My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


16. The good day... Or so i thought

“Tiersa…Love? Are you awake now? Oh good. The security guys are here. Can you please sit up? My legs fell asleep a while ago.” I sit up & rub my eyes. The sun has fallen a bit, but it’s still sunny out. Niall stands up & helps me up too. I wobble a bit, but Niall wraps his arms around my waist & steadies me. I lay against him as we walk to the bus. Niall tosses his keys to two guys & they take my car. When everyone’s on the bus the bus takes off I look back to see the same two guys in my car following us. “Love are you hungry?” Niall asks me. I nod & watch him take out a slice of pizza & hand it to me.

“Thank you.” I take a bit & my mouth waters. I lay back in the soft bench. Niall smiles at me & lays next to me. He eats his pizza watching me closely. “What?” I ask insecure. “Is there pizza on my face?” I wipe my face & watch him laugh.

“No. You’re just beautiful. I can’t get over it.” I smile & kiss him.

“Well I had too. I can’t swoon over you every second or I would have a heart attack.” I smile at him. He laughs a bit.

“I can’t wait to meet the little guy.” He rubs my stomach.

“Me either. I want him to have your blue eyes with my curly hair.”

“Wait… You’re having a boy?” Perrie asked from across the table. I smile & nod at her. “OMG!! He’s going to be adorable. I can’t wait to hold him.”

“Thanks. Me too.” I hold my hand on my stomach. I watch Niall eat another pizza & lay on his shoulder. “You smell like salt water.” I laugh.

“You do too love.” He laughs back. I smile up at him & he kisses me. He lays his head on mine wrapping his arm around me. I lay on his bare chest listening to his heart. I close my eyes feeling the bus moving & hearing everyone talk. It’s soothing to be around them. I can’t imagine a more perfect time in my life.

About another ½ hour of riding on the bus it finally stops. We all get off the bus to see the beach in the distance & a city in front of us. I put my arm around Niall’s waist & he throws his arm around my shoulders. 5 body guards walk in front of us & 5 behind us. In no time we’re crowed by scream/crying fans. Niall tenses up against me. We all are still in our bathing suits. People are taking pictures all around us. Everyone is asking if I’m pregnant & when I’m due. We just keep walking. I pointed to a store that looked interesting & we went inside. The body guards evacuated the building & had the manager clock the door with all the fans outside. Niall & I looked around in the baby clothes. I found really cute outfits that I loved, but we only ended up buying 3 outfits & a pair of baby booties. That’s ok though I’m going to have a baby shower in 3 months anyway.

When we were done the manager unlocked the doors & the security guards pushed through the crowed pulling us with them. We get back on the bus & it takes off slowly. Fans move aside. Everyone sits at the windows & waves to them, even me. When we get through the crowd you can still hear the screams. Some fans chase after the bus until we get to the busy street. “Come on love.” Niall says grabbing my hand.

“Where we going?” I standing up & he helps me. He just smiles at me, leading me into the game room & closing the door behind us locking it. He backs me up until I hit the door. He hovers over me smiling. “I was looking at you in that bathing suit today. You look really hot.” He bits his lips looking me up & down. “I just wanted to do in at the beach like we did when we first started to date.” I blush & tilt my head to the side smiling. I look back up & his lips are inches from mine.

“Well I guess the bus will have to do huh?” I smile. He pushes his lips to mine. I let his tongue enter my lips. He kisses me deeper with every kiss, letting his hands explore my body. I wrap one arm around his head & grad his bicep with my other. “Ummm.” I moan in his mouth. He smile & grabs my butt. I lean into him, letting my fingers nails run down his back. He moans in my mouth & I giggle.

“Stop. That tickles.” He whispers. I laugh again. He picks me up & w rap myself around him.

