Untold Secrets

Have you ever kept a secret so big, if you told your life will change forever? Well I have a really big secret that only 5 lads, their family, and I know. If i tell anyone my secret I'm afraid they will turn against me and just use me. Well i have two secrets and it's hard because I'm pretty much living a double life...


5. Fame


Melanni's Pov:

Ugh so much work i have to do. Simon finally found out but he understands and is letting me keep it as a secret but he says it has to stay a secret. Louis did keep his promise but... only for about 2 months. I have a feeling that he just forgot about  me. I am kind of sad that he stopped now he doesn't text me saying hes's okay or that he can't talk. Now I wish he didn't leave me but oh well at least he's happy. But lately all the other guys text me well Makayla. Got to get back to recording my new song. To tell you the truth i wrote this one about Louis.

Loui's Pov:

I feel so bad i haven't talked to Melanni for 2 years. The thing is I can't talk to her without getting hurt or feeling bad or sad. I mean i'm in love with her. Right now we're on our way to a studio. Wait did i just see Makayla i haven't seen her sense  the night before i left. I wonder how she is i'm going to check up on her and see how's she doing. Wow i can hear her voice from here it's beautiful.

"lads i'll be back i saw someone i remember."

"You've been there for me when I needed you most

you promised me that you'd never leave me alone

you said i was you best friend

you are a brother to me you mean more than everything

im hurt that now we don't even speak

and this is when i need you most..." I heard her singing. Great I wonder if Melanni feels like that but why would she need me and what happened. 

"Hey Makayla!"


Melanni/Makayla's Pov:

"Hey Makayla!" I heard a familiar voice say. I turn around and see the boy this song is about. My best friend.

"LOUIS!?" I scream and run up to him and hug him... I miss his hugs.

"haha you have only seen me once and this is the 2nd time and you act like im your best friend... i like it."

"oh yeah erm im sorry so what areyou doing here?"

"recording our 2nd album."

" that's cool..hold on my manager and Simon want to talk to me.."

"thats weird Makayla my manager and Simon want to talk to me and the lads to.. actually right about now."

"that's odd okay lets walk together" I say while grabbing his hand. Then look up to see if he approves of it and then i see a huge smile on his face. Great now time to face Simon around the guys. I see the others and they all run up to me and hug me.

"So Melan- i mean Makayla" Whoa that was a close one.

"yes Simon?"

"So you know the guys... and they know you. pretty well."

"You guys are going to have a photoshoot together, do a song together, and have a TV show together.... which means you guys will have to live and tour together,"

"erm okay where will we live?

 "Well you have about 38 houses worldwide so why not live in one of them.?"

"Okay we can do that. So i guess you boys will be living with me."

"YAY wait remind us how old are you love?" Niall says with his cute Irish accent.

"I am 16 years young now." 

"wow you're only 16 years younger and you're the richest famous person on this earth."

"yeah i guess lets get going now and each of you will get your own rooms and ill drive cause no offense but none and i mean NONE of you are driving any of my babies... and you Niall if you touch my food i'll hurt you got it boys?"

"YES MA'AM !" They all say at the same time.

"Hahaha okay lets get going."

"boys your clothes are already there" Says Simon. Great now i have to keep this wig on 24/7

Loui's Pov:

Well that was weird  i swear he called Makayla by the name of Melanni. She looks exactly like her but the thing is that Melanni can't sing.... well she doesn't sing at all... I think i should call her.

"Hey guys be quite i'm gonna call an old friend of mine Melanni."

"WAIT NO!" Makayla says randomly.

"Why not?"

"erm... never mind i'll be back." Then she runs up the stairs and i call her.

M: Hello?

L: hey princess...

M: please don't call me that.

L: wait why?

M: Louis you ignored me for  two years 

L: Look about that i'm sorry (then i hear a boy in the back ground)

Melanni's Pov:

I run up the stairs then my phone rings.

M: Hello?

L: hey princess...

M: please don't call me that.

L: wait why?

M: Louis you ignored me for  two years 

L: Look about that i'm sorry 

then Niall comes in and checks on me

M: Hey i have to go i'll talk to you later i have big secret to tell you bye

then i hang up and send Louis a text.


Hey Louis i'm sorry i had to go erm meet me at the park at 10 tonight please 


Okay i will.. but what is your secret? How big is it?


you'll see later now ill see you later bye.

"Hey Makayla are you okay?" Niall ask.

"Yeah i'm fine thanks for asking." I motion him to come sit on my bed

"Makayla..." He says looking into my eyes. He's pretty blue eyes.


"I have to tell you something but u think it will be better if i show you.."

"wat what are you talk-" I got cut off by Niall crashing his lips on mine and i kissed back. Weboth pull away after 2 minutes

"I fancy you a lot Makayla."

"erm... i fancy you too." I say looking at the clock.. Oh crap it's 9:52 and it takes 15 minutes to get there.

"what's wrong Makayla?"

"i have to go I'm sorry.." I say running out the door to my car then sped off to the park.

Niall's Pov:

WOW I can't believe i just kissed her.. I can't believe she even kissed me back. I can't even believe she said she fancies me also... but why did she leave so fast? I guess i'll ask her later.

Loui's Pov:

She's late i knew she would just blow me off. Well i can't hate her if i was her i'd do the same.


"MELANNI!!" I say hugging her 

"Hey louis i have to tell you something.." She says looking down

"What's wrong?"

"You promise no matter how bad you think this is you won't hate me?"

"I promise mel now tell me already"

Melanni's Pov: 

"I promise Mel now tell me already" Ugh i can't believe i'm going to tell him i'm Makayla. I pull out the wig and put it on and take off my jacket. "Louis i'm Makayla..." He just looks shocks and doesn't speak at all... "Louis please speak you know i wanted to tell you but i couldn't my parents wouldn't let me come on Simon just found out.." he still won't answer and walks away. "LOUIS WAIT COME BACK PLEASE!!" I say chasing him...








Authors note: So what will Louis say? will he keep her secret? Will she tell the rest of the guys..?

Who do you think so far Louis or Niall? Don't forget the other lads like her but i still have to put them in.. next chapter will be posted soon.

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