With You

Samantha has known justin ever since they were 4. Do you think they could become more?


2. The date

I woke up around one I must not had heard my phone go off but I normally do hear my phone go off but anyways today is the day I go on the date with Justin I'm so excited. When I got out of bed I went to my closet and picked out my outfit that I was going to wear that night it was a peach high-low skirt and a white tank-top. I went and got a shower it took an hour. when i got out i put my robe on and combed my hair. After that I done my make-up and hair and by the time I got done with everything it was 5:30 so I went and put on my outfit and found my black flats and put them on then I went back downstairs and watched dance moms until justin got here. Time flew by fast cause I heard a knock on the door and I opened it and it was justin 

     Justin: Wow you look great 

     Sam: really?

    Justin: yea. Are you ready to go?

     Sam: yea 

      Justin escorts Sam to his car and opens the door for her and Justin goes around the car and gets in 

   Sam: Where are we going?

   Justin: it's a surprise *justin pulls out of the driveway and heads to the secret place after about 25 minutes they reach their destination it'a the beach with a blanket in the sand with candles and rose pedals

  Sam: OMG justin this is the best thing any guy has done for me

  Justin: I'm glad you like it I knew you would

  Sam: I dont like it

  Justin: then we ca *sam cuts justin off* 

  Sam: I love it

  Justin: you scared me there for a minute. Would you like to sit down?

  Sam: Yes I would. *he helps her sit down and they get their food and start eating but once they were done justin wanted to ask her something* 

  Justin: Can I ask you something Sam?

  Sam: yea anything 

  Justin:will you be my princess





































     HAHA you probably thought it ended



    Sam: yes ill be you princess 

   Justin: thank god I was thinking you'd say no  *justin got up and reached out his hand for Samantha to take which she did justin lead her into the sand* 

 Justin: wanna dance? 

 Sam: yea *Justin starts singing One Less Lonely Girl and they start slow dancing when he gets in the middle of the song justin stops singing*

  Justin: Samantha I've loved ever since I met you that day when we were four and now I have you you and I'm so happy that you're princess I've always loved you 

Sam: I always thought the same thing about you I just never wanted to tell you. *justin leans his head down and Sam leans her head up and they kiss*

Justin: our first kiss 

Sam: yup *after that they walk along the beach for about and hour and then justin says "wanna go swimming?"

Sam: justin I have no baithing suit 

Justin: yea you do in the back of my car 

Sam: then if they are on then yes *they run towards Justin's car and gets their swimming clothes and they get changed then run back to the ocean and get in*

Justin: I love you 

Sam: I love you to * suddenly Sam feels something bite her and she thinks its justin*

 Sam: justin stop 

Justin: Stop what? *suddenly Sam goes under water and can't get back up*



    What will justin do??   Find out next 

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