My new life

When Kate meets Justin in a park. Will they fall in love see what happens next


5. The Date

      Justin texted me this morning and said ill pick you up at 6. But I never replied. It's 3:00 now so I have 2 hours to get ready so I go and get in the shower and get clean wash my hair and get out and I put on my robe and done my make-up and hair and nails. After all that its 5:30 so I went up to my room and got my outfit for tonight which was a faded orange kind of color high-low skirt and a white t shirt that had sleeves that came down to my elbows and I put on white flats. By the time I got fully done it was 5:55 so I waited 5 minutes then It got to be 6 and I heard a doorbell and I went to awnser it and it was Justin.

       Justin- wow you look amazing tonight 

       Kate - thanks justin you look great to 

      Justin- are you ready?

      Kate - yea lets go. Where are we going?

      Justin - to a restaurant 

     Kate - ok *they got in the car and went to the restaurant and when they got their they got out of the car and went in*

    Waiter- table for 2?

    Justin- yea

  Waiter - right this way , what can I get you two to drink?

 Justin - Pepsi 

 Kate - water with lemon 

  Waiter- ill be right back with your drinks 

  Justin- do you know what you want to eat? 

   Kate- yup I want the peri peri chicken and chips 

  Justin- I might get that to it looks good 

  Waiter-  back with your drinks. Do you know what you'd like to eat? 

  Justin- I want the peri peri chicken with chips

   Kate- ill have the same 

  Waiter - is that all?

  Justin- no ill have the ice cream in a big bowl with a brownie and hot fudge poured over it 

  Waiter - do you want that with your food or after you get done eating? 

 Justin - after we get done eating

  Waiter - ok ill be back with your food 

   Justin - Kate I want to ask you something 

    Kate - ok what is it? 

   Justin- I know we haven't know each other long but I've fallen in love with you. Will you be my princess? 

   Kate - yea  *Kate gets a text from jake her Ex*

 text - Kate I love you I made a huge mistake beating you all those years and I should've never let you go I miss you will you be my girlfriend again? 

  Kate's Point of view 

      I replied with - jake I don't love you and now I never will and I'm already dating someone  *i returned to Justin and what he was saying* 

  Justin: The Believe Tour starts the week after next and I'm going to talk to my manager and talk to him and see if you can go with me cause I'm not leaving you. And Kate whats wrong you seem scared?

Kate: it's nothing I shouldn't worry about it.

    I got a new text it was from jake 

  Text - Kate I'm watching you and get away from Bieber if that's the guy your dating or I will hurt you 

  I replied with - you can't get to me and I don't care and I am dating him what are you gonna do about it?

 Jake - this   *suddenly the chandelier hanging from the ceiling fell on the table and glass got all over me and Justin and everybody started staring at us* 

  Jake - that's what happens Kate when you don't take me back 

Kate - just leave me alone 

Jake - No and I'm going to torture you more just because you asked me that so I'd watch your back and don't tell justin what's going on or justin will end up dead. 


                     Regular Point Of View 

    Justin - what the hell just happened 

 Kate - I don't know but I'm scared 

  Justin - let's get to the hospital  *we drove to the hospital and got sighted in and the lady said I could go back first while Justin stayed in the WR*

  Lady- right this way *and she lead me into a room* the doctor will be here in about a minute *and with that she left and about a minute later a doctor came in* 

  Doctor - what seems to be the problem?

  Kate - ugh I have glass in my right arm 

 doctor - are you allergic to latex? 

  Kate - no  * The doctor got tweezers and a pan to put the glass in and he put on latex gloves and started slowly picking out the glass after. About 5 minutes the room reacked with the smell of blood but I was done so the doctor put a wrapped it up in cotton and a bandage and then I started to leave the room until the doctor said something*

Doctor : your very pretty

Kate: I'm taken you creep *and I walked out with that and then justin walked in the room and the doctor done the same to him. After that we went home*

Justin: do you want to watch a movie when we get home? 

Kate: yea 

Justin: which one?

Kate: The Notebook then a scary movie so I could cuddle up to you 

Justin: then that's what we'll do *we go home and we do exactly what we do so justin put in the notebook and I went and got some snacks and we began watching the movie but halfway through the movie I had to tell justin what was going on it was bugging me*

Kate: justin I need to tell you something

Justin: what is it?

Kate - there's a reason that the chandelier at the restaurant fell on our table 

Justin - why did it fall?

Kate - my Ex Boyfriend jake wants me back *i showed him the texts* 

Justin - 





What will justin say???

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