My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


6. The next day

I wake up the next day to my brother Bubba & my sister Lauren in my bed. I'm use to it so I leave them. Niall & I made plans to hang out today. I walk into the bathroom & jump in the shower. I do my thing & get out. I dry off put on lotion & go in my room. I grab a yellow dress that's longer in the back & shorter in the back. I put on a starpless bra, underwear, & spandex & put on my dress. I grab my yellow gladiator sandals & put them on. I put on deorderante & go into the bathroom. I brush my hair & teeth. I decide to leave my hair down, & put anti-frizz in my hair. I walk into my room grab my phone. I walk to the front door. I text my mom quick & Niall pulls up. I walk to his car as he gets out. He hugs & kisses me then walks me to the passenger side of the car. He opens the door for me & I get in. He climbs in on my side over me to the driver side. I laugh as he walks over me & sits down. "Sorry love I just want to go. Oh you look beautiful by the way." I blush & look away. He grabs my face in his hands & turns my face, do I'm looking in his eyes. He's smiling at me & I smile back. "I love it when you do that. It's so cute."I blush again, but can't look away cuz his hand. He laughs & kisses me. I giggle in the kiss & he pulls away. He smiles then buckles up. I buckle up too & lay back in my seat. He starts the car & pulls our of the driveway. 

"So where to?" I ask about 5 mins later. He looks at me & smiles. I just look at him & wait for the answer. It's about 10mins later when he finally talks.

"Sorry love, but it's a surprise." I look at him & he turns his head & smiles at me. He looks back at the road & keeps driving. I sit up in my seat & turn to face him. He glances at me & looks back.

"You know I hate surprises. Just tell me."

"I'm sorry love just sit back & you'll see." I give him a dirty look. I'm not giving up that easy.

"Babe just tell me." I put my hand on his shoulder & rub it. He groans & I giggle. "Please."

"You'll see love just lay back down were almost there." I drop my hand & lay back down in my seat with my arms crossed over my chest. He laughs & I stick my tounge out at him. He laughs harder & I turn & look the other way. "Your acting childish love. It's a surprise. Do you trust me?" I turn & look back to him. 

"Yes I trust you." 

"Good." He smiles at my words. I smile at him & lay my head back. I can't stay mad at him. He's gorgeous & I really do love him. It takes about 30 mins to get there. We're at the meadows we were at yesterday. We get out & Niall runs over to me. I giggle as he runs to me. "I love it when you so that too." He smiles & kisses me. I blush & look down when he pulls away. He laughs, "here put this on." I look at his hands & see a blindfold. I look at him almost mad. 

"Are you serious?" I look into his eyes & he shakes his head yes. I sigh & take the blindfold. "Fine, but don't make me trip over or hit anything." I say tiying the blindfold on. 

"I won't love. Trust me." 

"I trust you." I feel him grab my hands & give them a little tug. I giggle as I step forward & follow him. We stop 1 minute later. 

"Ok take it off." He lets go of my hands & I take the blindfold off. In front of me is a blacket & a picnic basket. I smile & kiss him. He smiles at me when I pull away. "Like it?" He looks at me. I shake my head yes & sit down. He sits down on the othe side of the basket & opens the basket. He pulls out a bowl of fruit & hands it to me. He grabs two forks & we start eating the fruit. I look up at him, "Wow you really know me huh?" He looks at me confused. "You packed all my favourite fruits." I smile. He looks at me & shakes his head no.

"I packed all my favourite fruits." I laugh. 

"Then we love the same fruits." We both laugh & eat again. "I'm sorry about yesterday. I know I acted a little over board." I look into his eyes apologetically. He laughs & shakes his head no. I look at him confused & he smiles. 

"Yesterday was amazing. We talked about ourselves & got to know each other better." I smile & he kisses me letting his tounge in my mouth. He pulls away, "You taste good." 

"So do you." I giggle, blush, & look away. 

"Stop." I look up at him confused. "You can't do all 3 at once. Your driving me crazy." I blush & look away again. "Uh!" I giggle as I look back up at him. He's grinning at me big & I giggle again.  I eat a strawberry & smile. "I love you. I love everything about you." I blush & look at my hands. "Exspesally when you blush & giggle." I blush again & look away. 

"I love everything about you too." I smile at him. He eats a grape smiling. I hand him the bowl & he sets it down. 

"Thirsty?" I nod my head yes & watch as he grabs out two bottles of water. 

"Thank you for this babe. It's amazing." I kiss him.

"See surprises aren't all that bad." I giggle. 

"I know I just hate not knowing." 

"You will know everything from me unless its a secret." He smiles & takes a drink of water. I smile & take a drink too.

"I love you." I say without thinking again. He grins at me big & kisses me. 

"I love you too. My beautiful princess." I blush & look away smiling. "I love that. It's adorable." I'm still looking at the ground.

