started 10th grade and stuff.. Jenny's POV "I wanna go further, Justin" i said. I'm sure now. "....but, I need a shower" "But I like it like this..." Justin said with a smirk And with that I walked in to the shower. Wow, the bath was as beautiful as the rest of the house! I stripped down so my thongs and bra was left. I wonder why Justin likes this, I'm not skinny like the other girls he can get... I got in the shower, of course I took off the rest of my clothes. I started singing 'Love Me Like You Do' and of course I don't know the artist but I'll find out. Justin's POV I could hear her sing in the shower, she has a nice voice.. What song is she singing? I got closer to the bathroom door. She's singing my song. I walked really silent in the bathroom and stripped down. I opened the doors in to the shower and closed them even more silent. "Girl love me like you dooo, love me like youu do" I put my arms around Jenny's waist, "Hold you tight and don't let go?" "SHIT JUSTIN! ARE YOU NUTS!?" "I have some if you wanna have some" I winked at her. She turns around and kiss me right on the lips hard. The kiss started heating up and the kiss ended in a make out session. "I can't wait longer for this Jenn" We showered a long time. "Damn" she said while she looked at my boner. I smirked. Jenn slowly started to move down. While stroking her fingers over my 6-pack. "Ah, Jenny" she just smiled dirty at me while she got my dick in her face. She started massaging me slow. I just can't keep the moans in anymore. Jenny's POV I really hope I do this right... And based on Justin's moans and breath I think I do ;) I opened my mouth and stretched my tongue out. I lick the head and he moaned even louder! I just had to smile. I bent my head forward and took it all in. I started slow but sucked harder and got a steady rythm. I turned off the shower and pushed Justin out. "Bossy, I like it" he smirked kissing me. I continued sucking him in the bathroom while he pushed my head closer and closer to gaging. "AHH, JENNY! I'm coming!" "Not yet baby" He carried me to his bed.. I suddenly surprised him by sitting on top of it sliding slowly down. I started riding it slowly and it was kinda painful because it was so big, it got better and my moaning got really loud. "JUSTIN, OH MY GOD, FUCK ME!" "Jenn, shh. the others are down under" He slowly pulled out and started pumping his fingers in and out of me. "Faster" "Beg for it babe" "Justin PLEASE!" He smirked and started sucking on my neck. "Justin... ahh!" He slowly pushed himself in me while moaning. I swear I screamed like fuck. Justin's sexy moans starting to fill the room, he still didn't stop thrusting into me. He out of all things started going really fast, like that he started fucking me, hard and I couldn't keep it in anymore, I just screamed his name out in pleasure, just as we both came. Didn't take long til his brother stood there with a grin, "You fucked her without me?", "Fuck off Jason" We got dressed to our underwear and I still could see his huge bulge so I decided to grind on his dick (like twerking just face to face on his lap) "Jenn, youre gonna make me cum AGAIN!" "Ahh, Justin! Good boy" and with that I left him in his bed.
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