My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


17. Liam

I wake up to a shooting pain in my right arm. I look over & see Liam putting another needle in my arm. I try to pull away, but he is to strong. I try pushing him away with my left arm, but it’s tied to the bed, so is both my legs, hips, & shoulders. I look at Liam & he pulls the needle out of my arm. “What are you putting in me?” I ask my voice barley audible. He looks into my eyes & I see the corners of his lips twist up. I feel like puking now.

“The first one was to make you sleep. This one is morphine for the pain.” He stands up & walks into another room bring back a glass of water. “Here. You might need this.” He sets it down on a table beside the bed. I scowled at him & look away.

“Why do you have me here?” I look back at him. “Is your love for me worth throwing away your friendship with Niall & the boys?” He shakes his head laughing a bit. “What about your fans? What about One Direction?” I try.

“You’re so silly.” He laughs. “I don’t care about any of that.” He sits in the chair besides me again. “I care about you. Niall doesn’t deserve you.”

“You don’t!” I spit back. “I will never love you Liam. Not the way I love Niall. You know this, so why did you bring me here?”

“Why do you pretend you don’t love me?! I know you do! You kissed me. I felt the spark.” He glares at me. I tense up a bit, but glare back at him.

“I don’t love you! I kissed you on accident & you know it. It was on the cheek for Christ sake! Who feels a spark of love on the cheek then kidnaps someone. You’re crazy Liam... You’re insane! Let me go back to my true love… NIALL!!” He flinches at my words & his face goes soft. Then he shakes his head standing up.

“You don’t mean that. You’re on drugs. You don’t know what you’re saying.” He tells himself. His phone rings & he pulls it out of his pocket. “It’s Niall.” He says looking at his phone.

“Let me talk to him! Please.” He shakes his head.

“I had Harry write a note to Niall saying, you ran away because you weren’t happy with him anymore & you felt trapped. Harry’s gone now, & I have you.” He smiles & answers his phone. “Hello... Yes I heard the sad news... I’m sorry Niall… No I haven’t seen her…”

“Niall!!” I yell. “Niall please help me!!” Liam runs over to me & covers my more glaring at me. I kick & scream in his hand.

“No Niall it’s not her… I’m sorry Niall.” He hangs up. “What’s the matter with you?” He lets go of my face.

“I want Niall back! I hate you Liam! You don’t know how much I hate you right now! I will NEVER love you!! Just please let me go.” A stab of pain crosses his face then it hardens again.

“You messed up now.” He stands up & leaves the room. I hear a door open & he leaves. I take the time to study the room I’m in. It’s a bedroom, old, dirty, abandoned, & quite. I listen for any sounds outside. I hear birds & a lot of cars in the distance. There’s a small table, a chair, a bed, a closet, 2 windows on either side of the room, & an old dresser in here. I wonder if this will become my baby’s room too. I start to cry knowing that he won’t let me go willingly. I hear the door open again & he comes back. He has a hand behind his back & I’m scared wondering what it is. More tears flood my eyes & I cry harder. From behind his back is a picture of me & him smiling & hugging. “Isn’t it beautiful?” I cry harder & turn away. “It’s ok love. I’ll be here for you… to protect you from evil.”

“Who’s going to protect me from you!? You’re the only ‘evil’ I need protection from.” I cry. “Please take me back to Niall. I need him here for my baby.”

“I’ll be here for your baby. Our baby.” He corrects himself. I fell a sharp pain in my chest & cry again. He rubs my stomach & hums like Niall did, & I cry harder.

“It’s not your baby! It’s mine.” I correct through tears. I feel my body go numb & know it’s the morphine. I continue to cry until everything goes black.


