My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


10. The surprise for the both of us

I wake up with Niall next to me. I smile, but he’s still sleeping. I slide in closer to him. I lay my head into his chest & wrap my arm around him. I lay there still & quite listening to his heartbeat. I smile listening to his heart & his breathing. I kiss his chest & watch his chest move in & out. I look at his perfect face. My eyes trail the structure of his face. His perfect jaw line, nose, lips, eyes, & hair. I love everything about him. I wish there was a way to tell him without sounding like a complete idiot. I look at his hand. I wrap my fingers in his & hold on to him. I look back at his face to see a perfect smile across his face, but his eyes are closed. I smile back. I lay my head back on his chest listening quietly again. I wish we could stay here forever just like this. Today’s the big day though. I don’t know if I am, How he’s going to react, what’s going to happen to us after today, if it will bring us closer together or break us up, & I’m just praying that we’ll be together forever. I start to feel tears run down my cheeks. I wipe them away & cuddle close to him not ever wanting to let go. I feel him move under me & I look up at his smiling face looking down at me. I smile back & kiss him. My hand runs up his back & on his cheek. His hands are on my hips. He pulls me up, so we’re facing each other. I smile & kiss him again. I run my hands throughout his soft perfect hair kissing him. I pull away & look into his eyes. “Good morning future Mrs. Horan.” I smile & kiss him again.

“Good morning my love.” I roll into his arms & hold on to him. “I don’t want to get out of bed today. Can we just stay like this forever?” I look up at him. He laughs & I just smile.

“We can’t. You have that big important surprise today & I want to know what it is. I’ve been thinking about it all night long.” my smile fades & I look away. “What is it?” I feel his eyes on me.

“Do you promise whatever it is we’ll be together forever?” He laughs & I look back up at him confused.

“I think that was the whole point of proposing to you last night.” I smile & kiss him. I kiss him long & hard. He pulls away & looks at me. “What is the surprise? Just please tell me.” I smile at him & shake my head no.

“Sorry, but I want this to be perfect.” He gives me a pouty face. I laugh & kiss him. “I have to go.” I start to sit up to get off the bed, but he grabs my arm with a firm grip.

“Go where?” He pouts. I smile & kiss him.

“Get dressed.” I kiss him again. He lets go & I walk over to my bags naked. I can feel his eyes on me as I pull out my clothes. I turn around & look at him. He’s staring at me biting his lip. “That’s cute.” I grab my makeup bag & go into the bathroom. I put on the extra bra & underwear I grabbed last night. I slip on my black maxi dress, put on my black sandals, put my hair up in a messy bun & bobby pin in the hair that falls out. I put on mascara, lip stick, a little eyeliner, glitter on my face, neck, down my arms, on my chest where it’s showing, & in my hair. I put little bronzer under my cheek bones & stare at me reflection. I smile, throw my purse over my shoulder, grab my stuff & walk back into the room.

“WOW!!” Niall exclaims when he sees me. I giggle & put my stuff back in my bag. “You look gorgeous!” I blush a deep red. I can feel my face burning. He hops out of bed & runs over to me. I smile at him. He grabs my hips & pulls me close to him. He puts his lips to my ear & whispers, “I have a surprise for you too.” He looks at my smiling face. I put my lips to his ear & laugh.

“I bet it’s not as important as mine. I don’t even know if it’s a surprise yet, but I say it’s a good 99.9% chance it will be.” I look in to his eyes. I can see excitement, fear, confusion, curiosity, & love in them. I kiss him. I look at his now pink lips from my lip stick & smile. “I love you with all my heart, soul, & mind. If I lost you I don’t know what I would do. I want to die old with you. I love everything about you. You’re perfect to me in every way.  You’re the beautifulest man I’ve ever seen! When I lay wrapped in our arms I want to stay there forever & never let you go. I love your personality, light, & ability to turn anything we do into a memorable moment.” He smiles from ear to ear & wraps his arms around me. We stand there hugging for the longest time & I love it.