"Your sweet & funny." I look at him to find him blushing. I giggle as he looks away fast. "Aww that is adorable." I crawl over to him & sit on his lap straddling him. I lay him down & lay on top of him. I kiss him going deeper as we kiss. I smile as his tongue invades my mouth. "I love your beautiful blue eyes." I say pulling away.

"& I love your chocolate brown eyes." I grin & kiss him again. 

"Let's go." I kiss him one last time & stand up pulling him up too. We grab everything & put it in the trunk of his mustang. "I want to drive this time" I say grabbing his arm. He looks at me for a second then gives in.

"Ok, but stay within the speed limit." I giggle & He hands me the keys. I kiss him on the cheek & run to the driver side. I jump in, get buckled, & start the car. He buckles up & I take off. "Speed limit" he reminds me." I giggle & slow down.

"sorry I just love the rush." I say smiling. 

"So where are we going." He asks laying back in his seat. I smile at him & look back at the road. He sits up worried & I giggle. "Where to." He repeats.

"It's a surprise love just lay back down." I look back at the road & speed up as the speed limit goes higher. 

"Speed limit."

"I'm exactly the same speed." I see him look at the speed then smile. 

"Please just tell me." He pleads. I giggle at his words. "Please love. Please." I'm really not giving in this time." 

"You'll see. Just lay back & calm down." He laughs & I smile. "Please. Do you trust me?" I glance at him then back at the road." I hear him chuckle & he lays back down. 

"Yes I trust you." He finally says giving in. I giggle as I slow down to the speed limit. It doesn't take long to get there. I pull into the hotel parking lot.

"Room key." I stick my hand out waiting as he reaches in his pocket. He hands it over & I get out. "I'll be right back." I say & run to the front door. I walk into the elevator & push 17. I get up there & the boys are waiting at the elevator. 

"Hello beautiful." Harry says & I ignore him walking off the elevator. I turn & look back at Louis. 

"Where too?" I ask. 

"We're gonna go pick up Perrie & Eleanor & go to the mall." Zayn says.

"have fun." I turn back & run to Niall's room. I open it & walk into the bathroom. I pick up our bathing suits from yesterday, grab two towels, & put them in a bag. I go back to the elevator & wait for it. It comes & I get on. I get off & run back to Niall in the car waiting. He smiles & looks at the bag in my hand. 

"What's that?" He asked. I giggle & throw the bag in the back seat. I climb in & start the car. 

"It's a surprise." I say smiling at him. He lays down as I pull away. I turn on the radio to 107.1 kiss fm. Demi lovato-Heart attack is on so I turn it up. The music is blasting & I sing along & drive. I see him smile as I sing to Demi. It get over & I turn it down. "Why didn't you two day?" I look at him then back at the road.

"we tried, but it didn't work. We have two different lives. We would never of seen each other." 

"Oh." I turn the radio back up to I Want You Back-Cher Lloyd. I smile & start singing.

"your a good singer." I hear him say over the music. I smile at him & continue to sing. It takes about another 20 mins of singing until we get there. "A beach!" He jumps out smiling. I giggle as he runs over to me. 

"Yeah it's a secret beach I found about 2 or 3 years ago. Me & my friends come here every summer. They won't be coming today tho. They are busy." 

"So only you guys know about it?" He looks at me smiling.

"I'm pretty sure. I've never seen anyone else here." He smiles & kisses me. I grab out swimsuits & take his hand in mine. I pull him over to a little changing shack me & my friends built to change in. I open the door & pull him in with me. We change & step out into the sun again. We run hand in hand to the water. "I bet if someone walked along the public beach for like 20 miles they would find this." I say looking across the beach. 

"We'll that's a lot of walking. No one would walk that far." He pulls me closer to him & kisses me. He lets go of my waist & pulls away from the kiss leaving me breathless. He laughs as he swims away from me. I giggle as he swims away & I follow him. "I really want to meet your family." I smile at his words . I finally swim over to him. I have to swimming to keep my head above water over here. 

"Ok what about tomorrow? You & the boys could come over around 5." I say. He smiles really big & I smile back. 

"Sounds great. I'll tell the lads tonight. What do you want us to bring?" 

"Anything is fine. My family will eat anything." I laugh. He laughs too. My legs are getting tired now. I swim back to the sallow part of the beach & sit down. I hear him swimming after me as I sit down. "I'll tell my family tonight too." He sits down beside me & grabs my hand under the water. I lay my head down on his shoulder & close my eyes. "I could stay with you forever." 

"Me too." He says laughing. "So do all 14 siblings live with you?" I look up at him & giggle. 

"No. Two live with their moms & have the same dad as me. My sister Lexi & brother Levi have the same mom as me, but Lexi lives with my g-am & Levi moved into an apartment with his friend. My mom & biological father married & had 7 kids together they live with me. They got divorced & my mom married to my step-dad & had 3 kids together. They live with me. A lot I know." He smiles. 

