The WildCat

Kepi is an 18 year old college student. No one would deny that she is a little crazy, stubborn, feisty, and has a lot of imagination, but even she couldn't believe it. At least not at first. Apparently, she was a descendent of the Egyptian lion-warrior goddess Sekhmet. And her time has come. Of course, with great power comes great enemies. So Kepi will just have to suck it up and let Hot Were-Cat-God Dude help her before she gets killed.


6. Fighting Like An Old Married Couple



Means- the day before yesterday

NOT: a martian nudist


I thought my heart skipped a beat. Or two.

''Uh..what? What do you mean? Who? Why? How do you know?'' With every question I took a step closer to him. I started freaking out. I started to find it hard to breathe and I clutched my side. ''Oh gods'' I muttered before dropping to my knees. Kam ran towards me.

''Kepi? Shit, are you okay?'' I wanted to hit Kam upside down on the back of his head and say that that was a stupid question, but I couldn't. My chest constricted and it was like a fire was burning inside me. Kam cursed and lifted my crumpled body to my bed. ''Take slow breaths, breathe, breathe, big, deep breaths, okay?'' Kam talked to me soothingly, his face etched in worry.

The burning sensation slowly decreased and I was able to breathe again. I felt Kam's body relaxed in relief and I realized that I was in his lap. I scurried off his lap onto my covers quickly. Kam just rolled his eyes.

''Sorry about that. So answer my questions.'' I demanded, to direct the attention away from what just happened. I was so lame, who gets asthma attacks when they don't even have asthma? Kam stared at me for a second before nodding.

''Okay, we don't know who exactly, but we are guessing that it's a matter of whos not who. Why? Don't know that either but it must have something to do with your, uh, heritage. And how we know? We've been seeing people following you, and all of them have been armed so far.''

''So basically you know nothing.''

''Hey, we—''

''Wait, you keep saying 'we', who's we?'' I asked.

''Me and three others.'' He was reluctant to say anymore.

''Others as in Otherworldly?'' I guessed. He nodded.

''Yup, but don't worry they are trustworthy. My friends.'' I was kind of surprised, but what did I thought? That Kam had no one? That his whole life revolved around me? Okay, I kind of did think that but what did you expect? He never said anything about himself. I knew nothing about him other than his name and that he was a were-cat. Why did I even trust him? For all I knew, he was the one who wanted to kill me, but I somehow doubted that.

''Okay, so you just came to warn me?'' I said standing up. Kam followed, looking taken aback.

''What? No, I came to bring you to a safe place, where we can wait this out until they give up.''

''That is the dumbest plan I have ever heard. Wait it out? I'm not going to wait anything out. If they want to kill me then I'll walk in the open and put my hands out. I ain't backing out. I won't go down a coward.'' I said, putting my hands on my hips. Kam looked angry.

''What!? That is even dumber. It's suicide! You can't do that; you are coming with us.'' He grabbed my hand, looking like he would drag me if he had to. I wrenched my hand out of his grasp.

''No. I'm not going with you.'' I held my head high.

''No?'' He asked calmly. I didn't let my determination waiver.


''I won't take no for an asnwer. I'll do everything to keep you safe.'' What?

''What do you care what happens to me, anyway?'' He looked at me for a second, his eyes boring into mine, almost pleading me to not make this any more difficult. Then he broke his gaze and looked away. When he looked back at me his face was a mask of indifference.

''You're right. I don't care. I was just being polite. Go get yourself killed for all I care.'' He snapped. Kam totally just shut down on me.

He abruptly marched out of the room without looking back at me. I felt my heart achingly slowly break in two. I shouldn't have cared that he didn't care, but I did. I kind of really did.


a/n So Kam is a little bipolar about his feelings towards Kepi. And Kepi is a little reckless about her life. Any thoughts?

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