“I love you too my beautiful princess, girlfriend, fiancé, wife, & queen. You’re the light in me. You’re the one who keeps me going. If I lost you I don’t know what I would do either. I know we have only been together for 5 days now, but it feels like I’ve known you all my life. You’re my life. I don’t want anything, but you. I love you with every beat my heart makes. Without you I don’t have a heart, mind, or soul. You keep me alive. You’re my everything.” When he kisses me I feel weak. My knees collapse & I fall in his arms. He laughs & picks me up in his arms. I lay my head on his chest. He lays me on the bed & sits next to me. “You ok?” I nod. My brain is clouded, & my vision is blurry.

“Sorry, I just lost myself.” My vision starts to come back. I look into his eyes & smile. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear those words. I guess I just passed out for a second. My head is spinning. Look what you do to me.” He laughs & kisses me again. I smile & kiss him back. My hands moves on the back of his head. I pull him on me & he smiles. I kiss him running my hands throughout his hair & on his back. He slides his hands under my back & picks me up & sets me on his lap. I lay my head on his shoulder. He wraps he arms around me & holds me. Wes it there like that for a long time.

My stomach growls & Niall laughs. “I’m hungry too. Let’s go get breakfast. Anywhere you like.” I lift my head off his shoulder & look in his eyes.

“I’m exactly where I want to be… with you. I want to go where you are.” He smiles & kisses me.

“Where do you want to eat breakfast love?” I laugh & lay my head back on his shoulder. Let’s go to Taco Bell on me.”

“No. On me. I want to pay this time. Please.” I look at him. He gives me that pouty face & I smile at him.

“Fine, but I’m driving.”

“Alright let’s go.”

“But you naked still.” I look at him & laugh. “You have glitter all over you.”

“So what. I love you.” He kisses me. I stand up & let him up. He kisses me & goes to get dressed. I put more lip stick on & sit in a chair & wait for him. He finally comes out wearing jeans, a green shirt that says Irish & American People rule, green high tops, & a green snap back that says Irish & proud. I stand up. He takes my hand & leads the way to the door. We walk to the elevator & hear running behind us. We turn around to see the boys running up to us.

“Hey guys. Where you going?” Zayn asked

“Out for breakfast.” Niall answers

“Mind if we tag along?” Lou asked. I shake my head no & he smiles. “Thanks.”

“You look lovely!” El exclaims.

“Thank you.” I smile at her & remember she was supposed to be at the dinner yesterday. “Hey how come You & Perrie weren’t at dinner yesterday?” I asked.

“Oh we didn’t want to invade. We thought you guys needed your space.”

“Oh. I had so many things on my mind yesterday I forgot you & Perrie we’re supposed to be there until now. Sorry.”

“It’s ok. I understand.” I nod & turn around & push the elevator button. It comes up a minute later & we all get on.

“Where’s Perrie Zayn?”

“She wanted to sleep in. We we’re just going to get breakfast & bring it back to her.” He answers

“Oh. Well we’re going to Taco bell Is that ok?” He nods.

“Can I drive please?” Harry asked. I look at Niall & he nods. I look at him He smiles.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Liam asked. We all laugh, but Harry.

“Hey! I’ve been practicing!” The elevator opens & we get off.

“OK.” Said Liam. We all walk out to the car & get in. Me, Niall, & harry in front. Zayn, Liam, El, & Lou in back. Harry starts the car & pulls out. It takes 20 mins to get there. We pull up to Taco bell & hop out. We go in order for takeout, pay, & leave. Liam drives back to the hotel. Everyone gets out, but me & Niall.

“See you guys later we’re going to go for a ride.” The wave & say goodbye. I start the car again & pull away.

“Where are we going?” I look at Niall & smile.

“Just for a ride I don’t want to eat there.” He smiles & shakes his head. I smile & keep driving. It takes 2 hours to get to where I wanted to be. We we’re in the middle of nowhere, on a hill, under a tree. I pick up the sack & slide closer to Niall. I lay my head on his shoulder & sigh. He puts an arm around me & pulls me close. I pull out our breakfast burritos & hand him his. I unwrap mine & take a bite. I pull out a hot sauce packet & pour it all over inside it. We eat without talking. When we’re done we just sit there for a while. “Come on.” I grab my soda & get out of the car. I hold his hand & we walk to the tree. I set my soda down & open my purse. I pull out a pocket knife my step dad gave me for protection.  I carve my initials in the tree with a plus sign & hand him the knife. He does his initials & hands it back to me. I put an equals sign with a heart & outline it with a shamrock & put hears around it. I look at Niall’s smiling face. I pull out my phone & take a picture. Then I take a pictures of us. I upload them to instagram, twitter, Facebook, & I take a vine of us. I walk back to the car & pull out a blanket we left in there from the picnic last time. I walk back to Niall & lay out the blanket. “It’s a beautiful day.”

