All My Life

Hi. My name is Marilyn. All my life i'd lived with the thought that my Aunt Carla and my Uncle Joe were my parents. Until this summer. And to add to the misery, I lost my best friend after I let out her biggest secret. Not to mention my SUPER annoying little sister, Ann. She gets everything she wants. And all the attention. Read to find out what happens!!!!!


4. The Notebook Pt. 1

I plopped down on my bed, stretched out all comfortable when my sister walked in and saw the book. "What's that?" "It's um..." I looked for a lie that would pass without anymore conversation. "Mom gave it to me." I turned back to see what juicy secrets were in there. And for once my annoying little sister got the message. She walked out of the room, smiling. WAIT. What is she doing? I walked behind her slowly and quietly and peeked through the banister. "Mom, did you give Mary a notebook?" she walked up to the couch and sat on Aunt Clara's lap. UGH. That little brat was gonna get me in trouble! And she was calling me MARY. My name is Marilyn. Not Mary. "No," Her eyebrows furrowed and she turned to look at Ann. "What did it look like?" In my mind I was thinking, Please don't come upstairs, please don't come upstairs. I chanted it over and over in my head, trying to calm myself down. "It was blue, and it had a bookmark with it," "I see," she pressed her lips together, and cleared her throat. "MARILYN. COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW." She yelled. I glared at Ann (she couldn't see me of course) and I could see a little smirk spreading across her face. I tiptoed up the steps and stuffed the notebook under my bed. "NOW." "Okay, okay. I'm coming," I slumped and then remembered I was supposed to act like I didn't know what was going on. "Ann told me you said I gave you a notebook. Is this true?" "Um..." She raised her eyebrows and gave me one of her famous I'm-disappointed-in-you-looks. "I found it in my room one day. I didn't know it was yours," I looked in her eyes and saw her facial expression change from anger to horror, realizing all the secrets that were in it. 


I walked into my mom's room, looking for a cheesy romance novel from her bookshelf. As I bent down I saw something like a ribbon sticking out from under the comforter. I reached under and pulled out a notebook. It was small and blue, with a white ribbon and swirls on the front for decoration. I ran to my room and sat on my bed all night reading all of the secrets and forgot to put it back where it belonged under the bed. Instead I fell asleep and in the morning stuffed it under their bed and ran down the stairs for breakfast. 

Now that I think about it, I should've confronted her about it. She wouldn't be able to deny it and the secret would be out. Easy as that. But my stupid self didn't. I've always wondered why and how it happened. 


Sorry I ended it. I had to sdomehow! And I needed to go somewhere anyway.

Hope you like this chapter! :]<33

-LisaLumps.<3 cx

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