One Direction Imagines

Hey , if you want an imagine story with one of 1D boys , you have to : tell me your name , describe your self , which boy from 1D , type ( dirty , romantic , funny , sad ) , and if you want ; what happens in the story .


19. Special for Madison

I came back home early from work . I was really tired . I opened the door , I looked at the ground . There was red petals with a note saying " Follow The Petals " I followed them . They lead me to my bedroom . On my bed there was a red swimsuit with a red lipstick and a note saying " wear this swimsuit , put some red lipstick and complete your way " . I did what the note said and completed my way . The petals lead me to the pool which was surrounded by red roses and candles . Niall was sitting in the pool " Hey gorgeous , you look amazing . Now come and join me " I went down in the water beside Niall . " Hey baby " - " Hey , tell me did you like what I did ? " - " Yes very much " - " You look beautiful " I kissed Niall , I felt his hands uncollapsed my swimsuit bra . As it fell down and Niall saw my boobs , he sucked them . I slipped my hand into Niall's boxer . I massaged his hard dick and played with his balls . " So baby are you ready ? " - " I'm always ready Niall " He ripped my panties as I took off his boxer . He massaged my vagina with his fingers , teasing me . " Niall I need you inside me now " He entered his large dick into my wet pussy . I moaned loudly screaming Niall's name . The water helped Niall fuck me harder and faster . The pain turned into pleasure . I can feel Niall cum inside me . When we were done , Niall carried me to the bedroom . We took a shower together . Before we slept Nialk said " Baby you have to come back home early more often " I kissed him then I slept with his strong arms around me .
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