I’m wake up in bed in the old house. I’m untied & Liam is gone. I get up off the bed & walk out of the room. I’m in a living room with furniture covered in white sheets. It’s dark & dusty. I walk into the kitchen, old cupboard, broken fridge with rotten food in it, broken stove, pilled wall, & scummy tiled floors. I see another door & open it. It’s outside. There’s a patio with metal chairs, some missing seat & the others molded from rain. The grass is brown, & the sun is shining. It’s hot out, still summer. I’m surrounded by trees & birds. I can still hear the cars in the distance. I run toward the sound of cars but run into a cement/rock wall. I try the other way, but there’s another wall there too. I walk along the wall only to find the wall goes in a circle around the old house. I give up siting on the ground crying. I start hearing footsteps running towards me. I stand up & run the other way crying. But I just run into the wall again. The footsteps are closer now. “Leave me alone!” I yell & the footsteps stop. I look up to see Niall between two trees. “Niall?” I run to him, but he runs away. “Niall! Stop!” He stops & turns around His face is bloody & I can tell he’s been crying.

“Why have you been Tiersa? I’ve been looking for you for ten years.” He says. I look at him confused. I see another boy walk up beside him. He’s young & handsome. He has blue eyes & blonde curly hair. He looks just like Niall. I gasp & look down to my flat stomach. “I found our son on my doorstep. Why would you do this to us?”

“No Niall. It wasn’t me. Liam kidnaped me.” I cry. He shakes his head.

“No. Liam’s been there with me the whole time searching for you with me. We gave up One Direction looking for you. I can’t believe you would do this to us. I don’t know you anymore.” They turn around & walk away. I run after them.

“No. It wasn’t me. I’ve been looking for you too. Niall please you have to believe me.” He reach out to touch him, but they both fade away. I stand there crying. The sun isn’t shining anymore. Clouds cover my life in darkness, I feel the world slip away, & I fall into a gaping black hole.

~End Dream~

I wake up cry, sweaty, cold, & shaking. I look down at my pregnant belly & breathe out relieved. I look over to see Liam sitting in the chair next to me & jump. “What’s wrong love?” he asks touching my shoulder. I flinch & turn away.

“You’re what is wrong Liam.” I snap. I look at him. “What are you going to do with my baby when it’s born?” I ask him. He looks at me appalled.

“You think I’m going to let that thing live?” He says.

“You’re not going to kill my baby Liam! I won’t let you!”

‘You have no choice love.”

“If you love me you would let me keep my baby.” He looks me over & nods.

‘Fine, but if you’re going to keep it you have to obey me.”

“When are you going to let me go?”

“I’m not. This is our house.”

“You’re going to have to untie me sometime. I have to go to the bathroom & eat too.”

“All in good time dear. It’s only been our first day here.” He smiles. I feel sick. I try rolling over, but I’m still tied. “Oh god. You’re green.” Liam explains. He cuts my left arm lose & I roll on to my right side & heave over the side of the bed. “Oh that’s nasty.” Liam says. I heave again & again until nothing comes out. I roll back over & lay down.

“You’re going to have to handle it if you want to keep me here.” I tell him. “I’m pregnant & put under stress & all this it’s going to happen.” He fake pukes a bit & I giggle a little.

“What are you laughing at?” He asks sassy. I shake my head smiling a little.

“You seriously think you can handle me? You think I don’t have needs too? You think it’s going to be a piece of FUCKING cake to take care of this baby!?” I Chuckle without smiling. “If you can’t handle a little puke I doubt you’re defiantly not going to be able to handle a grown women tied to a bed going to the bathroom in her pants & crying, let alone a baby who will do the same. I’ve grown up with child all my life. I’ve been changing diapers since I was 9. I know how to handle a baby… Do you?” A look of doubt crosses his face, then disguise, & scared. He looks up at me sadly & shakes his head.

“What was I thinking!?” He asks mainly himself. “I can’t do this. I’m so sorry.” He unties my right arm, hips, shoulders, & my legs. I try to sit up but fall back down.

“Tiersa, you’re too weak to move. I’ll help you.” He grabs the glass of water off the side table & lifts my head. I drink the water happy I convinced him to let me go & lay back down. The room spins & colors blur together. I heave one last time before I black out again.


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