All My Life

Hi. My name is Marilyn. All my life i'd lived with the thought that my Aunt Carla and my Uncle Joe were my parents. Until this summer. And to add to the misery, I lost my best friend after I let out her biggest secret. Not to mention my SUPER annoying little sister, Ann. She gets everything she wants. And all the attention. Read to find out what happens!!!!!


3. Secrets

In the morning, I woke up with two feelings. One, curious to know what the secret was. Two, nervous that it's something bad. So when I came downstairs to find everyone at the kitchen table already, whispering all hush-hush, (except my sister), I was a bit scared. When I walked into the kitchen, they all stared and watched me go to my seat.   I looked at them and then at my plate. Sausages, eggs, and pancakes. "Good morning, dear," said Mom. It's funny how she does all the talking suddenly. Dad usually isn't this quiet. "Morning," I said, pushing my plate away. "So what's the secret?" "What secret?" My sister stroked her imaginary beard and giggled. "None of your-" I started to say "None of your business" but was interrupted by the sound of a lawn mower next door. Our neighbor, Mr. White, wakes up at the crack of dawn just to wake everyone else in the neighborhood. He's a grumpy old man who practically rules the whole town. He's been living here longer than anyone so he thinks he has "authority." Whatever. I tell everyone I am going to my room to finish a book i'm reading and race up the steps. Okay. I wasn't completely telling the truth. You see, one day I went in my parents room to look for something interesting to do so I went in their closet and i found a notebook. It was blue with a white silk ribbon for a bookmark.

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