My new life

When Kate meets Justin in a park. Will they fall in love see what happens next


4. Believe Tour?????


  Regular Pov 

 Kate: Yea I love it and what do mean believe tour?

 Justin: Kate I'm Justin Bieber 

    Justin removes his mask

 Kate: but wont you be too busy for me I'm just an ordinary girl and your a popstar sensation why would you to be around me? I'm just a normal girl.

 Justin: Kate your not just a normal person your more than and I will never be to busy for YOU you are special and cute and funny I could never just leave you.

         Kate blushes 

 Kate:  ill stay for the believe tour justin 

         Kate kisses Justin's cheek 

 justin: and if you don't like touring if we get a break you can come back here

 Kate: ill probably like it since I'm with you 

Justin: are you flirting?

kate: maybe, maybe not  but I am 

justin: will you go on a date with me?

kate: yes I will 





















i know these chapters aren't long but I promise the next chapter is going to be long 

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