My Life

just about my life


1. HEY


im Rachel in the outside im a happy teen.

but in the inside im a girl that has to much pain.and secrets.

i have 2 awesome best freinds.and freinds.

some of my friends tell me why do i cry.

i have parents who love me but i kinda hate my mom its not thatr i hate her its that i think shes to serious.

My dad is the best.YUP im a daddys girl.

And so is my annoying sister shes only 6 but shes really annoying.when i need my space she just goes in my room.We always fight when we wake till were asleep.Last year she yanked my she probrobly took 20 strips of my hair!

And everyone ussually pays attention to her.They always her stuff with remembering about me.And she shows off.In her birthday they gave her a HUGE birthday cake.And in my birthday they gave me one of the small cakes.But atleast i saw my grandma.She died when i was only 2 years old from a heart attack in her sleep.And my uncles wife's mom died too i was sooo close to her it hurt me when my mom told me about her death she died when i was 9 from her brain surgery.Oh God Im Crying.


       love rachel

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