My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


14. Surprise

“Tiersa.” I grunt moving away from the voice. “Tiersa.” The voice calls again. I moan. “Love please wake up.” I open my eyes to see Niall sitting next to me. He smiles brightly at me, “Aw. There’s my beautiful wife.” I smile at him. “Here’s your brunch.” He hands me a taco. I sit up taking the taco. I kiss him on the cheeks then yawn. “Feel better?” He looks me in the eyes. I smile nodding happily.

“Much better.” We’re still in the limo. Everyone is eating tacos talking to each other. I unwrap mine then take a bite. My mouth waters as the taste fills it.

After we eat the limo takes us to our flats. Niall & I walk into his flat. He shows me the restroom. I walk out of the bathroom. “Niall?”

“In here!” I follow his voice into the living room.

“I got lost.” I admit smiling.

“You’ll find your way around eventually.”

3 Months Later

“Honey, we need to go.”

“Ok.” I turn away from the mirror & finish dressing. I have a baby bump now. It’s obviously noticeable, so of course I told my mom before the press could get pics of my belly. My mom’s happy about it. Niall & I are going out to meet the boys & hang until they have to go on tour in 2 days. I’m happy everyone agreed to let me go on tour for a while. When they tour the US I’m going back home until they’re done. That’ll be for a month. I’m excited to see my family again.

I finish getting dress & head down the stairs to meet Niall. He looks at me smiling big. “Wow you look gorgeous.” Niall wraps me in a hug then kisses me on the neck. I giggle swarming in his arms. I’m wearing pink leggings, pink & black high top converse, a black shirt that hangs to my thighs & says BITCH in fancy pink letters, with a pink jean jacket, my hairs up in a messy bun, & I have a little makeup on too.

He grabs my hand leading the way out the door. Holding on to him in one hand & my phone in the other I close the door letting Niall lock it. He kisses me on the lips then rubs a hand over my stomach. “Just gorgeous!” He exclaims. I blush, he takes my hand again, & we walk to the limo. We get in, everyone is here.

“Sorry I got lost looking in the mirror at my stomach. It’s big.” They laughed & said it’s ok. “Umm… so where are we going? Niall wouldn’t tell me.”

“We can’t either it’s a surprise.” Liam said smiling. I look at Niall pouting.

“No more surprises remember?” He nods looking away.

“Please not the face… That gets me every time.” I climb on his lap making a sad face. “Awe… Please love. Just this once?” I sigh & lay on him giving up.

“I guess, but it better be good.”

“It will be.” I hear him answer. I cuddle in his chest. He’s so warm. London is colder than I thought. I’m freezing. “Gosh you’re freezing.” He hold me tighter.

“Here lad.” I hear Louis say.

“Thanks.” I feel him lay something over me. It’s a blanket.

“Thank you.” I say.

“No problem.” Louis answered. Niall wraps his arms around me once again. I start to warm up a little too.

“How long is the drive?”

“Umm… About an hour.”

“Good.” I close my eyes. Then my phone buzzes. I pick it up off the seat where I left it & look at it. It’s a tweet from Niall. I smile & open it. ‘On my way to a secret place with my wife & the lads. Going to be great.’ I tweet back… ‘@NiallOfficial It wouldn’t have to be a secret if you told me.’ ‘@Tiersa It wouldn’t be great if I told you.’ ‘@NiallOfficial UH! I won’t win will I? #SadFace.’ ‘@Tiersa No! Love you.’ ‘@NiallOfficial Love you 2.’ ‘@Tiersa I turned on the heater. You’re still freezing.’ ‘@NiallOfficial thank you. You’re warming me up though. :D’ ‘@Tiersa Glad you getting warm love.’ ‘@NiallOfficial Glad you’re my husband.’ ‘@Tiersa Glad you’re my wife.’

Niall kissed the top of my head. I smile & look up. “No.” I pull his face to mine & kiss him on the lips.

Niall & I are quite the rest of the ride listening to the other talk. We finally get there & get out. “What is this place?” I ask looking at them.

“Let’s go in & see.” Harry says waltzing in. I smile & follow them in. There’s a lady at a desk in the front room.

“Hello… It’s that way.” Is all she says pointing down the hall to my left (Her right).

“Thank you love.” Liam says following her finger down the hall. We get to the end of the hall & go through more doors, down stairs, & through another pair of doors. I’m getting really anxious to know what they planned. We walk down a hall & through more doors. “Ok, here it is.” Liam said & pushed open another pair of doors. We walked in to a dark quite room. I got scared & held on to Niall.

The lights flicked on & people yelled, “SURPRISE!!” I jumped I must admit, but I smiled after I jumped. Everyone clapped & was smiling.

“What is this for?” I ask them.

“Your baby shower.” El smiles brightly.

“You know in America we have a baby shower for the baby when the women is 6 or 7 months pregnant not 3.”

“Oh… Well this is London. We do things different here. So… surprise.” Perrie smiled.

“Thank you guys. This is brilliant.” Niall Guides me to a table & we sit down. They serve food & everyone eats first.

Then we eat cake & ice cream, open present everyone got, & play games.

“I had a lot of fun. Thank you guys so much.” I tell them as we get back in the limo.

“We did too.” Niall said. “But I’m ready for bed.”

“Me 2.” I agree. “Spinning was a bad idea.” I smile.

“Probably.” Liam agreed. I laid on Niall’s shoulder closing my eyes.

Back at home

“Love come on.” I wake up to Niall’s voice. I sit up looking at him. “Let’s get inside its cold.” I climb out of the limo after him. We say by to everyone & walk up to the house. Niall unlocks the door & we go in locking it behind us. We go upstairs & in our room. I get undressed then climb in bed naked. “To tired to put on PJs?” I nod. He laughs, “Me 2.” He strips & climbs in bed next to me. He pulls me into his warm arms pulling the covers over us. I lay my head in his chest. I listen to his heart beat & fall asleep.

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