My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


13. England

I wake & look at the empty seat next to me. I panic a little until I see him come out of the bathroom. I sigh & lay back. I look out the window & see its night time. I look around & see everyone is sleeping. Niall returns to his seat & takes my hand again. I smile & stand up. “Whoa!” My legs hurt. I stretch & yawn. I kiss him & head to the bathroom.

I return to Niall & sit on his lap. “Um. Don’t tease me.” I giggle & move my hips on his. He moans & I giggle. He kisses me running his hands up my sides & over my chest. I run my hands through his hair smiling. “Oh… I love you Mrs. Horan.” There goes my stomach again. I giggle & beam at him.

“I love you too Nialler.” He smiles ear to ear & kisses me again. He stands me up & stands up too. He drags me to the back of the plane to the bathroom. I giggle, He walks in & pulls me in too. He locks the door & turns to me. We kiss, undress, & do it in the bathroom. He puts his hand over my mouth to muffle all the noise I’m making. I smile & kiss his hand. I grab my shirt & put it in my mouth. He thrusts under me & I groan in my shirt.

We stay in the bathroom for what feels like forever. When we finish we dress & fix our hair. I kiss him once more & unlock the door. We go back to our seats & sit down. I look out the window & see the sun start to rise & notice we’re over water. I smile & lay my head on Niall’s shoulder. I drift back to sleep.


“NO! YOU’LL NEVER TALK TO ME THAT WAY AGAIN! YOU HEAR ME!?” He yells in my face. I nod crying feeling the tears stream down my face. My wrist throb from the handcuffs that he place tightly around them. My ankles ache from the rope around them. It’s cold & I’m wearing no clothes. My body hurts from the blows he placed on me, & worst of all I can make any noise, but cries. He put a cloth in my moth & tied it behind my head. I always listen to him, but when I say one thing he goes berserk. This isn’t the first time he tied me up, but every time he ties me up he does touch me. He just hits me. He’s pacing back & forth at the end of the bed rubbing his head & neck. “Why do you make me do this to you? I love you so much & all you do to me is make me mad.” I cry harder. He hits me & I whine from the pain in my side. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. I met to leave him after the first time he did this to me… I just can’t find a way to escape, but this time it’s not happing.

He sits on the side of the bed at me hips. He wipes my face with his hand & I try hard not to move or cry. “I really do love you, & I’ll do anything to be with you.” I cry. I have to get away from him.

(Later that day) I can’t walk straight. It hurts to breath or move, but I have to. Brady left to get some food from the store. He told me he wants the house done before he gets home or he’ll hurt me again. He just left. I watched him pull away. I walk as fast as I can over to my phone. I call my mom crying asking her to come pick me up. I have to leave. She’s at Brady’s house in 2 mins. I let her in & she helps to down to her car. She helps me get in the passenger seat & she runs to her side of the car. “What happened to you?” She looks at me.

“Please take me to the police station & I’ll explain on the way.” She nods, Starts the car & we leave. Brady & I have only been dating for a month. This is the 3rd time he has done this to me. I explain everything to my mom as she drives.

“Why didn’t you leave the first time? I thought I taught you better.” I start to cry & my mom lays her hand on my shoulder. I flinch under her touch & she pulls away. “Sorry honey, but you should have left after the first time.”

“I know mom. I just didn’t know how to get away. The first & second time he didn’t leave any bruises on me, so I doubt anyone would have believed me anyway. I just needed to leave now.” We pull up outside the police station & she helps me out. We walk in & a guy behind the desk rushes up to us.

“What happened here?” He took me from my mom & led us to a room. He sat me down in a chair & stood in front of me. His name tag says Jeff.

“My boyfriend.” I look up at him. He nods & hands up paper work.

“Please fill this out & we’ll talk later.” My mom takes the papers & a pen & sits at the table. Jeff leaves the room & closes the door behind him. My mom fills it out & Calls Jeff back in. Jeff reads the papers & nods. “We’ll go to his house now & arrest him. I’ll set a court date, contact you two, & we’ll settle this in court.” My mom & I head back to her car & back to Brady’s house. Cops are already there. I get out of the car with her help. A cop is coming outside with Brady handcuffed. He looks at me & shakes his head.

“I’LL FIND YOU! I LOVE YOU AGAIN. YOU CAN’T RUN FROM ME!” I shudder at his words & watch the police pull away with him in the back seat. He words bounce around in my head over & over.

~End Dream~

I wake up sweating & breathing hard. Niall looks over at me worried, “What’s wrong love?” I throw my arms around his neck & hold him. He holds my waist tightly.

“Please don’t ever leave me.” I cry on his shoulder.

“I think that was the point in marring you.” He laughs. I pull away & kiss him. “Wow. Loving aren’t we Mrs. Horan.”

“Only for you Mr. Horan.” I giggle. I wrap him in my arms again. He pulls me onto his lap & I lay in his chest. I smell his colon & smile. I listen to his heart & breathing. “How long was I asleep?” I look up into his beautiful blue eyes.