“Yeah it is.” We sit on the blanket & drink out sodas. We lay down & look up at the clouds passing by in silence. We just lay there for a long time. I start to get tired. I close my eyes & rest my head next to Niall. I feel myself drift off to sleep.

“When do I get to know what the surprise is?” I hear Niall ask. I open my eyes & look at him.

“At sundown.” I close my eyes again. Niall sighs & I giggle.

“Why are you making me wait?” He asks complaining.

“You’ll see.” He grunts & I giggle again. I sit up & look down at him. “Niall?”

“Yeah?” He looks up at me.

“What do you want to do?”

“Let’s go for a walk on the beach.”

“OK, but won’t there be people there?”

“Yeah, but who cares. I want to have a beautiful time with you.” I smile & stand up.

“Ok let’s go.” He stands up & picks up his soda & the blanket. I pick up my soda & we walk back to the car. “Want to drive?” He nods & I get in on the passenger side. He gets in & we go off to the beach. We get there & get out. I put the keys in my purse & pull out a hair tie. I pull up the bottom of my dress & tie it in a knot on the side of my knees. I take off my sandals & hold them. I hold his hands & we start to walk in the sand. People are already taking pics of us as we walk. “I should have brought shades.”

“Why? I like looking in your eyes.” I smile & give his hand a squeeze. We keep walking & people are taking more pictures. “That glitter makes your skin shine.”

“That’s what I was going for.” I look into his blue eyes & smile. “Your eyes sparkle.” He smiles. I bunch of fans surround us & he takes pictures & signs pictures. I hold on to his bicep & try not to let go.

“Ok guys can we have some time alone now please? I’ll take more pics later. Love you guys.” Some girls scream & some sigh. They start to walk away & I take his hand back. We start to walk by the water, but not to close because Niall’s shoes. I let go of his hand & run into the water. It gets almost knee high & I stop. I turn back & laugh at Niall.

“It’s freezing!!” I put my hands on my knees & smile at him. He’s smiling back at me. Pictures are snapped by a bunch of fans. I know they’re going to be on the internet later. I run back to Niall & take his hands again smiling. A few fans run up to us.

“Can we have your autograph?!” They screech. Niall smiles at me & take a few pictures & signs them. A fan looks at me & hands me a picture of me & Niall. “Can I have your autograph?” She asked me. I smile & nod. I look at Niall smiling. I take the picture & pull out my phone.

“If I can get a pic with you & this pic.” I tell her. She smiles & nods. “Can you hold these?” I hand Niall my shoes. “Thank you babe.” I have her hold the photo & I take a pic with her. I upload it & tag it ‘My first autograph from a family member. :D’ I sign her picture & hand it back to her smiling. I take my shoes from Niall & take his hand. We start walking again & a few more fans come. I sign 2 more pictures smiling. Niall & I start walking again. It’s about 7:30 when we finally leave the beach. “What do you want for dinner?” I ask Niall as he’s driving down the road.

“Um I was thinking maybe some burgers, fries, & soda.” He looks at me then back at the road.

“That’s perfect. Let’s eat inside then I want to drive.” I lean over to him & put my hand on his thigh. I lean in close to him & put a kiss on his cheek. He smiles & I kiss him again. I sit back down in my seat & lay back. “I love you Niall.” His name just rolls out of my mouth & I smile.

“I love you to princess.” He smiles at me & I blush.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to be your princess.” He laughs & I blush again. He grabs my hand in his & holds it tight. “Are you nervous?” He looks at me confused.

“About what?”

“The surprise.” He smiles & shakes his head no. “You aren’t? I am.”

“I’m more excited to know, but now that you say you’re nervous I’m kind of nervous.” I laugh & give is hand a light squeeze. “Ah I love you.”

