To Young To Love?

Melanie is a directioner and she goes to the boys concert and she has meet and greets! what happenes when one of the boys falls in love with her?!? you would think thats good right! well it would be theres just one problem....its illegal because Melanie is only 13.

hope you like it guys!


2. one problem...

Melanies pov*

me and Sarah were waiting in the lobby for the boys when a black van pulled up with girls chasing it. we saw Liam's head pop out the window and he said "c'mon lets go!!!" and smiled! we ran towards the van and the door popped open i ran in and fell on somebody. "oh my gosh im so sorry!" it was niall "haha dont worry about it love! but you might as well stay on me because theres not enough seats for all of us so youll have to sit on my lap!" he said with a cheeky smile. i screamed "SARAHHHHHH!!" and i jumpped on her lap. and everybody just laughed except niall. "awww whats wrong nialler?" i asked. he pouted and said "you were my cuddle buddy!" i blushed and looked down and before i knew it i was sitting on his lap again. and he was as happy as he is with food! and do you knkow how damn happy that is? haha that funny right, no...okay then. we pulled up to the area the boys were just at. "why are we back here?" "the tour bus is here" louis said in a 'duh' tone then chuckled. we got out of the van and quickly. everybody started sprinting but me and niall started skipping...yes skipping. we locked arms and skipped...most of the way there because halfway there niall picked me up bridial style and carried me. "niall i can walk you know!" he chuckled and then reasoned "yes but princesses dont have to!" i rolloed my eyes "niall i am NO WHERE NEAR princess material." he stopped and stared me straight in the eyes and said "hell to the yes you are!" i just smiled and he said "so i kinda had a question for you.." "what is it nialler?" he looked nervous and he said "would you like to go on a date tonight or you know just like hangout?" i smiled and nodded.

~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~TWO WEEKS LATER~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~

"niallllll where are we goingggggg?!?!?!?" i whined he laughed and said "just wait and see!" i sat there and pouted "awww princess dont pout! talk to me!" i just laughed. me and niall have been hanging out for about two weeks now and its been great! niall pulled me from my thoughts by saying "we are here!" he opened my door for me and we were in the middle of a feild....uhhh okay this is pretty but weird. "ummm nialler why are we in a feild?" he leaned down to my ear and whispered "look closer Mel" it sent shiveres down my spine the way he said my name. i looked a little further and i could see a stream with a blanket layed out with candles and a picnic basket (its sunset) "niall its beautiful!" he smiled and led me to it. we sat down and ate a LOT of food and looked at the stars. niall finally spoke up "so i have a question" i 'hmmm'ed signaling for him to continue "do you like actually like me?" we both sat up and i nodded and blushed "i really like you to and i think ive found my princess so Melanie Thompson will you be my girlfriend?" i smiled but then it faded as i rememberd and told niall "Niall theres just one only 13"



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