With You

Samantha has known justin ever since they were 4. Do you think they could become more?


1. About myself and how me and justin met

My name is Samantha Miller but you can call me Sam. I have blonde hair with blue eyes a girl you could only dream for. I am 17 turning 18 next week but I'm not having a big party it's just going to be me, justin and pattie Your probably wondering why my mom isn't going to be there shes in jail for trying to kill me. And really don't like big party's so I always keep it simple. Oh and my dad left when he found out my mom was pregnant with me so I've had a really difficult life but justin has always been there to help me through it. My moms name is Katherine. When I met justin I was only 4 we met by he and his mom Pattie being our new neighbors and my mom made them a cake and took it over to her and pattie suggested that me and justin go play and we did so that day we became best friends.


                Present Day 


   Justin: hey Samantha your turning 18 next week what do you want?

  Sam: I really don't want anything 

  Justin: there's got to be something you really want 

  Sam: no I really don't want anything  

  Justin: I'm going to take you on a date 

  Sam: ok 


             Sam's Pov 

I really do like justin I mean I've liked him since day one I've just never showed it all anyways I go to the kitchen and get a water bottle and then I go back in the living room and plop myself on the couch.


   Justin: ill pick you up at 7 

   Sam: ok what's the theme? Casual? Fancy? What? 

  Justin: casual Definatly I got to go Sam, ill see you tommorow 

  Sam: ok bye justin ill see you at 7  

     The rest of the day I watched sponge bob that was recorded on the DVR and yea it is on for a 17 year old to be watching spongebob gosh ill never get tired of that show my favorite character is Patrick he's so funny. When it hit 10pm I knew I had to go to bed I would be really tired the next day so I went to my room and took off my shirt and put on a tank top and sweatpants that had PINK wrote on them with a heart at the end. Then I set my phone to wake me up at 12 so I could get up and get ready then I went to bed.












Next chapter is the date ahhhh. Don't hate this is my first chapter 


~ love peace hope



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