The WildCat

Kepi is an 18 year old college student. No one would deny that she is a little crazy, stubborn, feisty, and has a lot of imagination, but even she couldn't believe it. At least not at first. Apparently, she was a descendent of the Egyptian lion-warrior goddess Sekhmet. And her time has come. Of course, with great power comes great enemies. So Kepi will just have to suck it up and let Hot Were-Cat-God Dude help her before she gets killed.


5. Slipping on Soap and Slowly Dying


''The day in his hotness,

The strife with the palm;

The night in her silence,

The stars in their calm..''

-Matthew Arnold


I was in the process of taking my clothes off when my super-heightened hearing caught the sound of the door-knob turning. I looked down, confirmed that yes I was just in a bra and my panties, and ran into the bathroom. I threw a bathrobe on and walked casually out into the hallway. Blair was back from her visit to her family.

''Hey!'' I greeted her with a hug. She put her suitcase down and hugged me back.

''Kep, I've missed you and Molly so much!'' she said.

''What? You only went for the weekend, how's that possible?''

''Anything is possible when you have to endure a nagging mother, a self-righteous father, and 5 kids under one roof. Sometimes I wish I was an orphan, like you.''

''No, you really don't,'' I replied. Being an orphan was definitely not better than having an annoying family. Now that I think about, I actually have Sekhmet as a mother now, or something. And if Kam was honest, then I never had a father, so that mystery is solved. Molly came in and they started to chat. I quickly slipped away to take a shower.

After the day I had, I turned the heat up and revelled in the feeling. I was in there for almost an hour, I think. When I finally made myself get out, I wrapped a towel around myself. My hair was washed and hanging loosely around my shoulders. I walked out and straight into a guy. Not just any guy, but Kam! I almost screamed so loud that hikers on Mount Everest could've heard it, but Kam covered my mouth with his hand just in time.

''This is becoming a habit, lion-boy.'' I said after he finally took his hand away. I crossed my hands. I momentarily forgot about the fact that I was only in a towel, and nothing else. Kam didn't though, and his eyes raked up and down my body. I cleared my throat. I felt a blush creeping up my neck. Kam smiled knowingly.

''I make you nervous, don't I?'' He put his arm out to brush my cheek but I slapped it away, scowling.

''Stop trying to change the subject, why are you breaking and entering again?''

''Talk about diverting the question. Anyway, this time I'm not here to stalk you. I—''

''Aha!'' I interrupted, ''so you do admit to have been stalking me,'' I pointed a finger and narrowed my eyes.

''Claws, Kepi, claws. Don't forget to keep them in.'' He scolded me, shaking his head. I jumped back and scrutinized my hand, a little freaked out I admit. My hands were normal.

''You are sadistic you know that?''

''What? And anyway, I didn't mean literally, just as in chill down.''

''Oh.'' I said embarrassed.

''Yeah, Oh. Now back to the topic at hand because you always distract me. I came here for an important reason this time.'' He opened his mouth, then closed it back again. Then again. He looked to the left and the right, then opened and closed his mouth again.

''Seriously dude, you look like a shizo fish.'' He stopped looking around and scowled at me. He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into my bedroom. He set me down and closed the door, even locked it. I carefully shuffled closer to my open window, because he was still a psycho in my mind.

''I came here to tell you that there is a problem.'' He leaned on my door and I was thankful that we were on opposite sides of the room. I waited for him to continue. ''Someone wants to kill you.'' He said bluntly. My first thought was: This was incredibly cliché. When someone had superpowers, someone else always wanted them dead.  

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