My new life

When Kate meets Justin in a park. Will they fall in love see what happens next


2. Justin taking me in

    Kate: Justin I'm not going to lie I now don't have a home my life depended on jake that's why I stayed with him for 4 years because I never had anywhere to go that's why I delt with the beatings everyday and If I said anything during a fight he would beat me or rape me 

  By this time I'm crying 

   Justin: Kate if you want to you can stay with me and I PROMISE I will never do that you I would never want to hurt a girl and anybody that beats a girl or rapes her isn't a man they do it cause they don't care they do it to make them feel good 

   Kate: ill stay with you only if you don't pull ANYTHING on me. 

    Justin: I wouldn't do anything without your approval and I wouldn't put pressure on a girl like that ever but anyways let's get going. 

     Kate and Justin get Kate's bags and leave to his house and once they get there Justin got Kate's bags and carried them in for her 

    Kate: Justin  you don't have to do that I can carry my own bags 

   Justin: I want to carry your bags for you now let me show you to your room


        Kate's Pov 


      This room was gorgeous I mean It had a walk in closet and a walk in bathroom it was like paradise. 


    Justin: I hope you like it we won't be staying here long he have to head back to the believe tour 

























         Will Kate stay with him even though he has the believe tour?

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