Untold Secrets

Have you ever kept a secret so big, if you told your life will change forever? Well I have a really big secret that only 5 lads, their family, and I know. If i tell anyone my secret I'm afraid they will turn against me and just use me. Well i have two secrets and it's hard because I'm pretty much living a double life...


2. Finally


"Mum how much longer until we get there?!" I just want to see her already I haven't seen her in FOREVER! I wonder how much she changed.?

"Calm down Louis we will be there in about 5 minutes... Now may we have 5 minutes of silence please? I have a massive migraine." My mom says in a low tone.

Ugh I am so excited but now I have to be quite great :/

Melanni's Pov:

Oh my gosh I have to call my mum and tell her! Great she will be "happy".

(on the phone, mums name is Estella)

M: Hey Mum!

E: Hey sweet heart. Did you make it to Doncaster safely?

M: yes but we have a issue

E: what is it?

M: Simon called me...

E: and???

M: He wants Makayla to perform on the Uk Xfactor tomorrow night.

E: That's great babe! How is that a issue?

M: Mum I'll be with Louis he doesn't known about me being Makayla!

E: yes sweetie just tell Louis you have to meet up with some friends tomorrow night.

M: good idea mum but how can I tell Louis my secret?

E: just keep on hinting him everyday.

M: but mum what if i can't tell him? I am not leaving Doncaster until I can tell him.. I can't keep big secrets from Louis... When should I tell louis the secret?

"You can tell me the big secret now." I hear a familiar voice say behind me.So i turn around and when i see him i drop my phone.

"LLLLLLOOOOOOUUUUUUUIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you so much!" I say while hugging him tightly.

"Sush down a bit love don't want to cause a scene." He says while picking up my phone and handing it to me.

M: hey mum I have to go bye. (i hang up)

"hahaha lets get you back to your new flat for the next 2 months." Louis says while grabbing my luggage with one hand and my hand with his other.

"hahha okay this will be the best 2 months with you." I say happily.

"oh about that i have to leave tomorrow night." He says in a upset tone.

"it's okay Louis I have some old friends need to visit." I reassure him. "Where do you have to go?" I question him.

"Well you know how you always told me to audition for Xfactor?"


"Well i auditioned and I made it and now i am in a band called one direction."

"that's great louis." Wait wasn't that the name of the band that has to show me around? Great now I'll call my mum when we get home and tell her.

Louis's pov:

WOW Melanni has changed soooo much she is so beautiful I don't care if she is 4 years younger than me but she is stunning... I think i'm falling for her. NO i can't.  Great this will  be fun. I can't tell her how i feel or it will ruin everything well i'm not sure if i love her like more than friends but i might start feeling that was if she doesn't stop being so damn beautiful. Finally we're home and I helpled Melanni to her room now time for bed.

Melanni's pov:

Great now i have to call me mum

E: Hey babe.  Shouldn't you be asleep?

M: hey mum im going to bed after i tell you this..

E: okay what is it?

M: well Simon told me tomorrow night a band called One Direction will be showing me around..

E: and?

M: In the car Louis told me he can't hangout tomorrow because him and his band "ONE DIRECTION" have to go on Xfactor..

E: OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH well you're in a pickle babe sorry i dont know what to say Baba now go to bed

M: Nigh mum

Great tomorrow will be tons of fun.. Well now time for bed hopefully I can come up with an idea. Oh well night.....







Authors note: sorry the chapters are short thats for a reason though.. Soon i will be havinga character contest i need 3 girls and 1 boy xx bye ill post more after i eat 


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