Untold Secrets

Have you ever kept a secret so big, if you told your life will change forever? Well I have a really big secret that only 5 lads, their family, and I know. If i tell anyone my secret I'm afraid they will turn against me and just use me. Well i have two secrets and it's hard because I'm pretty much living a double life...


8. Zayn

Nialls pov:

Ugh i hope she's okay we've been waiting for 5 hours and i am not going to bed until she is up. All we know so far is that Makayla broke her arm, leg, and may lose her memory.. i hope she does not lose her memory i really love her...


Makayla's Pov:

I do not know where i am i hear voices and recognize them but i can not open me eyes for some reason. Where exactly am i?

"Boys may you leave please i need to talk to her." I hear Zayn say but i can not respond. Then i hear feet shuffling and the door closing. 

"Hey Makayla i know you can not hear me but this is why i am telling you now well.. here's one of our new songs and i wrote my solo... for you

Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me

But bear this in mind it was meant to me 

i'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks

and it all makes sense to me...." He sings while grabbing my hand but i am confused on why he wrote that for me maybe he will say why right now

"well i really fancy you Makayla and i honestly am really happy i met you and im so excited that you get to stay with us..... honestly babe youre the reason i want to wake up every morning you're the reason i have a smile on my face." Holy crap Zayn fancies me?!?!


"Hey mate may i talk to her now please?" I hear Harry's husky morning voice.

"Sure mate anyways i am done talking to her.." Replies Zayn.

















IM SO SORRY I HAVENT UPDATED!!! I have school 7:30-2:30, cheer 3:00-10:30, and homework for american time but in the uk its 7:30-14:30, cheer 15:00-21:30

ill update the next one when you want me to i promise

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