My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


2. The Competition

I take off running & immediately find my first letter. It was an E. I put it by the case & look for another one. I find one in the dirt, It was an N, I find a B by a tree, Another E in the lake, an I in a tree, a C in a bush, a F in the lake, another I in the sand, a A in the dirt too, & an L in a tall tree. It took a while to climb it, but I finally got it. I'm pretty good at solving this kind of puzzles I immediately figured out the word was BENEFICIAL. I put it in the case & it unlocked it. Inside was a map. 

"We'll done Tiersa." The women said. I follow the map & it brought me to a spot in the sand. I sat down & started digging in the sand. I finally found a box & opened it. Inside was a piece of paper that said 'Good job you solved 2 rounds now. ROUND 3! In the lake is another box the will help you in this round good luck.' In the whole under the box is scuba gear. I grabbed it & put it on. I ran to the lake & jumped in. I search the whole floor of the lake until I finally found it. I swam up & got out. I took off the gear & opened the box. there was another piece of paper. It read 'good & welcome to round 4 your almost done now this round should be fun. Go back to the X & dig there you will find a shovel. With the shovel will be instructions to your next clue. Good luck.' 

"Good job Tiersa your in the lead your really good at this. If you need help just ask." 

"Ok." I tell her getting up and running to the X. I dig until I find the shovel & another map. The map took me to the other side of the land to a spot by a bush. I started digging. I hit another case & a piece of paper on it. 'Great, here's round five. Grab you gear & head in the lake again for the code. It's in a metal case the colour of you suit. I run to my gear & throw it on & jump in the lake again. I didn't take long to find a baby blue box under this greenish brownish water, I'm glad my suit wasn't brown. I open it to another piece of paper. 'Love.' Is the only word on the paper. I ran to the case & entered love and the case opened. Inside was a black rectangular box. 

"Congratulations Tiersa you won the competition. Now don't open that box it's  part of your surprise, wait for Niall. It will be 5 mins before he gets there." The women told me before I could open it. I stood up with the box held tight in my hand. I walked back to the place the plane was. It didn't take long for it to come. Niall jumped off the plane & gave me a huge hug & spun me around & I couldn't help giggling. He finally put me down then kissed me. The kiss was passionate & warm. 

"I knew you could do it love, your so smart." I blushed & looked down. 

"It wasn't that hard, it was pretty easy to figure out." He grabs my hand & takes me to the plane & we climb on. 

"I know I made it easy." He takes the box from my hand when we sit down & opens it. Inside is a pink necklace. I smile really big & give him a hug. He puts it on me then kisses me. We land back at the building & got out. We went back down to the room. Everyone was already there. All the girls gave me a really dirty look & I couldn't help, but smile. We walked back into the dressing room & I changed back into my blue & white prom dress. I walked back out & looked in the mirror I look ok. My makeup was gone & my hair was wet, but it still looked good. Niall grabbed my hand & we walked back out with everyone & sat down. 

"Nice job Tiersa. Your really smart, & good under pressure." 

"Thanks, I'm really bad under pressure actually, but I just pretended I was playing a game with my little sister. She love to play games like that with me all the time." 

"We'll that was impressive." I blushed & looked down. I look back up to see Niall staring at me smiling, so I smile back & blush again. "We'll it was nice to me you guys, bye have a nice day." 

"Thank you, you too." I say to her standing up. We all walk back out to the limo & climb in. We drop all the girls off at their home. Me & the boys are the only ones left in the car.  

"Good job tiersa." They all tell me. 

"Thanks guys." I reply. "So where are we going?" 

"To dinner." Louis answers me. 

"Why didn't those girls come then?" 

"Cuz the other part of the surprise is if you win you get to go out with the boy who chose you, but if you lose you have to go home, & never speak to them again." Zayn said. 

"Oh." I say & look down. I look up at Niall. He's staring at me again, so I lay down on him. 

"Good thing you're wearing a beautiful dress though, cuz jeans would look embarrassing here." Liam says. 

"But you guys are wearing jeans." 

"Ah so we are, but we have suits right here to change into." Harry says. 

"Oh, ok then. I'll just look away." I say turning in my sit & laying face down to cover my face. 

"Hahaha. It'll only be a moment love." Niall tells me. 

"Ok." *About 15 mins later*. 

"Ok were down." Louis says. I sit up & look at them they all look handsome if I do say so. More like gentlemen in suits. I smile at them. We pull up to the restaurant & get out. Niall helps me out with one hand like in the movies. We walk in & are immediately escorted to a table, & sit down. 

"So Tiersa tell me about yourself." Liam says. "Um well. I have 14 siblings." 

"14!! Wow! That's a lot!" Harry exclaims 

"Tell me about it. Anyway. A mom stepdad, I just call him dad. We live out on a farm, but come live up here sometimes. I love scary movies, video games, food, & 1D." 

"Huh, now I can see why Niall chose you." Zayn says. I smile, blush, & look down. 

"So are you guys ready to order?" The waiter asked. 

"Yeah I'll have the steak & vegs with a Pepsi." Niall said. 

"Same." I say. 

"I'll have the hamburger fries & a sprit." Liam said. 

"I'll have the alphabet soup with apple juice." Harry said. I smile & think 'yep still a kid, but I love him I love them all; I'm just a Niall's girl.' 

"Salmon with mash potatoes & a coke." Louis said. 

"& I'll have the chicken with baked beans with a Pepsi please." Zayn says . 

"Alright I'll be right back with your drinks. 

"You have a big family Tiersa." Liam says. 

"Yeah I do. Hey speaking of family does my mom know where I am?!?" I ask. 

"Yes. That's how we got to use your house this morning." Niall said. 

"Oh good." I say the waiter comes back with our drinks. I take a drink & notice how thirsty I am. I look at the clock on the wall & see its almost 11 pm. I didn't eat or drink anything all day. Not to mention I'm getting really tired from running & swimming earlier. It takes about 30 mins for our food to get there. I try not to eat fast, trying not to look like a slob. I end up being the last one done. When I get done we stand up go to pay & tip the waiter. We get out side & there is a lot of paparazzi. I get nervous & squeeze Niall's hand. He grabs my arm & leads me to the limo. We all get in & leave. 

"So where to now?" 

"Take you home. You need to sleep I can tell your tired." Niall exclaims

"I don't want you guys to go, tonight has been so much fun!" 

"I'll be there to pick you up tomorrow at 12. For another fun day this time just us two, & we can get some food." Niall tells me. 

"Sounds good to me." I say smiling & I lay on his shoulder. I know I feel asleep, cuz the next thing I know is I feel arms around me picking me up. I wrap my arms around the person knowing I can't open my eyes to walk myself. 

"I got her, just get the door open for me." I hear Niall say. 

"Ok." It's Liam & I hear him run across the cement & open the door. I feel back asleep. I feel him lay me down on my bed. 

"Night love. See you in the morning." Niall says kissing me on the forehead. He takes off my dress & shoes & covers me up. Turns off the light & closes the door. I smile to myself knowing how lucky I am to have met 1D.

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