"It's ok we'll get to know everyone tomorrow." He says laughing. I laugh too & lay my head back on his shoulder. 

"Ok that's fine, but it's gonna take more then once to remember everyone." I laugh. 

"Then you'll. just have to write them all down for me." I bust up & so does he. 

"It's a plan. When we get back to the hotel." We both laugh. "I love your laugh." 

"I love your too." He lays his head down on top of mine. 

"Did you know that your car is my favourite kind of car ever?" I ask him.

"No I didn't." He look me in the eyes & I instantly get lost in them. I sit the just staring in his eyes for what feels like forever. "You can have it if you want." He says pulling me out of my daze. I smile them frown.

"but that's your car. I couldn't take it from you." 

"Actually it's a rental, but I could but it for you." I shake my head no at his words.

"No that car must cost somewhere around 2,000,000$. I couldn't let you do that." 

"Consider it a late B-Day present." 

"My B-Day was in March it's almost the end of July now." 

"Ok it's my present for you for all your B-Days I missed." I giggle 

"Fine, but when I get the $ I'll pay you back." I promise.

"No it's a present you don't pay someone back for a present." 

"That's too much." 

"Love I can make that much $ after a concert." He laughs. My eyes widen in shock. 

"Really!?" I ask surprised. 

"Yeah. I can buy the car, insurence, & plates with 1,000,000$." 

 "Fine." I give in. "Thank you. I'll pay you back somehow though." I say thinking of a way. I smile & climb on top of him kissing him. 

He pulls away & looks at me, "Sex is your pay back?" He looks at me confused.

"No. Take this as the thank you. I'm gonna sing at your concert to earn the $ to buy that myself." I kiss him again. He relaxes & wraps his arms around my waist. I pull away, "But I'm gonna need a little extra for the registration." I laugh. He shakes his head smiling & kisses me again. I know even if he offerd to give me $ I'd turn it down in a heart beat. I don't want him to think all I want him for is his $ cuz I don't. "Speaking of $ how much did you spend on the picnic?" I ask pulling away? I start in his eyes & He laughs. 

"Nothing. I got the water & fruit from the people at the hotel for free, the basket from Eleanor to borrow, & the blankets from on of the hotel rooms." 

"Good." I kiss him again. "Please?" I ask after about 5 mins of just kissing. 

"Are you sure?" I shake my head yes. His hands run up my back & untie my top. It falls & he throws it on the beach. His hands run down my waist & untie the strings on my hips. He pulls my bottoms out from under me & throws them to. I swim off of him & he takes off his trunks & throws them too. I swim back to him & climb on his lap. His hands find my waist & he lowers himself on me. I groan as he goes inside of me. He smiles & his hips start moving. I lay my head down on his shoulders as my hips start to move with his. He starts to tremble underneath of me. He finally lets go after a minute moaning. His orgasm ignites mine & I groan as I let go. His hips are still thrusting under me a groan excapse his lips as I move my hips in circles on him. I giggle then feel myself tremble underneath of him again. He starts to tremble too. We both let go together. His hips thrust once more then he stops. We're both breathing heavily. He's still inside of me after about 10 mins. We just sit there buried inside eachother. "What do you want to do?" He finally asks. I smile at his voice.

"I love your voice. You have the voice of an angel." He blushes & turns away. I move my hips on him. He moans & I giggle. He grabs my hips & starts to move them. I moan feeling him move me. He lets go of my hips & holds my face in his hands. He smiles then kisses me. 

"I'm kind of tierd." I'm breathless. Every never in my body stands on end feeling his hip thrust under mine. He groans with displeasure. His hips stop. "No don't stop." He moves again. I groan as he moves. He laughs. I lean my head back as he kisses down my neck on my chest. I grain as he kisses & teases my nipples. 

"I thought you were tierd." He says breathless. 

"After this." I say moving my hands up his back. My hands play in his hair. He groans as I twist his hair in my hands. I giggle, "I know how much you like that." I kiss him with my hands still in his hair. I moan in his mouth as I let go in him making him let go. He moans as he lets go. I giggle as he lifts me off him breathlessly. I'm out of breath too. 

"I love you." He says breathless still. I blush & look away. He grabs my face & pulls me in to a kiss. I smile in the kiss.

"I love you too. Lets go take a nap." I stand up naked & walk to my swimsuit. I put it back on & jump in the car. I look up & see Niall standing next to the car. He reaches in & pops the trunk. I jump out & follow him to the back. He pulls out the two blankets. I close the trunk & take his hand in mine. We walk to the beach again. We spread one blanket out & lay down on it. We cover up with the other one. We lay there cuddling each other until we fall asleep. 

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