“Oh about 10 mins.” He looks into my eyes, we just stare at each other for what feels like forever.

“Is there anything you two need?” I hear a voice & jump. “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s ok. Um maybe some food?” I look up at Niall. He just nods, I smile. “And some water if you could.”

“Sure thing. I’ll be right back.” I watch her walk away then look back at Niall. He’s watching my expression. I blush a little & half smile.



“You’re making me uncomfortable.” I look away smiling. He puts a hand on my leg. He moves his hand up & I lay my hand on his giggling. “Not now.” I giggle. He makes a sad face. I lay on his chest & hold his hand in mine. Our fingers intertwined like a puzzle.  The lady comes back with water & a tray of food. I smile at her & take the water. I climb off Niall’s lap back into my own seat. Niall takes the food.

“Thank you.” Niall smiles at her. She smiles back & walks away. “Weird.”  I nod in agreement. He hands me a plate of food, I hand him a bottle of water. He pecks my cheek & I gush. He giggle, I blush.

We eat the food in silence & drink our water. “We will land in about 2 hours.” A women’s voice announces over the intercom. I smile at Niall & he smiles back at me. I look out my window to see the England under me. I smile as my stomach does flips. I’ve always wanted to be in England. Niall grabs my hand smiling at me. I smile back. I lay back in my seat, resting. I try to fall back to sleep, but it’s no use. I get up & pull one of my bags down. I pull out a good looking outfit & head to the bathroom & change. I sit back down next to my husband. He smiles at me, looking me up & down. I blush, tucking a lose strand of hair behind my ear. He takes my hand in his. We lay back in our chairs waiting for the plane to land.

“Will everyone please buckle up, put headphones down, & put the seats in the upright position? Thanks, we will be landing shortly.” I do as the lady said, beaming at Niall. I guess I will apologize to the couple for my rude behavior & make up some excuse. I sigh staring out the window. It’s been a long ride & I can’t wait to be on land again.

The plane finally stops & the let us off. I spot the elder couple & walk up to them. “I’m really sorry for the way I acted one the plane. I was just so stressed. That was my first time on the plane & I was thinking the worse. I hope you will forgive me for my rude behavior & comments.” They smile lightly at me.

“That’s ok sweetie we understand. I was the same way my first time.” The women told me. I smiled warmly at her.

“Thank you so much. I apologize again.” I shake his hand & hug her. I turn to see Niall smiling brightly at me. I smile at him, walking over to him. “That settles that.” He takes my hand in his as we all walk through the crows of screaming girls with security. People were taking pictures. My legs start to cramp up. I squeeze Niall hand tightly in mine as we move along the crowd. A limo was waiting for us outside. We climbed in as 2 guys stuffed our luggage in the trunk. “My legs hurt so badly.”

“I told you they would. Jet legged. I’m so proud of you for apologizing to the older couple. What did you say to them?” Everyone looked at me. I blush, looking down at mine & his hand wrapped in his.

“I said I was sorry & I was mad because I was stressed & it was my first time on a plane. The women said she has had the same problem. The said it was ok. I said thanks shook his hand hugged her & walked too you.” I look up at everyone to see shocked faces.

“That was your first time on a plane? Ever!?” Harry asked. I nodded & looked back down. “Wow. I thought you would have been on one before.” I shook my head no.

“I’ve never really traveled further then a car ride.” I announced.

“I could see that.” Louis said. I look up at him confused.

“What does that mean?” I asked defensively.

“Just that you seem like a more of an at home kind of girl. Secluded to the outside world.”

“Ok you sound just like my mother.” I look down again & lay my head on Niall shoulder. “But you’re not wrong I am. I’ve always been… Um… Where are we going?”

“To our flats of course.” Liam said laughing a little.

“Oh, so who am I bunking with?” I ask smiling brightly.

“Oh HAHA very funny love.” Niall kisses my cheek. “But I do think I will steal you forever.”

“Fine with me.” He wraps an arm around my shoulder & I lay on him. “I’m tired.”

“Great, that’s all were going to be doing today. Eating & sleeping.”

“Ah. I finally get to live my life like Niall Horan.” Everyone laughs, but he looks at me sort of upset. “Aw babe, you know I’m joking. I thought you could handle a little banter?” I smile & watch his face turn into a smile to. He pulls out his phone. He types something on it & lays it in his lap. My phone buzzes, I pull it out & look at the screen… It’s a tweet from Niall. ‘On my way back my flat. Missed my house. Can’t wait to hit the haystack with my beautiful wife @Tiersa. #JetlaggedL’ I smile at Niall & type back… ‘Yeah, I’m tuckered out ZZZZZ! XD I doubt you want to sleep though. We haven’t ate our brunch yet. #HungryL’ He types back… ‘We just ate on the plane love. Hungry much!’ ‘No. But I know you are your stomach is barking at me. HAHAHA!’ ‘Oh you! Fine brunch it is.’ I smile at him & lay on him again. Everyone is on their phones. I close my eyes for a bit & feel myself drift off.

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