School Girlz and One Direction

Kayla, Marissa, and Nicole are singers. They get asked to open for One Direction. Niall falls head over heels for Kayla. What happens?!? read to find out


10. Backstage

Kayla's pov

I can't believe me and Niall are dating!! This is amazayn (see what I did there) But we decieded that we were gonna keep it a secret till the fans warm up to me. That might take a while since they know that Niall likes me and ran after me after the crowd was booing me off the damn stage

"Kayla, I gotta go back out on stage. You gonna be ok babe?" Damn that boys accent is so damn sexy. 

"Yea I'll be fine. Imma hang with the girls to get a new routine for tomorrow night."

"Ok love." He ran back to the stage and I could hear the peircing screams from teen girls. Why did they have to be so hateful to me. I mean if they truely love the boys they would be happy for them when they find someone they really like and had the guts to ask them out in front of their adoring fans.

Well I'll have more time to think later but right now I have to find the girls to pitch them my idea to show off ours skills to the boys and prove to Zayn that were better then he thinks. 


Heyy cuties. Im doing a comptition for someone to be Harry's gf. All you have to do is write a short story in the comments about anything and i will chose my fav and if i dont chose you its not because i didnt like yours or it was bad but there was one that fit my kind of storys i liked.

Love yall now blow up my comments

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