School Girlz and One Direction

Kayla, Marissa, and Nicole are singers. They get asked to open for One Direction. Niall falls head over heels for Kayla. What happens?!? read to find out


6. Telling Niall

Kayla's pov

I guess I forgot to cover my already healed scars cause Niall saw them.

"Kayla, where did you get these scars?" I looked at my wrist.

"Can I trust with something that I only told the girls?"

Niall's pov

I was so scared at this point. I saw all these healed scars, a girl so pretty should never cute herself. I just nodded my head, to scared to open my mouth.

"Before I ran away from my parents. They did a lot of drugs, and they were always high and drunk. They often abused me. Sometimes it wasn't bad other times I was in so much pain I couldn't walk. One day my mom had to work very late, my dad was very drunk, when he came into my room I thought he was just gonna beat me. I was wrong. He raped me, I was only 14. After that night, I started cutting cause I had nothing else to lose. A year later I met the girls, we became best friends, when we found we could all sing, we formed the group. Now were here. But my dad killed my mom, and now he wants me dead." She said that and then started crying. That last part hurt me so much, I wouldn't let the man come near her.

"Kayla, I'll keep you safe. Don't worry you'll be ok as long as your with me."

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