My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


4. Swimming

We pull up outside my house & I hop out, on my own this time & go to the front door. I twist the locked door knob & remember I put a key in my pocket this morning. I pull out the single house key, unlock the door & head for my room. Some of my siblings come up to me. "So how was your day with Niall." My sister Kitty asked. I smile at her remembering my day. 

"Amazing, so far." She looks at me confused then her eyes widen. Her runs to the window & looks at Niall in his car. 

"OMG!! HE'S HERE?" She screams. I smile knowing she likes Harry & will get to meet him by Niall.

"Not right now. We're going swimming as soon as I get my swim suit." I grab my suit & head for the door. 

"Are we gonna meet him?" My sister Tylei asked standing by the front door looking out at him. I smile at her & open the door.

"Yes, but not now. You will I promise. Close & lock this door." I close the door & run to his car. I hop in the way Niall did at the hotel & giggled when I hit the seat. "They want to meet you." I look at Niall's now smiling face. "But not now we're waisting swimming time." I wave my swimsuit in his face. He pushes my hand away laughing. 

"Didn't you tweet once that your neighbor likes me?" He asked looking at my neighbors house. 

"Yes I did." I say smiling. He turns to me & kisses me. I smile, " Now can we go?" I ask impatient.

"Yes we can." He kisses me again. I smile through the kiss. "Ok now we can." I buckle up as he starts the car again, & He drives away. We get to the hotel in no time. He gets out & helps me out again. He pulls me by the hand into the hotel, then the elevator. He pushes the 17th floor. "We have this whole floor to our selves." He smiles at me.

"Me & you?" I ask. 

"No me, you, & the lads." He laughs. He kisses me, I wrap my arms around his neck & he grabs my hips & pulls me close. I hear the elevator open, but we're still kissing. 

"Oh la la!" I hear Liam say. I smile in between kisses, then pull away. He's wearing trunks. "You guys like each other a lot?" He asked. 

I giggle as Niall says, "No we love each other a lot." He kisses me once again. 

"Ok guys. We're going swimming you two lovers." Liam laughs. I pull away to see Harry, Louis, & Zayn walking towards us. 

"Great meet you guys down there." I say walking down the hall pulling Niall with me. "Which room?" He laughs & opens the room in front of us. 

"Whole floor remember?" I blush remembering he said that. "Ah!" He grabs me by my waist kissing me. He picks me up & I wrap my legs & arms around him. He carries me to the bed & lays me down laying on top if me. "When you giggle & blush I want you!" He says between kisses. I giggle as me kisses my neck. He grabs the bottom of my shirt & pulls it up along with my bra. Breaking the kiss. He undoes my shoes & throws them on the floor. He unbuttons my pants & pulls them down with my underwear. I lay there naked as he in dresses. Then kisses me again. I slides inside of me & I groan in his mouth feeling him inside me. He thrusts lightly & another groan escapes my lips. I feel him move lightly at first then faster. My hips move with his as we kiss. My body suddenly trembles & in no time I let we both are trembling. We both let go at the same time. I groan as I let go feeling it. He groans as he lets go in me too. He's still thrusting under me lightly. He kisses me again then stops. He lays on me still buried inside of me. He kisses me deeper this time letting his time invade my mouth. I slip my tongue in his mouth too. He tastes like syrup & thinking of it I giggle in his mouth. He smiles & pulls out of me still kissing me. "Let's go love." He says pulling me up. My legs feel like jello & I fall. He catches me laughing. "Jello legs?" He asked. I shook my head yes feeling my dry throat. He kisses me again. I stand up this time & my legs hold me. I grab my swimming bottoms & slip them on. He standing there pulling his trunks on too. I slip my top on & he has to tie the stings in the back for me. He lightly kisses my back when he's done tying it. He picks me up & carries me bridal style to the door. 

"Is it weird that we have only known each other for two days & had sex twice?" I ask now thinking of it. He looks at me smiling.

"I don't think so." You know everything about me & I know everything about you." He answers. That's true I do know every thing about him the media tells.

"you know everything about me?" I ask when he puts me down in the elevator. 

"Yep." He smiles at me.

"Ok what's my favorite color?" 




"Wow Impressive. So you just studied me?" I ask.

"Well, yes." He smiles at me. "Your twitter, Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, which you deleted, & your Skype." He smiles at me proud. I giggle at him. 

"I know everything about you the media shows. That's not the whole thing, Same for you. You only know the stuff about me I say. You don't know who I really am. I could have lied, but I didn't." I smile at his.the elevator opens & we step out. He walks down the hallway & I follow him.

"True, ok. We'll go out to dinner tonight then & get to know each other better." I smile at the though of having dinner with Niall & agree. We're outside at the outside pool. The guys are splashing & playing like little kids in the pool. I laugh at them. Niall lets go of my hand, runs for the pool & yells, "CANNING BALL!!" I laugh as he splashes the others. I run after him & jump in. I swim after him & jump on his back. 

"GIDDY UP!" I yell giggling. He laughs & runs around the pool. He pulls me off him the kisses me. 

"GET A ROOM!" Harry yells. We laugh in between kisses.

"wish we could go back." Niall whispers. I giggle & kiss him again. Our tongues in each others mouth. "I love you." Niall says. I pull away & look at him smiling. 

"I love you too." I kiss him again. I pull away & go under water & swim to the other side of the pool, then come up. Niall smilies at me. God I love his smile. He starts swimming towards me. I stand there waiting. He stands in front of me. 

"I'm so lucky to have meet you." He says starting in my brown eyes. I look in his beautiful blue eyes. I could stare at them forever.

