Untold Secrets

Have you ever kept a secret so big, if you told your life will change forever? Well I have a really big secret that only 5 lads, their family, and I know. If i tell anyone my secret I'm afraid they will turn against me and just use me. Well i have two secrets and it's hard because I'm pretty much living a double life...


6. The Accident

Louis's Pov:

 "Louis i'm Makayla..."  Wait did she just say what I think she said. "Louis please speak you know i wanted to tell you but i couldn't my parents wouldn't let me come on Simon just found out.."  I can't believe she was keeping this from me I told her EVERYTHING... well almost everything. I have to think i'm just going to leave now.  "LOUIS WAIT COME BACK PLEASE!!"  I can hear the sadness in her voice and I turn around which i regretted doing because I saw tears streaming down her face.. great I made the person I love cry.

Melanni's Pov:

"Melanni how could you do that to me we're BEST MATES well we were anyways.."

"wait what do you mean by 'were anyways'?"

"Melanni after you keep the BIGGEST secret anyone could ever keep from their friend you honestly think i'd still be your friend.?"

"well yeah you promised nothing would change Louis... this is why I didn't tell you i was afraid i would lose you! See that's what's happening right now Louis I'M LOSING you!!"

"You honestly think that low of me Mel.. wow maybe I should leave you."

"Louis don't please i need you!"

"No you dont you have your parents." That got me he doesn't know they died in a car accident. I just stopped trying and walked away from him.

"Oh and Melanni I can't wait to tell the press your little secret.. go run off to your parents i hope you know you ruin every ones life your parents hate you and i do to!" With that i ran to my car with tears in my eyes and went back home to pack. I ran through the door thank god Louis isn't home yet I ran pass all the boys and into my room. I grabbed all that i could and threw it in my luggage bag.

"Makayla what's wrong?" I turn around and see Zayn.


"Then why are you crying and packing?"

"Cause Zayn."

"Cause what?"

"I have to leave."


"I can't stay here Zayn that's why."

"Come sit down and talk babe."

"No i'm fine" I say and with that he starts walking closer to me then looks in my eyes and crashes his lips with mine. I kissed back... that's the thing. We both pulled apart when Louis barged into my room..

"Fuck you why would you keep this from me i HATE you please do us all a favor and kill yourself!" with that i ran out the door and got into my car and couldn't see with all the rain.

Louis's Pov:

I know what I said to Melanni wasn't right but how could she keep it from me? Now i have to go back to the same house as her ugh. Honestly i still love her. I just walked into the house


"Erm she ran up to her room crying Zayn went up to check on her." Harry mentioned. With that I ran up to her room and opened the door and saw her snogging with Zayn.

"Fuck you why would you keep this from me i HATE you please do us all a favor and kill yourself!" I I can't believe i just said that I didn't mean to say that great i always screw everything up.

"What the fuck mate why'd you tell her that?!" Zayn yelled at me.

"I didn't mean to.. she'll be back later let's just go downstairs"

"Hey why did Makayla just run out crying?" Liam asked

"Louis's a dick that's why" Zayn replied.

"What the fuck did you do?!" Niall said questioning me.

"Mate i didn't do any-" I got cut off by my phone ringing.

L: Hello?

?: May we speak to Louis?

L:This is him.

?:Well there was this young girl who had just got hit by a Semi truck and her phone flew out the car but she and the car are stuck in a ditch, and this was the last person she called we are on Doncaster road at the moment trying to get her out

L:I'm on my way! 

I hang up the phone and run as fast as i can.










Authors Note: sorry this chapter was short.


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