Once upon a time

Okay so basically this is a fairy tale mash up of all my favourite fairy tales.
Snow White thought life was getting bad when he mother died, but that was just the beginning.


1. Prologue

Once upon a time.

Prologue.   Once upon a time in a land far away there was a kingdom. This kingdom had a king and queen like any other kingdom. The king and queen were kind  to their subjects and no one ever went hungry. Everyone had a job and each family was happy. But the king and queen had one problem. No matter how many times they tried they just couldn't bear a child. They had one named Spencer but he died before he was one week old. The queen, wanting for so long that daughter she had always craved tended to her garden in a way you would expect her to tend to her children. She loved it with all her heart and spent nearly all her time in there. There was always one flower or another growing. Be it winter or summer. One winter the queen was tending to her roses when she pricked her finger. Three drops of her blood landed on the snow surrounding her feet and she couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of those three drops of red blood against the whitest, purest snow she'd seen in years.  "Please, let me bear a daughter with skin as white as winter snow, lips the colour of the blood that runs through her families veins and hair as black as a ravens feathers." She begged to anyone that would listen. She finished tending to her roses and made her way back into the castle. On her way she saw her husband making his way into the forest that resided at the edge of the palace grounds. "James?!" She called as she ran to where he had stopped and turned to face her. "Where are you going?" She asked as she took in his clothing. He had his bow and arrow and his hunting boots. "You can't possibly be going hunting again? You hunted enough animals to feed the whole kingdom for a week already last night. If you keep hunting like this there'll be no animals left to hunt." "Do I tell you that you cannot tend to your garden?" He asked looking down at his wife, who shook her head, "so why must you tell me that I cannot hunt?" "It is not healthy to spend all your time killing other animals" "Nor is it healthy for you to spend all your time in that garden of yours!" "I'm sorry, maybe if we spent the rest of the night together?" She asked "And what, pray tell, would we do?" "I want to try again James." She told him in a voice so low it may as well have been a whisper. "We cannot, you almost died last time" he answered as he pulled her into his arms. "Be it today or tomorrow that I die, I will die. At least this way I know that I have left a legacy, an heir" she told him as a tear strolled down her cheek. "I would rather leave no heir than lose you" he pulled her even closer and she nestled her head into the crook of his neck  "All I could ever want in life is this moment being ruined by the putter patter of little footsteps running at us" he voice was muffled by his sling but he heard we loud and clear. "Let's go and try again then should we?" He released her from his grasp and tugged her by her hand all the way to their chambers.     Two months later the queen was ill. The smell of food made her feel sick, she was sick at anytime of the day, she was lightheaded and she was having stomach cramps. The king and queen knew the signs and were trying not to grow to excited at the prospect of having a child. Every night the king and queen would pray and thank God for the chance to have a child finally.   Seven months after that the queen gave birth to their first healthy baby girl. When she first laid eyes on her beautiful baby girl she knew that her wish all those months ago had come true. A baby girl with skin as white as winter snow her full red lips contrasting perfectly. Her dark curly tresses of hair making her piercing blue eyes even more piercing and when she cried the most beautiful sound she had ever herd left her baby girls mouth. Sounding more like a song than a cry. "Snow White" the Queen whispered as she kissed her baby girls head. "We did it my love" the king commented missing. His wife's whisper. "What are you going to call out princess?"  "Snow white" the queen spoke again, louder this time and everyone heard it. "Are you sure my love? It's a nice name but she needs to carry my families name.  And Snow Richardson doesn't have the same ring to it." "Why must she carry the name of you ancestors web she is the future not the past."  "Because, whiteout my name she shall not be able to take the throne when I pass" "What difference does it make, to be one queen she must first take the name of her husband" "We can name her Snow White but on paper her name will have to be Snow Richardson. You dont like it?" whe the queen shook her head he thought for a moment before suddenly jumping as if Gavin  a great idea and continued "Why don't we name her Eira Gwyn" "Why Eira Gwyn?" "Eira means Snow in an ancient language (welsh)  and Gwyn means white, and Gwyn just happens to be my mothers maiden name"    "So it will be Eira Gwyn on paper and Snow White to us?" The queen clarified. "Exactly" the king agreed.   The king and queen were so excited at the new arrival that they decided to have a massive party inviting everyone from their kingdom and sending invitations to the surrounding kingdoms expressing that they could invite whoever they wished. The party was scheduled to take place in the Palace's ball room on the 25th day of the 12th month, the Lords day and the day the the queen made her wish in the garden.   The 25th came quickly and everyone was having a great time, the kings and queens from the other kingdoms slightly awkward having to converse with commoners but doing it for the sake of the baby princess who was cooing in her basket enjoying everyone's attention be they rich or poor. Suddenly she cried out in joy and reached up trying to grab the crow that had landed on the top of her basket. The king recognising the crow for what it was ran and grabbed his daughter away from the crow before it could harm her. The crow opened its beak and laughed a sinister, human laugh before transforming into the kings disowned sister. "Oh brother, I guess my invitation got lost on the way." She commented sarcastically. "But I'm here anyway. Seems as if there was a fun party going on and how could I miss the chance to try and take the love of your life away the way you took mine." "You were never in love with anyone nor have I ever harmed anyone who didn't deserve it." "You took my throne! My kingdom!" She screeched caused Snow White to cry out in shock and fear. "You didn't deserve the kingdom, the rules clearly state that you must use your powers not for yourself but for the kingdom. You used your power to kill our parents and to steal my powers. You did not deserve the throne." "Mark my words, James, Snow White's life, from now on, will be one tragedy after another. By the powers I posses so mote it be." A flash of lightening and a bang of thunder broke the eerie silence her words had left. A gust of wind tore through the castle extinguishing all the candles. Then as soon and the candles went out they lit themselves but the kings sister was no where to be seen.........
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