Dangerous Love

The Good Girl: Jesy (Pronounced Jezzy) Noble. Best and might I say loyal friend to her roommate Eleanor Calder. But when Eleanor introduces Jesy to teen heartthrob Harry Styles, it's like love at first sight. But will Jesy be able to ignore all the hate the Directioners send her?

The Sweetheart: Harry Styles. World famous boy and member. He's the boy every guy wants to be and every girl wants to be with. When he meets Jesy his life is turned upside down as he falls head over heels in love with her. But will he be able to protect her from all the hate she gets?


1. Look Who It Is!

(Jesy's POV) (Name pronounced as Jezzy)

This morning I almost wanted to smash my alarm. Its blaring always annoyed me but it was my only way of reminding myself to wake up for school, otherwise I'd sleep in. Oh. Hey there. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jesy Noble. I'm a student at Manchester University along with my best friend Eleanor Calder. We grew up together and she's one of the best friends anybody could ever ask for. She's dating her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson but his name is all I know about him. El's never really told me more. But anyways, enough about her. I have long brown coloured hair, dip dyed blonde at the ends. My small frame is about 5'3" or so. My family's never been really tall. Except for my brother who is standing tall at 6'. But anyways, back to my day. 

"Jesy get your lazy arse up!" Eleanor called up the stairs.

"Ugh. Five more minutes mum." I joked. 

"Jezzzzzyyy! Today's the last day before spring holiday and I'd really like to get school out of the way so you can meet Louis!" She chirped.

Once I finally had the decency to roll out of bed, I showered with my raspberry shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I wrapped myself in a fluffy towel and let my hair dry in its natural waves. I slipped into a pair of silk pink coloured floral high waisted short, a white loose tee and my black moto jacket. After lacing up my black KEDS, I joined Eleanor downstairs for some breakfast.

"You are going to loooooove Louis." El said, drawing out the 'o' as she munched on a piece of buttered toast.

"I bet I will." I agreed with her. She's told me some of the things Lou had said and they were all hilarious.

"Oh and his friends aren't half bad either. Did I mention they're in a world famous boy band?" She added.

"What?!" I nearly choked on my own toast.

"Yeah. Sorry I never told you....I didn't want something like that to happen." She was gesturing to me choking.

I swallowed hard.

"Oh and you thought now was the best time?" I smirked at her. She just blushed and smiled.

"C'mon, lets go. We don't want to be late for Literature." I grabbed my bag and we set out dishes in the sink.

"I hope you don't mind, but I invited Louis and his friends over as well as some other people. Just a little get together I promise." 

I just rolled my eyes and smiled. I knew I could trust her because she was never one to attend big frat parties and get shitfaced. She's a bit of a goody two shoes.

"Alright El." I smiled warmly at her and we both climbed into her car. I have my own car but we switch cars everyday to save gas and money.

I'm not gonna lie. My family is pretty wealthy but I don't like to flaunt it because to me, stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe have just as good clothes as any other designer brand name or label.

Alright, I'll admit I'm a bit of a goody two shoes as well. The only drinking I've ever done is the occasional red wine I pour for myself and Eleanor at dinner.

As soon as we parked, Eleanor and I walked, linking arms into Lit. We took our usual spots and the class began.

"Alright students I will take your Aristotle essays now." Miss Caroline announced.

We all groaned. As an assignment she had us choose a quote by Aristotle and write a ten page essay on what that quote meant to us and how we could relate it to our daily lives.

After turning it in, I kind of spaced out on the teachers lecture but she didn't seem to notice because El and I were in the very back row.

"Alright class! Make sure to bring your notebooks tomorrow and be prepared to write some notes on Aristotle again tomorrow." Miss Caroline announced again.

"Ugh." I groaned. Don't get me wrong, I love writing, but mostly songs. 

"I know right..." El's voice was muffled because he had her face buried in her cardigan.

"I'm starving." I mumbled.

"Me. Too." El said.

On our way out of class, El and I decided to stop by the coffee shop to grab some tea and a quick snack. Whilst we were in line, I heard El squealing behind me an when I turned around I saw her snogging some guys face off. 

"Jesy! Look who it is!" Eleanor bounced on the tips of her toes.

"Ummm....Louis?" I guessed and right I was.

"Yes!" She giggled, laying her head on his shoulder. "Why are you here so early?"

"Well the boys an I got here and booked our hotel and we had nothing else to do so I decided to just hop by here and see if I could find you." He pecked her nose.

They were so cute together. (LONG LIVE ELOUNOR!)

"Well, look babe. Jesy and I have to go to to class now. I'll see you later?" El stood on her toes again and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Sure." Lou smiled sweetly at her.

Tonight was going to be fun.

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