To Young To Love?

Melanie is a directioner and she goes to the boys concert and she has meet and greets! what happenes when one of the boys falls in love with her?!? you would think thats good right! well it would be theres just one problem....its illegal because Melanie is only 13.

hope you like it guys!


1. the concert!

Melanies pov*

Hi im Melanie Thompson! im 13 and i have blue eyes, dark brown hair with natural highlights. i love to sing a play sports! and im a HUGE directioner(: and right now me and my best friend, Sarah, are at there concert! we just walked into the arena and we are finding our seats! since we got VIP we are in 2nd row! we sat there chanting the boys' names over and over! then finally the lights went dark and the video played! then we saw 5 figures come out of the dark and on the stage! Sarah and I went crazy! i was looking for my Irish baby when i saw him playing gutair in a tank and snapback! okay somebody kill me now!!!


"Sarah im so nervous!" she looked at me funny and asked "why? i mean yeah we are gonna meet them but just calm down." i shook my head no and said "no thats not why its because....well...ummm what if they think im stupid or something and they dont like me!" she just laughed and said "trust me they will love you!" she smiled and said "just shut up dummy youll be fine!" i took a deep breath and nodded. we were getting really close. i could see harrys mop of curls...oh crap were up! "hello love! whats your name?" harry said in a thick cheshire accent. "my name is Melanie!" he signed my CD and shirt and said "well it was nice to meet you Melanie!" i smiled and moved on down the line. i was at the last boy which was my Irish lad Nialler! i walked to him "ummm hi niall!" he smiled and said "hello! whats your name lovely?" i blushed and said "Melanie, Melanie Thompson! and umm niall can i get a hug?" he smiled and nodded. i set down my phone and reached over the table to get my hug! he signed the CD and Shirt and then me and sarah left. we were almost to her moms car in the parking lot when we heard somebody shouting my name we tured around and Paul, 1D's security, was running towards us he stopped right infront of me and asked "are you Melanie Thompson?" i nodded and he handed me my phone! crap i forgot it when i hugged niall! "thank you so much but how did you know it was me?" he just smiled and said "long story but niall wanted me to give this to you!" and he handed me a piece f paper and he walked off me and Sarah got in the car and she started saying "open it, open it, open it!!!" i just laughed and opened the piece of paper.


Dear melanie,

hello love! so i really want to talk to you again becuase you sound like a cool girl and your very pretty so maybe text me?" i put my number in your phone so please text me if you want to!(:

much love,

Niall xx


i whipped out my phone and looked through my contacts and found 'Nialler xx' and i clicked new text.

me: hey niall so i got my phone back (obviously haha) and i got your note so umm HEY!(:

niall: HEY GURL HEY! haha so what are you doing?

me: me and my friend Sarah are going to our hotel!

niall: What hotel?

Me: the Hilton Garden! why?

niall: well maybe me and you can hangout? you can bring Sarah too if you want(:


"OMGGGG SARAH!!!!" she looked at me like i was a physco "NIALL WANTS ME YOU HIM AND THE REST OF THE LADS TO HANG OUT!" he eyes went big "your kidding right?!?" i shook my head no. "MOM CAN WE HANG OUT WITH 1D TONIGHT!" her mom respoded with "yes i guess so but if one of you come back pregnant i will s-" "MOMMMMM SHHHHH!!!"""


me: yeah niall we would love to hang out but uhh we cant drive!

niall: haha okay the lads and I will drive to your hotel and pick you up! be there in 20! :P

me: okay see ya then!



hello loves! so this is a new story! do you like so far? hope you do!


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