“Sorry I’m heavy.” I smile lightly. He shakes his head no & backs up to the cough. He sits down with me kisses me some more. After a while I stand up & take off my bottoms. He pulls his swim trunks off to & hands me a towel. I look at him questionably, but he just points to my mouth. I nod & stuff one end of the towel in my mouth. He grans my wrists & pulls me to the couch. He lays down & pulls me on him. I gasp into the towel. He smiles & nods. I ride him & he fondles with my nipple. & moan in the towel again. I run my nails down his chest & his upper thighs. He twitches lightly giggling.

“Stop!” He whispers. I smile & pull out the towel. I leans down still riding him & kiss him. He cups my bottom in his hands, moving me. I fell pressure & know I’m about to let go.  I keep my mouth on his & feel him let go in me making me let go to. I moan in his mouth & he moans in mine. I kiss him again & get off of him. I grab the towel & put it in his mouth. He smiles. I get on my knees between his legs & take him in my mouth cupping his bottom in my hands. I hear him moan in the towel & smile. I move in in & out of my mouth. He moans again. I play with his balls rubbing them together, still moving my mouth on him. I can fell his about to let go, so I quite let him go & put him in my & grind on him. He gasps in the towel & I giggle. He lets go in me, but I still grind on him. He rubs my clit & I put a hand over my mouth trying to be quite. I let go all over him in no time.

“Omg. You’re amazing!” I say out of breath laying on him.

“Only for you.” He giggle out of breath too. I ride him one last time before I get off & put my bottoms back on turning on the game console & unlocking the door. He pulls his trunks back on & grabs a controller. “AWW! You killed me!” He gasped winking at me. I giggle at him.

“Sorry babe.” I grab in through his trunks & he smiles at me. “I didn’t mean to.” I wink back at him. I pull my head away still smiling at him. He leans over & kisses me. Liam & Louis walk in. I look up at them & smile. “Hey boys. What’s up?” I ask innocently. They both laugh & walk over to the couch. Louis sit by Niall & Liam sits by me. Louis throws his arm around Niall & whispers something to him. “OK?”

“Was that fun?” Liam whispers to me. I look at him questionably. “Oh don’t play innocent dirty girl. We heard you guys.” I look over to Niall, but his looking at Louis.

“Playing video games?” I ask. He gives me a look then smiles.

He leans in closer & whispers in my ear, “Playing something else…. Dirty.” He pulls back & I blush.

“Sorry?” I look back at Niall. He looks just as uncomfortable as me. I know what they’re talking about.

“Why him?” Liam asks. I look at him weird.

“Why who?”

“Him!” He points at Niall. I look at him disgusted.

“Because I love him!” I spit back. I grab Niall’s hand I scoot closer to him. “Why don’t you leave Liam!?”

“Because I love you.” He grabs my hand & I pull it away. “Why don’t you love me!?”

“I do as a friend.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Niall!! Help!” I cry.

“He can’t help you my deer.” I look up at Niall & see it’s actually Harry I’m holding on to.

“Where’s Niall?” I ask.

“He left with Louis to get some more fresh air at the beach we stopped at.” I look out the window to see everyone outside in the water about a mile away from the bus. “Why don’t you have fun with me?”

“God Liam. Why are you being like this!?”

“Because I love you.” He leans closer to me. I push him away & climb on Harry’s lap. I wrap my arms around him & lay my face in his chest.

“Help harry.” I cry. I feel his hands wrap around me.

“I’m sorry love. I really do wish I could.” I look up at him.

“What! Why can’t you?” He shakes his head.

“I’m sorry.” He lets go & I feel Liam grab me.

“NO!!!” I scream. Liam’s Hand covers my mouth & He pulls me away from Harry. I cry looking at Harry with pleading eyes. He looks away & Liam carries me out of the room, off the bus, & into my convertible. The top is up & all the windows are rolled up. I see bags in the back seat & duct tape. I cry harder wishing I was with Niall again. He puts me in my car & closes the door. I was about to climb out before I felt hands grab me again, strong hands. They pull me back. I scream, but a hand covers my mouth & I cry harder. Liam gets in the car with a shot in his hands. He puts the needle in my arm & I pass out.

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