Twisted Completely *1D and Jonas Fan Fic*

Avalon never liked plane rides. When she was younger her foster father died in a plane crash. Once her foster father came up Discovery Channel and showed how he died in a plane ride. It was summer and it was time to meet her real parents and some friends she knew. Through the whole story she learns that "People have the power to change people"s view in life. So how does One Direction and the Jonas Brothers fit into this??


1. Pilot

not trying to offend anyone just saying.]



I was never a big fan of traveling.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. The weather in Florida is ninety degrees. It's such a beautiful day. We will be taking off shortly."said the pilot.

I am pretty excited for this trip especially because I get to see my family and friends in California.

I just wanted for this plane ride to be over.

Few minutes passed by.

I noticed one of the flight attendants tried to control a few girls, especially after trying to get through first class.

I guess there was someone famous... I don't know.

The seatbelt fasten sign began to blink.

The flight attendants were making sure everyone was secure.

I looked around to get a view of the people who are on the plane.

I made eye contact with one elderly lady, she smiled. So I smiled back.

As my eyes were making my way to the window, I made eye contact with a old guy in his mid forties. He looked very dirty and as if he were a drug addict.

I was scared so I made sure there was a flight attendant close by.


A few hours into the plane the weather started changing.

I could listen to lighting and thunder. I was a bit frighten.

Turbulence began.

Great. Just what I needed.

It went on for ten minutes, that afterwards, I honestly thought we were gonna die.

After those ten minutes of scariness, I calmed myself down.

I drank a lot of coffee before I got on the plane, so I really needed to use the restroom.

As I walked toward the bathroom, I waited in line.

Luckily there was only one person in front of me.

Once it was my turn, I looked back to my seat. I noticed the creeper guy that scared me, got up.

He walked toward me.

Calm down Avalon. He maybe needs to use the bathroom, right?

Once the person got out I stepped in the bathroom, but then felt a sudden shove.

What the heck just happened!?

Turns out the guy I thought was a creeper was a rapist.

He shut my mouth with his nasty hand. I was forced to bite it, but even that was he wouldn't let go.

I tried to fight to get away.

Of course airplane bathrooms are small.

There was no way out.

He shoved my again the wall. I screamed as loud as I could.

"Leave me alone!"I fought

"Not into you give me something, I want."he said desperately.

My back was facing him and my face was touching the wall.

"What are you talking about?"I asked trying to speak

"C'mon. Everyone knows this."he laughs

He wanted my virginity.


I acted as if I was weak, and let him turn me around.

I cried, and cried. My eyesight was going blurry.

I started hitting, punching, kicking, biting. Anything I could just to try to get away.

It didn't work.

He had rope under his shirt.

What the heck!

He tied both hands to the sink.

He began taking off my pants.

"Please, no, don't do this. I'll pay you as much as you need."I cried

"I don't want you're money."

I was so disappointed how no one noticed I was trapped in the bathroom.

He ripped my button shirt off, lucky, I had a blouse under.

He began kissing my neck, I felt disgusted.

I tried kicking once again.

He continued touching in places, I would let no one touch.

I cried for help.

"By the way my name is Tom, that way you remember who you lost you're virginity to just in case you come out alive."he whispers nibbling on my ear.

I felt disgusted

I cried harder and harder. I didn't want to loose my virginity to some ugly old guy.

I wanted to wait till marriage, and lose it to the one.

Plane turbulence began once again, making Tom fall me. He continued kissing me everywhere.

I felt nauseas as his body touched mine.

He reached the area he wanted. I kicked and kicked.

He unbuckled his pants, I saw them slid down his legs.


I heard everyone screaming outside, I heard the pilot said we were going to crash.

He wanted everyone to secure their heads.

Unfortunate for me I couldn't do that.

I felt my stomach sink.

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