My new life

When Kate meets Justin in a park. Will they fall in love see what happens next


1. My life gets saved

I walked to the park where I was meeting up jake my Abusive boyfriend. He looks mad like I've done something wrong. "Hey Jake" I said "you are 3 hours late where have you been didn't you get my text?" He screamed at me "no I never got it my battery's dead" he punched me in my stomach and continuously kicking and punching me after he got done beating me he said something. 

Jake: we're over you piece of trash.

kate: but jake I never done nothing wrong.

Jake: I said were over and that is final. When your strength comes back you can get up and come pack your stuff and leave my house.

     Kate's POV

          Great now I have no place to stay jake was my only hope of living some where because my parents died in a car crash when I was 13. He took me in when i was only 14 and we became bf and gf but after that he changed into some monster. Thank god nobody was in the park oh wait I see some kid over there oh crap he's coming over here. 

      Justin's POV 

            I see a girl getting beaten by a guy he looks like her boyfriend but once he leaves I'm going to go to her and see if she needs help so I walked over to her and said "need any help?" 

"No I think I can manage on my own" she said "here let me help you" so I helped her get up and then I said "do you need a ride somewhere?" "Yea back to his house so I can get my stuff" she said "ok let's go and my names justin" I said "Kate" "a beautiful name for a beautiful girl anyways lets get going" so we got into my car and drove to her ex boyfriends house and she got her clothes and came back out like she had nowhere else to go 

  Justin: do you need me to drive you back to your house?

                 Will Kate tell justin that she's now homeless? Read the next chapter and find out 


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