The WildCat

Kepi is an 18 year old college student. No one would deny that she is a little crazy, stubborn, feisty, and has a lot of imagination, but even she couldn't believe it. At least not at first. Apparently, she was a descendent of the Egyptian lion-warrior goddess Sekhmet. And her time has come. Of course, with great power comes great enemies. So Kepi will just have to suck it up and let Hot Were-Cat-God Dude help her before she gets killed.


2. Oh Boy


zo•an•thro•py (zoʊˈæn θrə pi)


a mental disorder in which one believes oneself to be an animal.


 Did you know that quick flashback of your life people said you had before you died or when you thought you were about to die? Yeah, didn't happen. I spent the last seconds of my meek existence drooling over my super hot killer. Yup, that happened. After he threw the curtain that was so bravely giving me shelter aside, we both just....stared. At each other. Not that I noticed him staring at me too, because I was too focused on looking into his mesmerizing bright blue eyes.

Then, still in some kind of trance, my eyes wandered across his high cheek-bones, strong jaw-line, kissable lips, and short, jet black hair. That looked so soft you could just....Ahhh!! What was I doing? He broke into my apartment! He was clearly a psycho. As much as I wanted to convince myself of that, my eyes kept going downwards. Let's just say: OH MY MOTHER EFFING GOD. He should've been illegal. His form-fitted grey shirt fit him so well you could see the outline of his obviously amazing body. ABS! ABS! ATTENTION! ABS! My inner fangirlwho I would never admit to havescreamed in my mind. He didn't wear his jeans like most wanna-be guys do that makes their Mickey Mouse underwear noticeable either, no, he even wore his jeans the actual cool way. And it looked good. Now about that drool hanging from my mouth.....

''You can relax, I didn't come here to kidnap you,'' the guy said after he got back from his once-over of me, and apparently confused my expression of someone who was too paralyzed by fear to move. I'd rather he knew the truth, I wasn't THAT big of a scaredy-cat. The comment made me come back to reality too, giving me back my confidence and attitude. I crossed my arms over my chest, and raised an eyebrow.

''So then what are you doing exactly?'' I questioned, eyeing the empty yellow flower pot behind me, considering it as a weapon. He mimicked my pose, which looked way better on him because it made his biceps show more and I tried to pull my eyes back to his face. That was not helping either so I ended up staring at a funny, framed picture above his shoulder, hanging on the wall across the room.

''I was just interested in seeing who...Kepi Hunter was,'' then, as if he was recalling something, a cheeky smile spread across his face, ''and now I know that she is a weirdo who watches horrible horror movies like Alice in Alice, all alone in her kid PJs, stuffing her face in food.''

''I also know that Kepi Hunter is an insomniac who somehow manages to take all those food that are on the table, from the fridge to the table, but can't accomplish a task as simple as tying her hair in a bun with a bowl of popcorn clutched between her thighs without turning the floor into something that resembled the amount of blood shed in World War 2.'' By the end of the sentence, he was practically choking from with-held laughter, and when he saw the horrified look on my face, he fell on the floor laughing his ass off.

I've never seen ROFLAO in real life before this. Let's just say, my face could've competed in the contest of ripest tomatoes and won, no competition. Psycho-killer-here-to-maim-me be damned! I was in full anger mode now. How dare he commit B&E in my apartment just so he could laugh in my face!?

So what did I do? Obviously, the only thing any sane person would do, I jumped him. Okay, maybe not any sane person, but that's what I did. I tackled him to the floor, technically I just jumped on him because he was already on the floor, and straddled him with my hips, holding his hands to the side. It was actually quite comfy. Stunned by my act, he calmed down a little, but he was still sporting an amused expression.

''Are you actually holding me down with your body?'' He asked incredulously, like he couldn't believe his eyes that a girl my size would attempt this to a guy his size. Well, I thought smugly, he should've realized by now that I am not ordinary, he even said so himself. He shouldn't be so surprised.

I was straddling him with my hips on his lower stomach. I was leaning over him, holding his hands on his two sides against the floor. If it was possible, my cheeks became even more red when I realized that he was letting me straddle him because he could've gotten out of my hold long ago. He was not even struggling, just smiling like he enjoyed it. When I realized this I unconsciously loosened my hold and he took that moment of weakness on my part to switch roles. Now I was on the floor being straddled by him. This was so not the plan. I tried to wiggle my way out from under him because we were way too close, but it was useless.

''It's like hitting a wall!'' I didn't realize that I actually said that out loud until I heard him chuckle. I stopped struggling. ''Why are you here?'' I tried to get to the point. He looked at me for a moment, then sighed. Like he was having fun and he was resigned at the fact that whatever he was going to answer would ruin it. He leaned back and let my hands loose, but he was still sitting on my hips so I couldn't move away. Yet.

''You are not normal, Kepi Hunter,'' he started but I cut in.

''I thought we already discussed that,'' I crossed my arms on my chest again, trying to look a little more intimidating. It obviously failed because I was lying on the floor with my hands crossed across my chest. Even my potential killer smiled faintly. But I didn't uncross my hands, and waited patiently for him to continue.

