All My Life

Hi. My name is Marilyn. All my life i'd lived with the thought that my Aunt Carla and my Uncle Joe were my parents. Until this summer. And to add to the misery, I lost my best friend after I let out her biggest secret. Not to mention my SUPER annoying little sister, Ann. She gets everything she wants. And all the attention. Read to find out what happens!!!!!


1. Know What?


All my life I've been living with the thought that my Aunt Carla and my Uncle Joe were my parents. Until last summer when I heard them whispering late at night. I tiptoed to their bedroom door and listened. "She's turning twelve in a month, Joe," my aunt said. "She needs to know." Know what? I thought I heard someone get off the bed and walk towards the door so I quietly ran back to my room and faked like I was sound asleep. Aunt Carla came in my room to say good night to me. Woops. My mistake. She was actually coming in to say goodnight to my dear old little sister, Ann. (what a BIG surprise.)

  Mockingly, (in my head of course), I stuck my tongue out at her. It may not have been the nicest thing to do, but I was NOT in the mood. I wanted to know what they were talking about! Once she left the room, I tiptoed back to their door. Little did I know, she had left the door ajar. When I leaned against it, the door swung open, leaving me staring at them wide-eyed and in shock. "Marilyn," my aunt Carla said sternly, "I thought you were asleep." Although she said it like she knew I wasn't. I shook my head. I wanted to get right to the point. "What do i need to know about?" I crossed my arms over my chest, one eyebrow raised. "Marilyn. we will talk about it in the morning. Go to bed." I tried to protest but there was no use. I shuffled out of the room annoyed, but not showing it. 

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