Untold Secrets

Have you ever kept a secret so big, if you told your life will change forever? Well I have a really big secret that only 5 lads, their family, and I know. If i tell anyone my secret I'm afraid they will turn against me and just use me. Well i have two secrets and it's hard because I'm pretty much living a double life...


4. He Might Know

Louis's Pov:

Wow she has an amazing voice but.... I've heard it somewhere. I don't know where exactly. She is beautiful though... I have an idea she can help me get over Melanni that's a great plan!

"Hey guys doesn't her voice sound familiar to anyone else but me?"

"Well no duh she has 2 sold out tours, 3 hit singles, and is famous world wide, and only won 43 awards and remember she is only 14 mate." Harry mentioned.

"Well yeah I know that but I feel like I know her voice from somewhere else..."

"You're just over thinking lad." Says Liam.

Niall's Pov:

Oh my gosh when Makayla pulled me on stage with her i was shocked... Like i mean someone that beautiful and talented took me on stage with them ugh why is she sooo beautiful... does anyone else believe in love at first sight because that's just what happened.

Harry's Pov:

WOW! that's all I can say that girl has not only the talent but she has the looks! She's like an angel sent down from heaven to save me. I need her to be mine.

Zayn's Pov: 

I have to admit it Makayla can SING! and shes drop dead gorgeous any guy would want her.. and i'm one of them.

Liam's Pov:

I have no words to describe Makayla i mean come on she's beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, and she can SING! I hope one day i can make her mine.

Melanni/Makayla's Pov:

Wow that was scary now time to go back stage!

"WOW Makayla you are amazing" Louis says.

"thank you very much."

"You're very wel-" he got cut off.

"ONE DIRECTION ON STAGE!" yells Simon. Whoa that was a close one Louis was so close to me I can't believe he hasn't found out yet. What if he does?! Will he hate me? Well i guess i have to wait and find out. Okay the boys just finished singing.

"You guys did great!"

"Not better then you." Niall says.

"Hahah thanks but i'm pretty sure you guys did do better than me."

"Makayla?" Zayn says.


"How was it when you were onstage at the xfactor and you were in the final 3..?" Zayn asked nervously.

"Actually i was really nervous i was 100% sure i was going in 3rd place."

"But you got first and that takes talent.." he mentions

"yeah but i di-" i got cut off.


"Okay guys good luck and remember no matter what you guys are awesome!" I say well shooing them onto the stage. I have to admit i'm really nervous for them what if they don't win. I don't want them to get hurt.

"Okay in third place is........." The announcer said with along wait.

"come on say it already!" 

"ONE DIRECTION!" Immediately i felt sorry and when i saw the look on the boys face i was heart broken not for me but for them they did such a great job they deserve better than 3rd... Now they are walking down stage and i'm crying for them.. 

"What's wrong why are you crying?" They all say at the same time

"I'm sorry i feel so bad i mean you guys should have won your voices are angelic and you all deserve it.."

"Awe thanks but it doe-" They get cut off by Simon.

'Boys im having you do a tour.. are you in?"

"YES WHEN DOES IT START?!" they all say at the same time.

"Tomorrow morning you have to leave."

"but i can't my bestfriend is over and i haven't seen her in forever and i'm not losing her again she means a lot to me im so sor-" 

'Louis it doesn't matter about me you whole career depends on this just go please." I say without thinking because i dont want him to give up and opportunity this big just for me..

"Wait what?"

"Nothing erm just talk to her i'm sure she'll understand."

"thanks makayla i'll just call her right now"

"NO!" I say taking his phone.They all look at me weird. "It will be way better to ask her in person i promise i should know this i'm a girl.."

"okay thanks."  after all that i made up an excuse to leave early so he wont see me when i get to his house. Finally louis is here 

Louis's Pov:

Ugh why does this have to happen to me i just got her back i don't want to lose her again. Well hopefully she doesn't agree with this now time to talk to her. Oh look she's already home great nows the best time to ask her.

Melanni's Pov:

Louis is now wlking over here.

"Hey babe i need to ask you something.."

"yes louis?"

"sooo forthexfactortheywantustodoatourbutifidoitthenihavetoleavetommorrowmorning!" He said fast.

"wait what say it normally"

" for the xfactor they want us to do a tour but if i do it then i have to leave tomorrow morning"

"then do it louis ill leave this weekend and go back home"

"oh.. okay" he said sounding upset.

"okay now let's go to bed i'm sleeping with you after i get tea."

"why with me?"

"you know i hate sleeping alone."

"oh yeah i remember" and i left to go get some tea.

Louis's Pov:

I can't believe this she actually told me to go. Does she hate me or something? what did i do? uh oh im worried now what if she hates me?! Now off to bed i have to wake up early tomorrow and go to the airport. Finally morning i couldn't even sleep one bit but now we are on our way to the airport. I am playing with Melanni's hair to make time go by faster. It did we are now at the airport. Now time to say good bye.

"Mel you know i love you, you aremy best friend i dont know what id do without you babe i dont want to lose you again and this time i wont ill call you 2 times a day, text you 24/7, and facetime you eveynight" With that i saw tears pour out her eyes and i pulled her into a huge hug. 

Melanni's Pov:

"Mel you know i love you, you aremy best friend i dont know what id do without you babe i dont want to lose you again and this time i wont ill call you 2 times a day, text you 24/7, and facetime you eveynight" Louis had said I tried my best not to cry but i couldn't do it so i cried my heart out i cant believe we are getting separated again. After i calm down my tears i finally speak.

"Louis i love you too thank you so much for being there for me whenever i needed you. No i don't want to lose you again i can't lose you again. I just won't let you give up an opportunity like this just for me now please go before i cry more and promise to call/text/facetime."

"i promise" He said then pulled me into a hug and those were the last words he had said before he left and he had tears in his eyes..This was finally goodbye








authors note: sorry i havent updated ive been busy but i hope you like this chapter i'll post another chapter tomorrow okay bye and i think illl make this story 100 chapters or 

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