School Girlz and One Direction

Kayla, Marissa, and Nicole are singers. They get asked to open for One Direction. Niall falls head over heels for Kayla. What happens?!? read to find out


1. The phone call

Kayla's pov

I had just finish editing our latest video performing Cheater by School Gyrls. After 5 minutes of uploading it to youtube (a/n thinking bout making a channel on there should i?) my phone started ringing it was a unknown numbered but I answered anyway.


"Is this Kayla from the School Girlz video singing Cheater?"

"Yes and may I ask who this is?"

"I am Simon the manger of One Direction. I was wondering if you and your girlz would like to open for One Direction since were near you. And yall would be finishing the tour performing that song for the rest of the concerts. Is that ok?"

"We would love to." me and the girls love One Direction.

"Great. Pack up and we will pick you up tonight around 10." Then I gave him my address. It was a good thing that me and the girls live together.

"Girls, we got some gigs till the end of the One Direction tour cause were going to open up for the rest of it." We started fangirling like crazy.

*Skip to 10*

The doorbell had dinged, I ran to answer it. It was Niall Horan.

"Hey" I said while smiling.

"Hey, the boys sent me to get you girlz. But I have a question."


"Can I hear yall perform, never heard yall before?"

"Sure, come in."

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