''Kepi,'' I was still trying to get used to the fact that he knew my name, which meant he knew more about me than I about him. ''You want answers? Let me finish. I meant you are not normal as in you are not human.''

''Sexy-Psycho-Killer-Guy-Who-Broke-Into-My-Apartment-To-Maim-Me say what!?'' I sqeaked out in horror. I hoped he didn't catch onto the 'sexy' that accidentally slipped out. But like always, fate was too kind. He smirked.

''Sexy-Psycho-Killer-Guy-Who-Broke-Into-My-Apartment-To-Maim-Me? That's a long nickname, don't you think? Try something shorter like, Sexy-Guy-Who-Committed-B&E-Just-So-He-Can-See-What-You're-Like.''

''That is not shorter at all.''

''Well, it can always just be Sexy-Guy.'' He will never let that one alone, will he? Just my luck, the sexiest guy I've ever seen in my life happens to be an over-confident, cocky jerk. Who came to kill me, of course. Then something occured to me.

''Wait, how do you know my name and what do you mean by 'wanted to know what you were like'?'' I said mimicking his deep voice. He grabbed onto my upper arms, as if to make sure I didn't bolt. Not that I could even if I wanted to, I mean he was straddling me on the floor. I might as well have been locked in a jail cell with the size of those biceps.

''Like I said, you are not human. How do I know, you ask? I'm not human either. When I found out that there was someone else, I was curious to see who it was. But I only had a name.''

''Okay, wait what?'' Instead of everything making sense, this just made my simple theory of him being bonkers even more confusing. ''What the fuck are you going on about?''

''Okay, I guess I'll just have to prove it to you by showing you,'' he pulled me to my feet then started to pull me somewhere but I resisted.

''Wait, no! I don't want you to show me anything, I....believe you. Totally, not human...yeah! Umm, totally.'' I saw way too many horror movies to be too stupid to follow him anywhere. My apartment was the safest bet of survival. I had two roommates, Molly, my best friend who was supposed to be here tonight but was out having fun, and Blair, my other best friend who was visiting family out of town. So both of them were consequently not here, but it still made me feel safer to stay here.

''You don't believe me, you're just scared,'' he stated confidently, with that he turned around and pulled me through the balcony doors. It was freezing and I shivered. The sound of the city bustle somehow more comforting then the sounds of Alice in Alice playing in the living room.

''Okay you are right. I still think you are delusional but I am not going anywhere with you.'' I tried to say as I was being pulled forcefully across the balcony and towards the fire staircases outside.

''Why are we going up the fire ladders?'' I said curiously after I finally stopped struggling and grudgingly started following him up the stairs. We were on the floor above us when he answered. I could see the TV going through the windows, and I briefly thought of banging on their balcony doors, begging for shelter and a call to 911. But this guy was crazy and I didn't want to risk upsetting him. Who knows what weird ways he could think of to torture me before killing me. Oh my god, maybe he'll make me eat pears! Ew!

''So we can reach the roof,'' he answered.

''Why do we need to go to the roof?'' A new plan formed in my mind. I could annoy the crap out of him and maybe he would get so irritated that he'd let me go.

''So no one will see us.''

''Why can't no one see us? Are you gonna grate me with a cheese grater?''


''Are you gonna throw me off the roof?''

''Why would I do that? You'd be found, and anyways, I'm not here to kill you.'' We were getting closer to the roof now, just a couple more floors because my apartment was on a high floor already.

''Then why are we going up?''

''Why not?'' I could feel him getting more and more annoyed, yes! The plan was working.

''That's not an answer.''

''It is.''

''Is not.''

''Is too.''



''Nuh-uh.'' We were on the roof now and he turned to me. His eyes were somehow...different. The same color, but more cat-like. Weird. I could've sworn his eyes were normal human eyes before.

''Yah-uh,'' He countered.

''That is the worst comeback in comeback history,'' I said.

''No it isn't.''

''Yes it is.''

''It isn't.''


''Isn't.'' Oh no! Not this again, we'll never get to the point. Oh well, maybe it's giving me more time to think of a brilliant escape plan.

''Arghh!'' He growled in frustration, and before I knew it, he pounced.

The force of the knock threw me backwards a couple feet, landing me on the floor again. My eyes were closed, waiting to be stabbed to death or something. I waited but nothing happened. I could feel someoneor somethingbreathing heavily a mere inches away from my face. I could feel them over me, but not touching. Slowly, I opened an eye...then quickly closed it back again. What the hell? What. The. Hell!?

I couldn't see Sexy-Guy anywhere. Instead...No, that couldn't be. So I opened both eyes this time to make sure, and it was still there, in the flesh and blood. Instead of Sexy-Guy, a huge leopard with familiar intense blue eyes stared back at me. It was feline eyes, not human, but the shade of blue was exactly the same. I couldn't believe it. It couldn't be. He couldn't be. But he was, right in front of me. I was paralized by shock. And then the leopard bent down and licked me right across the face. Ew.

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