My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


5. The surprise gift

Niall drove away from Taco Bell & pulled up to a park. I smiled at him like a little kid got out if the car & ran to the swings. I jumped on one & waited for Niall to join me. Once he got to the swings I said, "Ok without pushing off the ground I bet I can swing higher then you." He smilies a devilish smile.

"That's a challenge I hear?" He starts to kick & do do I. I was swing & he was still kicking. I laugh as I watch him kick. "How'd you do that?" He asked.

Now I smile a devilish smile & say, "It's a secret." I swing higher & he pushes off the ground. "Hey cheater!" I yell as he starts to catch up. I stop my swing & walk back to the car acting upset. I hear him jump off the swing & follow me. I walk to the car jump on the door & fall in the  car with my feet on the door. He stands in front of my feet & I push him away. He looks at me surprised. I lay back on the seat & put an upset look on my face again. He looks at me confused.

"What's wrong love?" He asked worried. I just payed there & ignored him. "What?" He asked again.

"Don't ask me what! You cheated! I hate cheaters!" Say loud & upset like.

"I'm sorry love, I didn't know you would get upset." He said almost crying. He puts his head down & looks at the floor. I sit up on my knees. I grab his face & kiss him.

"I'm a very good actor, that's another thing you don't know about me." I whisper to him. He looks at me surprised the pushes me & I fall on the seat again. He jumps in the car on top of me. I'm laying down in the seat & he has his knees beside me sitting on top of me. He looks down at me in the eyes. 

"I'll admit you surprised me, but I have a surprise for you too." He says to me smiling. I look at him confused & wonder what the surprise is. I sit up on my elbows under him. 

"What?" I look into his eyes for an answer, but can't find it. I wish I could read minds. "Please tell me." I pout. 

"No, you will now soon enough." He gets off on me & I sit up behind the wheel. He's in the passenger seat & the keys are in the ignition. 

"Fine." I grabs the keys & turn them. I out the car in reverse & back out. I look at him & he looks terrified. I giggle as I look back at the road.

"W-Where are we g-going?" He fumbles with his words & seat belt. I giggle as I watch him try to buckle up. 

"It's a surprise you'll know soon enough." I say mimicking him. I looks t him & he's looking at me scared. 

"What I know how to drive." I look back at the road smiling.

" Love your going almost 50 miles an hour." I look at the miles & I am. I slow down a bit & look back at him. He settles a bit, but still looks scared. "You've never mentioned knowing how to drive." He sounds scared & I giggle. 

"What so I have to tweet everything I learn & do?" I laugh. 

"No, but it would have been good to know." I look at him almost pissed.

"I'm sorry, if I would have know I was being stalked By Niall Horan big 1D star I would have, but I'm just a lame city/country girl who was asked if she was prego by a little kid at the park when I was 15! Fucking 15!" I yell. I can see him looking at me, but I just keep looking at the road. "I starved myself, puked when I ate, & worked out all the time. I wasn't worried about being stalked by you. Your Niall fucking Horan you could have a fucking model if you wanted, but you chose me. Why? I'd don't know." I'm crying now. I'm glad & flattered that he loves me, but I want to know why he chose me. Not because my tweets are nice. There has to be a reason. I have seen so many girls I wish I was. They look better & are skinnier then me. 

"Love, I chose you cuz your not perfect. All the other girls out there don't compare to you. Your beautiful, nice, funny, smart, & not perfect. I'm not perfect, but everyone thinks I am. I have my flaws, my ups & downs, & so do you. Your n or perfect, but your perfect to me." I'm still crying. I drive out of the city & pull over in a meadow. I get out & sit on the top of the car. He gets out & sits by me & wraps his arm around my shoulders. I lay down on his shoulders & cry he hugs me & rubs my back. 

"When I won the competition you said you made it easy for me. Why?" I look up at him.

"You know how the lady on talking over the speaker said all the boys broke up with their girlfriends for this?" He asked. 


"Well they didn't, we make it hard for them so you could win." 

"What about the girl Harry picked?"

"She wasn't smart."

"Why did Harry pick a not smart girl?"

"He said he wasn't ready for a relationship."

"Oh." I lay my head down on his shoulder & look out at the sun set. I hear his stomach grumble.

"Do you wanna eat now?" I laugh wipe my face off & jump off the good of the car. "No love sit down I'll get it." He jumps off the hood & kisses me. I smile as he kisses me. I'm actually not complaining that he picked me I just wanted to know why he picked me. I really do love him. I get back on the hood of the car & he comes back with the food. 

"Thank you." I smile & take my food from him. 

" your welcome love." He smiles at me & watches me unwrap my burrito. I look at him, blush & look away.

"What?" I ask looking at my food on my lap. 

"Did I kid really ask if you were prego?" He looks at my now flat stomach & looks back at my face.

"I told you I stared myself, puked, & worked out." I put up my burrito & eat it. 

"And you were 15?"

might swallow the food I had in my mouth & said, "Yep."

"Didn't your mom expect something was up?"

 "Yeah she knew something was up when I starved myself. She made me eat & that's when I started puking. She still knew something was up when I was still losing pounds so I started working out as an excuse." I look up at him & his face was shocked, I looked away.

"Wow I guess I didn't know everything about you." He said. I giggled & swallowed the bite I took.

"I told you. Now eat your food & tell me something I don't know." He laughs & takes a bite of his food.

"What do you want know?" He looks at me. I think for a second.

"About your life before you we're famous." We sit there until 1 or 2 in the morning before we start to leave. I drive the car back to my house. We both get out of the car & walk to the front of it. He kisses me & says goodbye. I say goodbye & head inside. I go to my room undress put on my pjs to tired for a shower & go to bed.


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