My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


3. My Date with Niall

I wake up in the morning & climb out of bed & look at the clock. It's only 10, good enough time. I walk into the bathroom & get in the shower. I shave, wash, & condition. I get out & dry off then put on some lotion. I walk back in my room & pull out a pair of underwear & a bra. I grab a pair of black skinny jeans with silver glitter on it, & a black halter top, that shows my back & a little cleavage, that has some silver glitter on it too. I grab my silver gladiator sandals (or Jesus sandals whatever you call them) & get dressed. After I'm dressed I walk into the bathroom brush my hair & put it up in a messy bun then brush my teeth. I walk in my room & look at the click again, it's 11:50 I grab my phone & look in the mirror one last time before going out the front door to sit on the porch & wait. My moms at my G-mas having coffee so I texted her & said I'm going out with Niall for the day. She texted back a litter while later saying I know me & Hume planed that for today have fun & be safe. I texted back & said ok I will bye mom. I look up & see Niall pulling in my driveway I smile & get up & walk off the porch to him. He gets out of his car & give me & hug & kiss. He has a nice car. He has a mustang convertible, I love those.

"You look beautiful today love." He tells me before kissing me again. I giggle in between kisses. 

"Thank you babe. You look beautiful yourself." I say when he pulls away. He grabs my hand & leads my to the passenger side of his car & opens the door for me. "Why thank you kind sir." I say giggling. 

"Your welcome, love." I can't help, but smiling as he runs to the driver side & climbs in. 

"So what is planned for today?" I ask as he buckled up. 

"How about some pancakes & bacon?" He says buckling me up. 

I giggle as he clicks the seat belt in place. "Sounds good to me." I say smiling at him. He smiles at me then puts the car in reverse & backs out of the driveway. "So how do you know me?" I ask about 5 mins later.

"Twitter. You favorite & retweet all of my lame tweets." I can't help but giggle as he says that. "I love it when you giggle." He said & I blush & look down smiling. "I love when you do that too. I smile really big & think I must look like an idiot, so I look away. We stop at stop light & I know he's looking at me so I look at him. "What's wrong?" He asked me worried. 

I giggle at him & answer, "nothing's wrong."

"Good. I love it when your happy!" I blush, bit my lip & look down. "Stop your so cute."

"A lot of people favourite & retweet you lame posts. Why did you pick me?" I ask smiling. 

"I look at all the tweets I get, but your tweets to me are loving & kind. Not sexual or creepy." I bust up laughing & so does he. "Plus no one is as beautiful as you are." I blush so bad. I turned a deep red. I could feel my face burning. It felt like we were sitting at the red light forever, then it finally turned green. The streets were sort of empty which was surprising. After about 20 mins we pulled up outside a hotel & parked. "Hang on." He said when I was in buckling my seat belt. He ran to my side of the car, opened it for me, & helped me out. 

"Thanks." I say smiling. He takes my hand in his & we walk together into the hotel. We walk into an elevator & he pushes the top floor. He looks at me smiling & I smile back. He grabs my waist & pulls me close to his body. Kissing me with his hands on my waist & my hands on his neck. He pulls away & pushes the stop button on the elevator & it completely stop. He smiles at me & kisses me me again. His hands run up my top & stop in the middle of my back. He pulls away & I'm breathing hard, so his he. "What?" I ask impatient.

" Do you wanna do this?" He asks me. 

"Yes." I say breath less with a smile. He kisses me again & undoes my bra. He takes off my shirt & bra in one swift move, then I help take him off. He drops his shirt & kisses me again feeling my chest. I groan in his mouth as he squeezes my chest in his soft hands. His hands move down while he is still kissing me. He I'm buttons my pants & kisses my neck. His kisses a trail down my neck, chest, and stomach then pulls down my pants. He stands up in does his pants & pulls them down. He stands up picks me up & lowers me onto him. I groan. He smiles & kisses me thrusting underneath me. "Do they have cameras in this elevator?" I ask suddenly. 

"No, they showed me & the lads all the cameras the first day we got here." He said breathless, still thrusting under me. I groan has he thrusts again. He put me down, & I groan with displeasure. "Sorry love, but we should be going." He picks up my bra & put it back on. "We can finish this later." I smile at his words and get dressed again. We're dressed in 3 mins. I ran my hands through his hair to fix it.

"is my hair ok?" I asked him. He laughed at me & I looked at him confused.

"Love your hair always looks good." I blush & look down. "Ah as much as I would love to continue that... I can't we have to go meet the lads on the roof." He says & pushes the elevator to go again. We get there & walk out to the table where the rest of the boys were sitting waiting for us. 

"Finally, I'm hungry!" Louis says when he sees us. I laugh & so does Niall. We sit down at the table & start to eat. Niall puts 2pancakes & 3strips of bacon on my plate with syrup all over it. I giggle as he puts syrup on it. 

"What?" He asked. I just laugh at him again. "What? What am I doing?" 

"That's a lot of syrup." I say through my laughs. Then everyone starts laughing after looking at my plate.

 "Gosh that's just 2 pancakes 3 strips of bacon & 2 pounds of syrup."says Liam laughing. That's when everyone stops laughing at just stars at him. "What?" He asks still laughing. 

"Liam when you say it like that it's not funny. You killed it." Zayn said with a straight face. 

"Well I'm sorry for pointing that out then." I can't help but to laugh again. "What's funny?" Liam asked confused.

" When you guys argue it's funny!" I say laughing.

"Ok. Lets just eat then. " Niall says. I stop laughing & look at my plate of 2 pounds of syrup. I pick up my fork & start eating my pancakes & bacon. When I'm done I drink a glass of water & sit there. "You ready to go?" Niall asked me when I was looking at my moms text from this morning saying bye. I look up at him confused. "What you didn't think that's all I had planed did you?" He asked me.

"Actually I did." I say half smiling. He looks at me sort of upset. "What I feel lazy today, lets just play some video games or something." 

"I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that & go to the places I had planed to go to today with you." He said sort of hurt. 

"I'm sorry, but you have done enough for me already." I say hoping to cheer him up.

"Not really I could do more with you today if you would come with me." He gave me a sad puppy look & I felt like I just killed a little kids dreams.

" Ok I'll go, but no spending money." I fold my arms over my chest & look up. 

"Fine. Lets go." He grabs my hand & pulls me out of the chair & to the elevator. He pushes the bottom floor, then looks at me. "Your gonna love this." He smiles at me. I smile back a little curious of what he has planned today, but I trust him. The elevator reaches the ground floor. He grabs my hand & pulls me out to his car & opens the door for me. I get in, he runs to the other side & jumps in without opening the door. I giggle & buckle up, he buckled up turns the car on & drive out of the parking lot. "Where to?" He asked me. I looked at him surprised at he laughs. "No I'm serious where do you wanna go?" He asked again. I look at him 

"I have wanted to go swimming for the past few days now."

He looks at me smiles & says, "no problem. " I smile & look at the road. "So to your house then?" He asked.

"Yes, sir." I giggle as he looks at me then smiles.

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