“I know. I love you too. & I trust you with my life & our love ones.” I lay my hand on my stomach & give it a light rub. He wasn’t looking at me though he was paying attention to the road smiling. I’m kind of happy that we’re having a baby together. I know I’m pregnant neither one of us were using protection. It’s going to be a bitch after I have this baby though. I worked so hard to get skinny now I have to work to get skinny to lose the bay fat. I don’t like whinny kid either. Maybe having a kid is a bad idea, but I’m not getting an abortion. I just can’t wait to look at the test with Niall. I haven’t seen it yet. “This may be good.”


“The surprise. I want you to be with me no matter what happens.”

“I will please stop saying that you’re making me think it’s something bad.”

“Well depending on how you take it, it could be good or bad.” He looks at me strait faced then back at the road. We finally pulled up to burger king & got out. We went in hand in hand & ordered. We sat there eating. Only 3 or 4 fans came up to us for pictures & autographs. When we were done we went back to the car, but I took the wheel. It took about an hour to get to a perfect spot for the sunset. It’s 8 now & the sun is just at the horizon. About another 10 mins & I’ll show him the test. He’s on my right side & my purse is on my left. We get out of the car & sit on the hood.

“Wow! Your body just shimmers in the sunset.” I smile.

“Good. Then this will be memorable.” I unzip my purse & reach my hand in I fell the test, but I leave my hand in my purse with the test in my hand. Ten mins go by & the sun is perfect. I pull out my hand & the test & put it in front of his face. His face lights up & he smiles. He takes it & reads it. “Well what is it?” He looks at me.

“You haven’t seen it?” I shake my head. He hands me it & I stare at the bright pink plus sign on the test. I smile & he gives me a hug. He pulls away & lays a hand on my lower stomach & rubs it lightly singing a lullaby. I smile & run my hand throughout his hair. He looks up at me with tears in his eyes smiling.

“Awe honey.” I wrap him in my arms & pull him in a hug. His head is on my chest.

“It’s ok these are tears of joy.”

“I know, but when people cry I just have to hug them.” He smile & pulls my face to his. Our lips lock & just move perfectly together. I pull him closer to me. He picks me up on his lap & kisses me again. I feel a feeling deep down in my gut. I feel joy. I’ve never felt this way before. About anyone. “Let’s go home. It’s dark now.” He picks me up bridal style & sets me in the car. He runs to the driver side & jumps in. We hold hands in silence all the way back to the hotel. We get out & go in. We get up to our floor & into his room. “We’re going to need our own home. My mom won’t want a baby at her house with all her babies.” I smile at him. He pulls off my purse & dress leaving me in my underwear & bra. He stripes down to nothing & takes off the rest of mine. I smile & he lays me down on the bed. He trails kisses down my neck down to my stomach. He traces a heart with his tongue around my belly button & moves down. He spreads my legs & flicks his tongue over my sweet spot. I moan moving my hips. He’s holding onto my inner thighs squeezing them. I moan again grabbing the bed. He sticks his tongue inside of me flicking it. I scream & lift my back. I hear him laugh as he flicks his tongue again. He runs his tongue up & down me making me grip the bed. I feel the deep feeling in my gut again. I start trembling. I let go after that moaning. He climbs up on the bed pulling me with him. He picks me up & sets me on him. I gasp feeling him. I lay my head on him as he thrusts under me.

“HUH?” Niall gasps. I look at him. He’s beaming at me happily. I smile & kiss him on the cheek. I thrust my hips with his. He moans & I can’t help, but giggle. He pulls me to him smiling. He tries to kiss my on the lips, but I turn my face & he gets my cheek. He gasps & I giggle.

“Sorry, but no thanks. You’re dirty.”

“So are you.” He laughs. I feel him trembling under me & I smile. I doesn’t take long until he lets go making me let go to. He stops & so do I. We’re both breathing heavily. I smile at him.

“Shower?” I ask him. He nods & I stand up pulling him with me. We go into the shower & get cleaned off. We dry off & go back to bed. He pulls me close to him laying a hand on my lower stomach. I smile & so does he. He kisses me on the tip of my nose. I smile & crinkle up my nose. He cuddles me & I slowly drift off to sleep with him rubbing my stomach beaming. Today was a good day!

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