"I love your eyes." I say not thinking. He laughs then kisses me deep. His lips are so plump & perfect. Our lips fit together like a puzzle piece. I hold his neck & he holds my waist. He pulls away & looks into my eyes again. 

"I love your eyes too." He laughs. I blush & look away. He turns my face to face him & kisses me again. He pulls away." let's swim we're waisting swimming time." He  laughs. I blush again & look away. "Stop before I have you right here." He teases. I giggle & swim away. 

We swim until I get tired & want to go back. We all get out of the pool & head back. "That was fun." Harry exclaims. 

"I agree." Zayn says. 

"Me too." Louis laughs. 

"Me three." Liam giggles.

"Yep." Niall said.

"Uh huh." I say. Everyone laughs & I smile. I smell my hair & say,"Ok imma need a shower."  Niall laughs.

"Sure thing." We just got off the elevator & are in the hallway. Liam, Louis, Harry, & Zayn all go in different rooms leaving me & Niall. Niall opens the same door & we walk in. I go into the bathroom take off my swim suit at put it on the floor. I turned on the water & waited for it to get hot. I went per the felt the water again, It was hot. I take my hair out of the messy bun. Niall comes in the bathroom naked & hops in the shower I just laugh & hop in with him. I close the curtain & stand under the water getting my hair wet. Niall's standing in front of me smiling as I run my hands through my hair under the water. He leans towards me, but I move away & grab the shampoo sitting on the side. I open it & dump some on my hands. I put the soap in my hair & move it around smiling at Niall. He try's again, but I move. He laughs & grabs me. I scream then giggle. He pick me up I wrap my legs around his waist & kiss him. Soap fell on my face & I giggle. He put me back down & I rinse out my hair. He picks me back up & puts me down on the side on the tub. He sits on his knees in front of me & smiles. He opens my legs & slides a finger in side of me. I groan as he moves inside of me.. He slides another finger inside of me & I groan louder.

I tremble feeling myself reach that point. I groan as I let go. He slides his finger on of me& picks me up he sits on the side of the tub & pulls me to sit down on his lap. He lowers me on him & I grain again."round two." He whispers. I smile as he thrusts lightly under me. In no time my hips are moving with his. I groan as he lets go inside of me making me let go too. I lay down on his chest breathing heavy. He kisses my head then my face until he got to my lips. He kisses me deep. I groan as he moves under me. He stands up & sets me down. My legs give out & he grabs me. He laughs as he picks me up. He sets me on the side, grabs the soap & rubs some soap on my chest. Massaging my chest with his hands I groan. He smiles as he moves his hand down on my stomach. He hands slide to my back & rub my back. Up my neck, my shoulders, down my arms, my legs, then my feet. He picks me up & puts me under the water the soap runs down me & he turns off the water. He picks me up & sets me on the toilet. He grabs a towel & starts to dry me off. 

When I'm dry he wraps me in the towel & carries me to the bed. He gently sets me down & cover me up with the blankets. "Thank you." Is all I can say. 

Niall smiles, kisses me on the forehead & says, "Your welcome love." He walk back in the bathroom & I hear the water turn on. I close my eyes & feel myself drift off to sleep.

I feel the bed move & jump up. I hear a laugh & turn towards the voice. It's Niall. I sigh & lay back down. "Paranoid much love?" 

"You startled me." I roll over to face him. I look into his beautiful blue eyes and smile. He smiles at me too. I sit up on my elbow & kiss him. He kisses me back. "As much as I love the sex. We should settle down. 3 times in one day." I say to him. 

"It's gonna be 4 if you don't stop teasing me." He laughs. I laugh at him & he kisses me again.

"I'll try love." I say in a British accent. 

"Your still doing it." He said.


"Teasing." He lays down. "So are we still going to dinner?"  I look at the clock & it's almost 11pm. 

"Yes." I get off the bed grab my clothes & get dressed. I go into the bathroom & put my hair back up. "I need a Thoth brush." I yell.

I hear Niall laugh, "Just use mine." He yells back. I open the cabinet & grab out the tooth brush & tooth paste. I brush my teeth then go back in the room. I put on my shoes, stand up & look at Niall. 

"Ready." I say. "

Great I'm hungry." He gets out of bed in jeans, a white t-shirt, white high tops. I laugh as he walks over to me. "What?" He looks down at his clothes & looks back at me. 

"Nothing. Let's go."He grabs a white snap back off a chair & slips it on backwards. I smile at him & give him a kiss. I open the door & head for the elevator. Niall grabs my hand & walk by my side to the elevator. We get to the bottom & walk out the hotel door to his car in silence. He helps me in then get get. I buckle up, so does he & we drive away. 

"I wish there was a Nondos in America." Niall said disappointed. 

"So do I. I've always wanted to try it." I say coping his tone. He looks at me with a surprise face. 


"That's America for yuh." I laugh at his surprised tone.

"Your missing out." 

"Well you'll have to take me home with you sometime then." 

"I will." He smiles at me then looks at the road again. He pulses the car over & turns towards me. "So then where to?" 

"How about Taco-Bell?" I ask. 

"Ok. Where's that?" I smile at him.

"It's down 5 block & to the right." I answer. He turns back & plus away from the curb. We get to Taco Bell's & go to the drive-thru. "Beefy crunch burrito, please?" I ask him. 

"Sure love." I reach into my pocket & pull out a 20 dollar bill I put in there when I was at home & hand it to him. He was gonna object, but I said, "No spending money remember?" I ask. He shakes his head yes & orders a 5 layer burrito, & 2 cokes. We pull up to the window, pay & leave.


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